Lecalicus (레칼리쿠스, Lekallikuseu), also known as the Needle of War, is a Needle that was rewarded to young Zahard back when he was still a Regular. The Needle is a reward for passing the Head Pupil's test in The Workshop.[1] Data Zahard first showed Lecalicus after he gained satisfaction in his fight with Data Maschenny. The young Maschenny was defeated in just one attack.[2]


At some point when he was still a Regular, Zahard participated in the Head Pupil's test from The Workshop and he was rewarded with Lecalicus.


Data Eduan stated that Zahard only use Lecalicus against people whom he acknowledges as worthy opponents. It has three forms and each one of them differs in appearance and power.

  • Lecalicus: This is the first form. It has white color and quite wide, unlike a typical needle. It releases a big snake creature, which appears to take the form of an Oarfish.[1]
  • Coelacanth: The second form of Lecalicus. The needle's blade transformed to pale red color covered with metallic decoration and also become thinner in size. This form has a wider attack radius. It shoots a beam of red light, which causes shockwaves.[3]
  • Leviathan: The third form of Lecalicus. The needle's blade transformed to blood red color and generates electricity.[4]

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