• Lecalicus
  • Coelacanth
  • Leviathan

Lecalicus (레칼리쿠스), the so called Needle of War, is a needle Jahad received for passing the Head Pupil's test in The Workshop.[1]


Jahad only uses it against people whom he acknowledges as worthy opponents. It has three forms and each one of them differs in appearance and power.

  • First form, Lecalicus, is white and quite wide, unlike a typical needle. It releases its namesake Shinheuh.[1]
    • Jahad Style Needle - Needle of War: Lecalicus: Zahard attacks with the Shinheuh released from the needle. 
  • Second form, Coelacanth, is pale red with a grey guard and is much thinner, but has a wider attack radius. It shoots a beam of light, which causes shockwaves. The range and speed of those shockwaves combined with Jahad's Shinsoo control skill makes it unbelievably fast. That eliminates the main downside of the needle, which is fast but can only attack in a straight line. Thus, an unstoppable needle is created.[2]
  • Third form, Leviathan, is red with a glow and has white decorations.[3]


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