Last Examination (최종시험) is the eleventh arc of the first volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary


As Lero-Ro and Yu Han Sung walk towards the auditorium to announce the results, Yu Han Sung explains that the whole purpose of the Floor was to weed out those who would harm the Tower. Lero-Ro expresses his disagreement to which Yu Han Sung replies that he can always quit.

When the results are announced, Mauchi protests and is subsequently beaten to unconsciousness by Yu Han Sung. Khun also has a problem with the results. He asks to be tested by the Guardian itself. Yu Han Sung tells him that this is impossible since only Irregulars can participate. Baam immediately says that he is an Irregular, playing into Yu Han Sung’s hands.

Yu Han Sung leaves, informing them that if the Regulars help Baam, it will be a stigma they will carry for the rest of their lives. Khun manipulates them all into helping Baam, something that only Rak notices, while Baam talks to the Guardian. Baam receives the test from the Guardian and Yu Han Sung reveals to him that he knew Baam was an Irregular from the start. Baam icily responds that if the Rankers weren’t liars, they’d have everything prepared for Baam when he climbed up. He walks away resolutely.

Baam demanding.png

In the ensuing months, Baam trains with Androssi to get stronger and Khun strategises with Leesoo, implying that they had been given the test beforehand. Rak and Amigochaz get into a spear-throwing competition and at one point, there is a party where Serena starts feeling sentimental and everyone, including Shopin, get drunk.

When the Submerged Fish Hunt Test finally starts, Khun soon observes that the three species act as a balance for each other. They then have to use the Spear Bearers to take out the worms while having minimal impact on the hunters. He then sends Androssi and Anak to deal with the Bull, which had the power to disrupt everything.

Everything is going to plan, but when Leesoo encounters the Bull, Androssi and Anak refuse to fight it. They 

Androssi wounding the bull

resolve the situation by betting Black March and Androssi goes alone to fight it. She easily defeats it, but Anak distracts her and the Bull takes the chance to run off. The two Princesses run after it, leaving Leesoo with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Androssi is jumping over rocks and attacks what she thinks is the Bull, only to find that it was a trap and the Bull is much stronger than before. Meanwhile, Anak had gone off in a different direction and come across Yuga. She is about to go on, when Yuga takes out the gemstone she gave her mother. Incensed she walks towards him, demanding that he give her the gem.

Back outside, as Khun is talking with Sunwoo, his suspicions are raised when he realizes that Anima could control Shinheuh like the Bull. He then told Leesoo that the number of thieves was much larger than previously estimated, but Leesoo’s guess that the dogs moved underground was correct.

Khun lets Sunwoo go with Chunhwa and, together with Laure, they destroy certain parts of the ground. As they are finishing, Chunhwa tells them that the dogs are coming.

Rak and Parakewl are waiting and watching ever since Hatsu alerted them to the thieves' presence and are

Rak running from the thieves

itching to start throwing their spears. When the worms start burrowing down, Parakewl panics and throws a spear, alerting the thieves to their presence. They are chased to a cliff and Rak jumps down into the middle of the thieves’ area. Parakewl is certain of their doom when they are saved by the arrival of Laure, who levitates them out of danger. Khun then reveals his plan to re-route the dogs, who travel underground to the worms and eat them from the inside. As the dogs and thieves are fighting, Rak and Parakewl start throwing spears and killing the worms. When the remaining Fishermen arrive, the worms are quickly dispatched. Khun is reviewing the results but is somehow dissatisfied when he is disturbed by Mr. Blueberry a member of Wolhaiksong. Leesoo is still chasing after Androssi when he is confronted by Yuri and Laure’s sleep is also interrupted by two other Wolhaiksong members. Blueberry easily manipulates Khun's Lighthouse centre and locates his teammates. As he leaves, he asks Khun whether he’s jealous of his position as a Wolhaiksong member. Khun

Anak defeated by Ren

scorns him and tells him to get out. Down in the cave, Anak attacks Yuga but is easily defeated by the Shinheuh he controls. As Anak lays bleeding on the floor, Androssi is brought in by the Bull and Yuga, revealing himself as a RED member named Ren, orders Androssi to kill Anak. Androssi hesitates, but gives Anak Green April and both of them attack Ren. However, this proves to be futile and he easily defeats both of them. He further reveals that he came from the Bia Family and he set this all up so their Princess would move further up the ladder. As he is about to kill Anak, Yuri arrives. Ren tries to suppress the urges of the


Shinheuh in his container but fails and they burst free and attack. However, Yuri dispatches them with blinding speed and flicks Ren into a wall. She is about to kill him when she is stopped by Evan. He and Kurudan enter Yu Han Sung’s office and he allows them to retrieve the Black March, surprising Evan who had been expecting more resistance. He convinces Yuri to stop and Ren thinks he’s safe. But Kurudan suddenly hammers down on a Lighthouse, crushing him into the ground. However, before his container was destroyed, he sent the Bull to kill Baam. Yuri is about to rip the testing area out from the ground, when Evan stops her, saying that the whole test is as the Guardian predicted. Annoyed, Yuri leaves, taking the Black March and Green April with her. Androssi cannot move from the strain and Anak passes out from the shock of losing Green April, leaving Leesoo to take care of them. As Evan leaves, Hwa Ryun walks past him and he gets a strange feeling but is forced to hurry along by Yuri.

Baam and Rachel have been sitting in a bubble and everything is going fine when the Bull comes and damages

Away from the light.png

the bubble. Baam can stop it, but can’t gather enough strength afterwards to attack quickly enough and his hand is injured in the process. In a manoeuvre similar to his first test on Headon's Floor, he doesn’t bother to stop, but instead shoots at the Bull at the last second. He reaches out to Rachel, but suddenly, Rachel pushes him off the bubble, saying that he needs to die here. He falls down into the water, away from Rachel and away from the light…

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Notes and Trivia

  • Amid the run of the story arc, SIU decided to take his first break, a one-week break between chapter 74 and 75, to rest and do research for the season finale.[1][2][3]



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