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Wangnan being chased by Lurker

Last Chance (마지막 기회) is the first arc of the first story of the second volume of the Tower of God series. It follows Ja Wangnan, as he struggles to get through the 20th Floor.

Arc Summary

The new arc starts off with Wangnan introducing the 20th Floor and displaying his confidence concerning the test, only to promptly fail it after being burnt. In his home he rants on about the “Molotov woman” who burnt him until Lurker chases him about his large debt. He agrees to give Wangnan one last chance on the condition that if he fails again, his organs will be sold. As Lurker finishes with his ultimatum, Wangnan’s jjamppong arrives. He has a little talk with Nia about not giving up. As Nia leaves, he receives a jjamppong coupon for them to eat when they completed the test.

The test Wangnan takes is a 30-minute survival round, with 10 people arriving in 3-minute intervals and he is the fifth person to enter. However, he sees a dark figure standing over three unconscious bodies and quickly makes a truce with this figure. The plan is to jump all the other Regulars, but due to various comical reasons, they end up with 5 other people on their side. The pressure proves too much for Wangnan and she ends up shouting at Miseng about the cruelty of life, etc. As Miseng burst into tears and Wangnan is feeling guilty, the 6th person comes. He looks dangerous, but he proposed that they vote for one person to drop, and the two people that received the most votes get out on their own. They are in the process of doing this when the dark figure gets up and starts attacking everyone.

Horyang, akraptor, viole

Akraptor, Viole and Horyang fighting

He first goes for Akraptor, who dodges, and then goes on to attack Horyang. At first, it is a three-way between Akraptor, Horyang and Viole, but when Viole demonstrates his power as a Wave Controller they decide to declare a truce. The plan is for Horyang to bind Viole’s movements while Akraptor takes him out, but Viole easily blocks Akraptor’s laser and defeats him with a delayed Shinsu Bomb. While Horyang is distracted, he quickly dashes behind his back and blasts him into the wall with shinsu.

Nervous, Wangnan steps up and tries to last until the time is over. He dodges Viole’s attacks, hurling shinsu bombs at the same time, but is ultimately caught. In desperation, he uses a normal bomb and this surprisingly works. However, a red exoskeleton appeared above Viole and heals him. Viole gets up, but the time has ended and everyone survives. Unfazed, Viole went and takes the lift up.

Man & star

The lonely man who reached the star

On the second floor, they wait for the next contestants to come up. From the second lift, there is a blood-stained Regular who collapses at their feet and dies, and in the third lift there is Nia with the “Molotov woman”.

As this is happening, Viole has a flashback to a conversation he had with Rachel. It was a story about a man who built a tower to reach a star and even though it had a happy ending, Baam thought that the man was sad, since he didn’t have anyone to be with.

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