Lanza de Relámpago is a small spear that is created with electricial Shinsoo. Its shape is rough and not very spear-like. When thrown the attack flies like a lightning strike in a zig-zag fashion from the user to the target.

It can be considered a powered down version of the Espada de la Luz as it is a fundamentally similar attack and takes less of a toll of the user's body.

Alternate Translations

  • Spear of Lightning (LINE)

Notes and Trivia


Ari Style
Demonic Fish Wheel Dance
Ha Jinsung Style
Zahard Style
Twenty Fifth Night Style
Ha Jinsung Style
Twenty Fifth Night Style
Khun Eduan Style
Twenty Fifth Night Style
Body Reinforcements
Baam Style
Eurasia Style
Ha Jinsung Style
Hayeol Style
Zahard Style
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