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Land of the Peach Blossom (복숭아꽃의 나라, bogsung-akkoch-ui nala), also known as the Dohwa for short, is a nation that fought against Zahard when he declared himself King of the Tower. It is part of The Five Flower Nation. A notable family from this nation is the family of Dowon and Khane, who was known for their flower shinsu control ability.[1]


During the early Age of Genesis, King Dohwa I ordered the father of Dowon and Khane to fight on the battlefield against Zahard forces, which caused him to be killed in battle.

After their father passed away, young Dowon and Khane trained hard to become a Ranker. However, Dowon had more talent than Khane, so after they trained with a mysterious teacher from FUG, Dowon is capable to reach the High Ranker level and later she was assigned to special team "Hidden Grove". On the other hand, Khane who can only reach normal Ranker level, had to stayed behind to defend Land of the Peach Blossom against smaller enemy forces. After FUG lost the great war against Zahard's forces and Dohwa passed two generations of kings, the kingdom was on the brink of capitulation, with the Capital City being surrounded by the Zahard's Army. When the Zahard's Army stated that they would spare Dohwa if they can ask Dowon to seal herself, King Dohwa III and the public quickly decided one-sidedly to seal their hero Dowon, without her consent. Dowon was initially disappointed with her kingdom's decision, because her own people choose sacrifice her, but in the end Dowon choose to obey the Dohwa Royal Family's order and agree to be sealed in the wall. Dohwa eventually was disbanded as a kingdom so the royal family and its people had to migrate and move into Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Dohwa). Here, the position of "King" becoming the position of "Chairman".[1]


Top Ranks Officer Symbol

  • Top Ranks Officer: The king was seen to wear this symbol on his dark blue robe. After Dohwa was disbanded, and the majority of it's citizen moved to the second wall at the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, this symbol was used as the marks of wall guards' high ranking officers position which was hold by a Ranker. Daleet is one of wall guard ranker who wear this symbol.
  • Dohwa's Banner: The symbol of Dohwa was seen inside the king's room as a banner.


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Known Members

Dohwa Royal Family

The list of Dohwa's Royal Descendants:

Dowon and Khane's Family

Generations of their family are expert in Flower Shinsu.

  • Unnamed Father, (Ranker, deceased)
  • Dowon, (High Ranker, war hero, co-leader of the Hidden Grove team)
  • Khane, (Ranker, younger sister of Dowon)



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