This sword is called "Krishna". It was named after a river in my homeland.

Hong Danhwa introduced his sword to Boro

Krishna (크리슈나, keulisyuna) is a sword and also an Ignition Weapon. It can release powerful wide yellow-orange blasts of shinsu when swung. It formerly belonged to Hong Danhwa before being taken by Arie Inieta. After the latter's loss to Khun Ran, Hong Danhwa regained ownership over the sword.



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Krishna is a "holy, sacred sword" with blessings that is revered in Hong Danhwa's homeland and it is named after a river that runs through it.[1] According to legend, a very brutal ancient monster, that would feed on humans, is sealed inside the sword.[1] When the monster appeared in Danhwa's homeland, seven talented swordsmen fought it, defeated it and, to prevent it from reincarnating, they sealed its soul into their seven swords and passed them on to the next generations.[1] Krishna is one of the seven swords.[1]

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