Yuri holding Kranos.

Kranos (크라노스, Keulanoseu) is an Ignition Weapon, currently in Ha Yuri Zahard's possession.


This needle first belonged to Quadrado, a High Ranker that once accompanied Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors during the Great Journey. At some point, Quadrado lost it to Urek Mazino.[1] For reasons unknown Yuri became the new owner for Kranos.


Kranos' sealing stones

Kranos is covered by several sealing stones that display the story of Quadrado and the journey of the Great Warriors.[1]

Kranos resembles a red Needle, with a white spiral on the hilt. When ignited, the sealing stones remove themselves from the blade and a whirlwind of reddish pink light strikes at the enemy. The attack seems to display the same symbols engraved on the sealing stones.[1]

Powers and Abilities

According to SIU, Kranos is considered to be very powerful, even compared to other Ignition Weapons. It does not possess a wide range, yet is an excellent weapon for precise destruction. Kranos can be used on all Floors, but only once per day.[2]

To ignite the weapon, Yuri claimed to be its "master" and commanded it to "ignite". During the battle between Yuri and Karaka on the 39th Floor, Yuri expected for Kranos to obliterate Karaka. However, it did manage to destroy Karaka's Armour Inventory, the Steel Tree and Karaka's right arm.[1]

Kranos' ignition turned off Evan's items Frog Fisher and Adam's Glove.[2][3]

Notes and Trivia

  • It is stored inside a two piece red sheath.
  • It may have been named after the Greek Titan Kronos.[4]
  • Its name means "helmet" (κράνος) in Greek.



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