This bitch has got quite an attitude, talking to an older sister as if she's the pinnacle of the Tower.

—Maschenny about Ha Yuri Zahard [3]

Koon Maschenny Zahard (쿤 마스체니 자하드, Kun Mahseuchehni Jahad) is the owner of the Yellow May, and is the only Princess of Zahard in the Koon Family to be awarded with a 13 Month Series. Her biological father is Koon Eduan.

Appearance and Personality

Maschenny is a pale-skinned, tall woman with an hourglass figure, very long light blue hair and blue eyes. In her most recent appearance, she wore a dark-colored outfit.

She has been shown to be extremely haughty, stating Ha Yuri Zahard, a prodigy even in the ranks of a Princess, was only a novice and should hand her 13 Month Series weapons to her. She has a short temper and calls Yuri a "bitch" for denying her rights over her weapons. Being a member of the Koon Family, it can be assumed that she is decisive and cunning.

Later into the series, when King Zahard commands his army to fulfill one of the three orders, Maschenny gathered her troops to where Ha Jinsung is. She was very manipulative as she tricked her troops into thinking her and Jinsung were fighting but she was actually telling important secret information to Jinsung so he can hurry to the last station to save the boy which the king has noticed his existence. She reappears later to backstab Ha Jinsung while he was trying to stop Kallavan from going to the last station to kill the regulars.

She is shown to be a sarcastic individual, asking her subordinate if they want her to bow for her "mistake". She also said that the smell of blood gets her in the mood for a fight, hinting a sadistic persona.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


She appeared very briefly in the second season as she was exiting Repellista Zahard's residence. Encountering Yuri Zahard, the two had a heated conversation with Alumik Edrok noting how well the two 'got along'.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Shilial Zahard claimed that she and her sister were allied with Maschenny.

Maschenny asked Ha Yuri Zahard to make a bet with her, wagering her Yellow May against Yuri's Green April.

Khun Edahn

Maschenny appeared on the Hidden Floor in her data form from when she was a regular. She is one of the three remaining Koons on the hidden floor who serve Eduan, along with Koon Marco Asensio and Koon Icardi

Maschenny, Marco, Boro, Sachi, Hockney, Batis and Melody are sent to retrieve the 'mirror at the end' by Eduan as a way to delete Zahard's data, thus defeating him. In order to reach the mirror the group has to pass a stage which involves beating the "champion villain", a bullet shaped creature named "Monster Lord Needles". However, before the group can clear the stage they are stopped by the Big Breeder Red and his team of nemeses. Red uses an attack that summons a barrage of stones from the sky to attack the group but Maschenny easily destroys them.

After this Red orders the nemesis Viole to attack Maschenny but he refuses, which leads to Red stepping down to fight himself. Maschenny prepares to attack Red, but she is interrupted by Marco who tells her she needs to clear the stage instead and that he will deal with Red. Maschenny agrees and sets off with the others to clear the stage.

Maschenny defeats Monster Lord Needles easily, destroying him entirely with a single attack. Shortly after she returns to Marco who is still fighting with Red. She snarks at him saying, "You still haven't defeated him? Don't be so weak" and continues to destroy Red in a single attack, much like Monster Lord Needles. After defeating Red she tells the group that Icardi will be waiting on the next stage and that they should hurry and continue. The group agrees and they head to the next stage.

Four days later they arrive at the final stage and meet with Icardi. Before they can get very far they are stopped by Zahard himself. He tells the group that "the road ahead is a restricted area." and they should "turn back". Marco tries talking to Maschenny but she seems to be frozen in place and doesn't respond. Zahard remarks that he doesn't know how much confidence Eduan has in the group but he can't believe that Eduan would try to do something like this behind his back. Zahard swings his arm creating a large wave of shinsoo that splits the earth between him and the group. He tells them not to cross that area or they will be killed.

After this Maschenny regains consciousness, she tells Marco that she "lost her mind" for a minute and that he needs to get into position to attack. Marco is surprised that Maschenny actually wants to fight Zahard. She tells him that they just need to distract him long enough for the rest of the group sneak by and destroy the mirror.

The fight begins with Maschenny taking the front lines while Marco, Sachi and Icardi support her. Zahard is able to handle all of them with relative ease but it doesn't stop Maschenny from pressing on. After trading a couple attacks, Zahard asks Maschenny why she, a princess, is fighting with him. Maschenny responds saying ever since she was given the power of Zahard she has wanted to clash with him at least once, but due to circumstances on the outside it is impossible. Zahard then asks her "How do you feel now" to which she replies, "Scared, but very pleased."

Maschenny swallows a lightning pill stating that it is probably impossible to buy time so she is going to put it all on the line. She rushes at Zahard with everything she has, unleashing a quick barrage of powerful attacks. It isn't enough as she only manages to scratch Zahard's mask. Zahard is uninjured but he does compliment Maschenny saying, "Since you managed to reach me this far, I'd say you're doing very well." before finishing her off with an attack from his needle. Despite Maschenny being able to survive this attack, the strain from the lightning pill proves to be too much and it kills her. In the last scene of this fight, we are shown that Data Maschenny died with a smile on her face.

Three Orders


Princess Maschenny and her troops.

After Zahard gave out his three order, Maschenny and her troop went to the 91st floor and engaged in combat with Ha Jinsung. She tricked her troop into thinking they were fighting and secretly tells Ha Jinsung the army's plan. She tells Jinsung that King Zahard has already noticed the existence of an irregular and ordered his army to kill him and everyone else on the hell train.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station


During the fight between Ha Jinsung and Kallavan, Mashchenny Zahard took an opportunity to backstab Jinsung when his arm was being crushed by Kallavan. She impaled Jinsung with her spear through his back.

Powers and Abilities

It can be assumed that she is fairly powerful, because beside being a High Ranker,[1] she also owns the Yellow May and was one of the Rankers responsible for capturing Eurasia Enne Zahard (who is ranked 7th), proving that Maschenny must indeed be quite powerful and is definitely a veteran in the ranks.

  • Jinsung and Maschenny in combat
  • Maschenny swings her spear at Jinsung
  • After the swing from her spear

Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear Technique (마스체니식: 전창술, Mahseuchehni-sig: Jeonchangsul): A technique invented by Maschenny herself, described as the "Ultimate spear technique". It allows the user to take on a Spear Bearer position without being armed with spears. In Maschenny's case, her Lightning Spear is far stronger than a usual High Ranker's spear technique. It is currently unknown if she suffers the same side effects that Ran does, who claimed he could not use the technique often.

Maschenny Style Spear Technique: Transcendental Skill: Great Spear of Dawn: A technique used by the data of young Maschenny. After using Redan, Maschenny attacked the data of young Zahard with this technique. Despite only managing to crack his mask, it can be assumed to be one of her most powerful techniques as she mentioned "putting everything on the line" moments before.[4]

Maschenny Style Spear Skill - Tres Cuemos (마스체니 식 전창술 세개의 뿔, Maseucheni Sig Jeonchangsul Segaeui Ppul): An extremely long fork-like spear that is carrying a condensed Baang of electric Shinsoo. She threw the baang at Jinsung, causing both attacks from Jinsung and hers to collide, resulting in a huge explosion.

Lightning Pill

Notes and Trivia

  • She is ranked within the Top 100 of all Rankers.[1]
  • Although she is a Fisherman, she is more proficient as a Spear Bearer.[1]
  • At some point in her past she fought a younger Koon Ran and mentioned he would become a good warrior.[5]
  • She may be named after Javier Mascherano.[6]
  • Maschenny cleared the Hell Train at a very young age.[7]


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