This is the true face of the Tower. There's no need to blame anyone or hate anyone.

—Kim Lurker to Ja Wangnan.[1]

Kim Lurker is a shylock working for Lurker Cash. He is a Regular on the 20th Floor and the first major antagonist of Part II.

Appearance and Personality

Kim Lurker has pale white skin, grey eyes and black hair. He is seen with a flower on the left side of his head, which may be a daisy, and wears a bordeaux trenchcoat and a black jumper.

Lurker power

Hand Power

His work fits his personality. He is very cold blooded and not afraid of using violence in order to intimidate his client or force them to make an agreement. While bullying Ja Wangnan, he forced him to sign an agreement where Wangnan would sell his organs if he were to fail the exam again. Lurker is seen with a permanent sadistic smile on his face. He is two-faced, acting as something of a suck up to his boss's son (whom he calls 'Young Master') but betrays him when it appears more profitable.

He also has a habit of "borrowing" someone's strength to do his dirty work. He does this by employing brute strength in the form of the Da-an bodyguards or by tricking someone like Nya Nia or using a controlled Yeon Yihwa to attack others.

He's also quite a smug person, who thought there was no one else who could actually beat his team.

In defeat, however he shows a different aspect to his personality. Having been victimized by Prince's father and forced into his company, Lurker believes that in the Tower there is only prey and those who prey on them. Therefore any evil done to another is no cause for anger or resentment, as everyone destroys other's dreams in pursuit of there own. When Wangnan forgave him, he is left visibly stunned and unsure how to react.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Last Chance

Lurker was first seen breaking and entering into the apartment of Ja Wangnan. When he saw Wangnan running away, he manipulated Shinsoo to grab his head and slam it into the ground. Afterwards he forced Wangnan into signing a beautifying diet contract, which was really just a way to harvest organs, by mockingly repeating Wangnan's goals. Wangnan signed it in order to get more money to take the test again. When he was about to leave, Nya Nia was at the door delivering food that Wangnan had ordered. Lurker paid for this, saying that Wangnan would eventually pay for it all anyway (with his body).

The Strongest Regular

Lurker & nia

Lurker was shown later when he accompanied the son of his boss, a Regular who was taking the same test as Wangnan. Lurker saw Wangnan and came over to greet him. He told Wangnan about his boss's son and the people who were hired in order to help him pass, ending with saying that the rest won't pass because of him. He also stated that this was his chance to advance and climb the Tower. Lurker scored just below Hon Akraptor in the World's Greatest Shinsoo Contest. After everyone had taken the test, he placed seventh. When his boss's son mocked Wangnan's pathetic begging and stated that it would be better to just retake the test, he remained silent.

The Untrustworthy Room

Lurker confidently went to Prince's room to sneer at Prince's misfortunes. When Kang Horyang showed up, Lurker ordered the possessed Yihwa to attack him. When Viole showed up he ordered Rapdevil to get the remote and run away to room 601. Viole managed to enter the room and Lurker got punched by Wangnan. He and Wangnan then argued about the justice in Wangnan's act, with Lurker laughing at the irony in Wangnan's actions.

The Preys

Lurker revealed that he betrayed Prince out of resentment. Once he was like Wangnan and accumulated a lot of debt in order to climb the Tower, but was unable to pass the test or pay back the money. He begged the president of the company to spare his life and received his current job instead.

Lurker forgiven
When the president asked him to help his son climb the Tower and told Lurker that he spent his entire fortune to bribe the test administrators on 20th Floor, Lurker became bitter over how his dreams were crushed for this reason. Lurker argued that there was no point in resenting any of the other Regulars because they were all in the same position. Wangnan decided to forgive him for Nia's sake. Lurker became angered by this because he didn't think Wangnan or anyone else had the right. In the end, he failed the test.

Powers and Abilities

Lurker Power 2

Blue Handed

Kim Lurker manipulates Shinsoo using a buzzer-like wand he hides in his pocket. Without the wand, Lurker cannot use Shinsoo. He can cover his hand in it in order to give it more power and door knobs can be easily destroyed with this.[2] He can also form a hand out of Shinsoo that can hold down enemies and hurt them without much effort.[2] It is yet unknown how strong he really is, because he went lightly on Ja Wangnan. He is shown to easily be able to murder another Regular and can use Shinsoo as if it were a scalpel to slice through anything. At the current point in time, it isn't a far off assumption to say he would be far above the level of an ordinary 20th Floor Regular.


  • (While killing Nya Nia) "You see, I hate people like you the most. When you step into this world, you just become a bad guy. Don't pretend to be a good guy because you Just. End. Up. Like. This! This!"[3]
  • (To Ja Wangnan) "It's funny, you see. You tack on things like 'revenge' and 'justice' while killing a man. Isn't that really funny? Why? You think you can be a different kind of murderer than I am?"[1]


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