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Khun Ran is a D-Rank Regular from the Khun Family who is currently climbing the Tower. He is a direct descendant of Khun Eduan and a younger brother of Khun Maschenny Zahard, a Zahard's Princesses and the Top 100 High Rankers. He is currently at the 39th Floor, taking a rest at the Name Hunt Station due to his heavy injuries sustained in his battle against Arie Inieta.

Appearance and Personality

Ran is a short boy with light blue hair and blue eyes. He almost always wears a dark blue T-shirt over a black long sleeve shirt with black pants. His age is unknown; however, he does appear quite young.

He is notably very arrogant, mostly due to his immense power relative to other Regulars. This often makes him overconfident, as seen when he fought against Viole. Nevertheless, he is quite intelligent and can quickly notice and exploit his opponent's weaknesses.

He has a stoic personality yet is annoyed by almost everyone, especially others in his team. Ran divides those he meets into six different levels:

  • Slightly bothersome.
  • A little bothersome.
  • Bothersome.
  • Very bothersome.
  • Too bothersome.
  • Wants to kill.

Naturally, there is no-one who is in the "Not bothersome" level.[2]

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In the flashback during his fight against Arie Inieta in the Name Hunt Station, it was revealed that Ran became a Regular at the very young age. His older sister, Khun Maschenny Zahard was surprised that her little brother has been selected to become a Regular. She was wondering whether this event was planned by Khun Eduan and Headon or not. Princess Maschenny was seen to gave Ran some advice about how to face members from the Arie Family if he ever encounter one.[3]

Much of his personal history is still unknown. He originates from the same branch of the Khun Family as Maschenny Zahard and is said to be one of the most talented Regulars in the Khun Family. At some point in his past, he battled Maschenny, with the Princess saying he would become a good warrior.[4]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Prince of Zahard

The Wool's Knot

Bringing down the thunder.

Ran is first seen when Novick introduced Edin Dan to the group Khun formed. Novick used Dan's arrival as an excuse to fight Ran, who easily defeated him. Ran was later seen wearing an oversized number 1 shirt, which Novick had ordered for himself in anticipation of beating Ran. Khun Aguero Agnis told them that their purpose was to be a "fence" around Rachel and, in return, he would reward them with whatever they wished when he became the head of the Khun Family.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


During a test on the 29th Floor, Ran worked with Dan in order to find out the enemy's location. Initially, Ran was furious at Dan for relying on Emile and not finding the enemy, but before he could do any harm to Dan they encountered their opponents. Ran easily defeated the enemy fighter while Dan won the test.

Devil of the Right Arm

Once Apple discovered where the Devil of the Right Arm was, Ran, along with Khun and Novick, went to the Hand of Arlen.

Ran attacked.png
Khun used his Lighthouse to search for traps, which Novick and Ran were supposed to disable, but Ran was annoyed by Novick's chatter and lashed out at him, accidentally hitting the Lighthouse and destroying it. Ran continued to destroy traps until he ran into Horyang, who he believed to be the Devil of the Right Arm. They fought with Ran and Novick quickly gaining the upper hand. Horyang fled and, despite Novick's warnings, Ran recklessly pursued him and was led to a room inside Arlen's Hand where Cassano revealed himself. Before he could react, he was sent flying by Cassano's left arm. Uninjured, he then switched positions with Novick and hit Cassano with a powerful lightning attack.

Horyang, enraged at this, attacked the pair, resulting in a quick and brutal fight which was ended prematurely when Cassano hit Horyang from behind, rendering him unconscious. Viole and Xia Xia then arrived and, thinking that Ran was responsible for wounding Horyang, they engaged him and Novick in yet another fight. This time, however, the pair were overwhelmed by Viole's relative mastery of shinsu.

After being defeated, they reveal that they were not responsible for what happened to Horyang. After Khun arrived and Xia Xia revealed her plan, they attempted to steal her detonator but were stopped by Viole. However, both Novick and Ran were able to escape the subsequent explosion in Xia Xia's golem.


Ran and Novick were both angry at what happened and attacked Xia Xia and Cassano until Viole stepped in and stopped the fight. He explained that he had no desire to fight Khun's teammates, proposing an alliance instead. Ran agreed to Viole's suggestion when he was secretly given a message on his Pocket, telling him that Khun was still alive. They traveled with FUG to their new home and watched Viole's new team take the 29th Floor test. Ran remarked that while their new team certainly was annoying, it was flawless. Eventually, he become a temporary member of Viole's Team FUG along with Novick.

Workshop Battle

Poker face showdown

Ran and Novick arrived some days before Team Tangsooyook and stayed at an apartment waiting for all the other Regulars to arrive. They went to Viole and asked if their restraints could be taken off, which Viole allowed. As they went back to their rooms, Novick wondered why they weren't running away now they had their cuffs off, but Ran didn't reply.

One Shot, One Opportunity

Ran remained calm throughout the whole event. He met Anak when she smashed through a wall in front of him and their relationship continued in the same vein, with Ran provoking Anak to attack him. Surprised by Anak's power, Ran unleashed a large, viscous storm cloud that allowed him to conceal himself while sniping at his opponent. Anak eventually dissipated the cloud with shinsu but Ran used his buoyant reel to ambush her through a window. Anak jumped up over Ran and the two were about to shoot each other when Viole appeared and sent them both up.

Battle x Gamble

Finish Her!

Ran walked out with the rest of his team and stood by as Viole received praise from those opposing the Zahard Empire. As he watched the battles, he was unimpressed as always except for when Varagarv blew up his opponent's head, letting slip his surprise at Varagarv's strength. In Viole's match, he and Novick warned Viole to take it easy, only to have him kick a contestant clean out of the arena to land in front of them.

As he and Novick were walking back up to the arena, Novick shared his suspicions regarding the Workshop Battle with Ran. Beta passed them as they walked by and Ran noted that his presence wasn't that of a human. Ran's battle was then assigned and he was pleased to find that he would be able to fight Anak once again.

When the battle started, he requested for the rules to be changed, allowing him and Anak to fight without distractions. Io allowed this and the two started to fight. Ran swallowed a "Redan", granting him a vast (although temporary) increase in power and proceeded to manipulate Anak's pride to his advantage, provoking her to attack even as she was being overpowered. Having both destroyed her metaphorical and physical armor (her pride and shinsu enhancement respectively), he finished the fight by piercing her with an Espada de la Luz. However, much to his surprise, Anak continued to fight but, before they could trade final blows, Parakewl interrupted from below knocking them both out.

The Truth

At the party, under a staircase, Ran met Anak, who was escaping from the reporters. After a brief conversation, he asked her if they were close with Viole, who seemed to know them well.


He was seen aboard the Wolhaiksong ship, sitting by Anak.


He was sitting with Novick when Khun asked the two of them to form a team made to eliminate Rachel and her allies.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He and Novick appeared and made an offer to Beta for him to join their team in order to find Beniamino Cassano. Beta agreed and later, their team was seen getting ready to leave.

Revolution Road

There's no kill like overkill

He was first seen killing the last passenger on his carriage of the private train to Train City. Beta then appeared asking if he was done and Ran confirmed that he was, although no-one he had killed had a Ticket. The rest of his team then arrived in his carriage where they then got a message from Emile detailing a tournament that would be occurring at Train City. Dan said it would be a trap but Ran replied that they would participate anyway since they were looking for Cassano.

Ran's new team

Eventually, their train pulled up at Train City and the team encountered an elevator. As they argued as to which floor to go to, Ran simply pressed one and they found themselves on the Entrance floor where they see someone sitting down ways away from them. The person told them to leave as it was not the time to pass the gate but Ran refused as he said he would eliminate them all. Ran dove into the attack after the person surprised them all with the power of his attacks however the person effortlessly overwhelmed Ran, even while he was augmented by Redan, and Ran decided to use a special technique. However before he could, a cloaked man appeared and blocked the person's next attack, surprising all of Ran's team as well as Ran himself. The cloaked man introduced himself as Daniel Hatchid and explained that the person guarding the gate was the gatekeeper, "Mirotic", before going on to say that Mirotic was impossible to beat. Ran and Daniel converse and then the latter leave after intimidating the team with his sheer speed.

When the tournament started with Viole's team playing, Ran and Novick met up with Hwa Ryun where they discussed their predicted outcome of the game. They soon left after Dan informed that he had found Aka Williams.

Kill the blue guy!

After making his presence known to Aka, Aka sent his subordinate Moontari to sort Ran out. Moontari then gave Ran a taste of D-rank with a quick show of his power and then riled him up further, provoking Ran into attacking again.
Ran later crashed onto the field of play of the tournament bleeding from his mouth after clearly being overwhelmed by Moontari. Just then he and everyone else present was informed that the tournament was a trap set up by Rachel and FUG. After a plan was set out he, Aka, Moontari, Boro, Viole, and Hwa Ryun travelled through the maze in order to catch up to Rachel's group.

After overcoming obstacles in their way, the group managed to catch up to Ha Yura at the gatekeeper's room but before they could reach her, she switched Mirotic back on causing it to powerfully attack them. As Mirotic attacked the group, Baam managed to get past the gatekeeper (using Hwa Ryun's power as a Guide) and Boro was thrown over the chasm by Aka, leaving only the three of them to fend of Mirotic's attacks. Ran then suggested counter-attacking Mirotic and Aka mused that if they attacked in between its attack phases a counter-attack could work. Aka activated his special technique and when Mirotic fired his first spear, Aka took it head-on with Moontari taking the second one. With the spears being held, Ran prepared a Lightning Spear technique and fired it at the exposed gatekeeper. However, the attack had seemingly no effect with the "real" Mirotic suddenly appearing and flattening Ran with a surprise strike. Beta then showed up and told the floored Ran that he would take care of Mirotic. After the gatekeeper had been sufficiently weakened, Ran suddenly reappeared, recovered, to deal the finishing blow with one of his Lightning Spears.

With the gatekeeper gone, they all rushed after the others until they caught up with Baam and Boro. After Daniel destroyed the stairs, preventing them from following, Ran flew with Beta up to the platform where he witnessed Baam going wild against Rachel and her allies. When Baam pushed away, Ran helped Aguero in launching the White Heavenly Mirror into the train. After the train departed from the station, Ran followed the others as they returned to the stadium and later on, he was present when Aka suggested than Aguero and his allies climbed the Tower and met them at the station on the 37th Floor.

Yuri Zahard

Ran was seen with the rest of his team at the 39th Floor Name Hunt station, having taken down some enemies.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Getting irritated by the nature of the Name Hunt station, Ran said they should go back only to be reminded he had destroyed their only way back earlier on. With no choice but to move forwards, he and the rest of their team charged on. Later, he and the others encountered Hesse, one of the Ten Bosses, who told Ran to give him his name although he eventually killed Hesse after swallowing a Redan. Hesse's minion, Chigrinsky, revealed the sadistic nature of the Name Hunt station before their team made their way to the no-named residence. Chigrinsky then drugged their drinks and attempted to make them all into his slaves. However, Hatsu saved them from the guy and told them more about the Name Hunt station. After recovering, Khun made a plan to reach Kaiser before the festival started by splitting the teams and sending them after the Ten Bosses.

While travelling through the pipes, Ran encountered the strongest of the Ten Bosses, Arie Inieta. With the two beginning their battle, Ran surprised his opponent by enduring his sword attacks and striking with a powerful assault. However, Inieta soon took advantage and almost landed a decisive blow had it not been for the timely arrival of Xia Xia and Edin Dan. With his allies backing him, Ran went on to attain victory but not without nearly losing his own life in the process.

Later, after Viole had claimed victory over Kaiser and they were all ready to leave, a recovering Ran decided to stay behind with the rest of his team.

Powers and Abilities

Ran firing blue lightning

Ran was one of the top five E-rank Regulars in the Tower and therefore was in a league ahead of most Regulars at that level. He is an exceptional fighter and seems to mainly rely on his agility and powerful shinsu blasts. He is a confirmed Khun, and his technique is reminiscent of Khun Eduan's style. He is also one of the Khun Family branches that can use one of the ultimate spear technique's known as "Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear", developed by Maschenny Zahard herself. Ran has also been mentioned to be a talent in the Khun Family. After his fight with Anak and Cassano, he decided to become stronger so he wouldn't have to show his back to them anymore.

Highly Perceptive Combatant: Ran has an incredible ability to see through and plan what moves will work best in combat for him. Whether it be structuring which way to attack first and follow through, he always seems to plan his style of fighting.

Highly Sturdy Body: While fighting Arie Inieta he endures the Inieta's attacks with a sword with his body alone. This is due to the fact he is a direct descendant of Khun Eduan.

Forming electric storm clouds

Jeonsulsa: The shinsu that he uses is electrical in nature. When Ran attacks, he either uses it to enhance his blows or collects it in his hands before releasing powerful lightning blasts.

  • Electric Storm Clouds: Ran is capable of engulfing his surroundings with storm clouds that impair the opponent's vision. When used by an amateur this technique is only useful in enclosed spaces however for a skilled Ranker it is possible to create a natural disaster with this technique, although that requires a contract with a Guardian. [5]
  • Redan: It is a technique that can be used by Ran where he will eat and swallow a highly concentrated baang with electrical shinsu that causes his speed and strength to increase by "a couple of times". While being powered up by Redan, Ran is even more powerful than before and can even beat Anak Zahard in close quarters combat. Ran can still use his Maschenny Style techniques while using Redan. However, with that Ran can only use Redan for a fixed time, incapable of moving after its use. Five minutes was more than enough for Ran to completely overwhelm Anak which proves this technique has immense power.

Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear Technique: Ran is capable of utilizing the Lightning Spear technique in the form of many sub-techniques. His proficiency in their usage is very high, so much so that he is ranked higher as a Spear Bearer than as a Fisherman.[6]

Redan-augmented lightning blast

  • Eléctrica Perla:[8] He generates a large blast of electricity in the form of a spear that is powerful enough to easily scar the ground.
  • Espada de la Luz:[9] When Ran uses this technique, it is strong enough to pierce through both Cassano and Anak in one shot.[9][7] However a downside to this technique is that it takes a toll on his body with Ran claiming that he cannot use it more than once in a battle. He is skilled enough in the execution of this technique that he was able to aim slightly away from her heart so as not to kill her.[10]
  • Espada Grande:[12] A technique that takes the form of a giant sword and looks similar to the Espada de la Luz. Its exact capabilities are unknown however it can be assumed that it is stronger than the Espada de la Luz.

Maschenny Style: Fighting Technique (마스체니식: 전투술, Mahseuchehni-sig: Jeontusul): Is a set of fighting techniques most likely created by Maschenny Zahard.

  • Arch Lightning:[7] A technique that used electric shinsu enhanced strikes. Ran used it to land a heavy uppercut to Anak's jaw.


Khun Aguero Agnis: These two are related, belonging to the same great family. They knew each other before they started to climb the Tower and are on friendly terms. Ran calls him A.A, which appears to be a childhood nickname. He knows Khun better than most and trusts him, which is likely the reason that he joined Khun's Team. Although Khun is a little older than Ran, the difference in their age is not noticeably great either.

Novick: Ran categorizes Novick as too bothersome. Novick often competes with Ran and loses. Novick trusts Ran's judgment.

Jyu Viole Grace: Ran realizes that their common connection is Khun and seems to trust Viole, sensing that he is different from the other FUG members. Viole often looks out for Ran and Novick, making sure that they weren't being mistreated by his temmates in FUG.

Anak Zahard: After his fight with her, he made it his goal to defeat her and so he would never have to show his back to her again.

Beniamino Cassano: After his fight with him, he made it his goal to defeat him. Now his goal is to catch him so they can heal Horyang but he probably just wants to settle the score with him.


Ran destroying the trap with his weapon

Notes and Trivia

  • A Khun Family member who strongly resembles Ran is seen on Khun's Team in the Tower of God x Maplestory Crossover Special.
    • It is quite likely that he is Ran.
  • He was one of the Top 5 of the E-ranked Regulars.
  • Ran is a direct descendant from Khun Eduan.
  • Ran considers Novick to be "too bothersome".[2] He says that he only keeps Novick alive because of his cooking.
  • It is likely that Ran does most things because Novick tells him not to.[2]
  • Ran is afraid of having his ears pierced, quite unlike his relative.[13]
  • He quite resembles Killua, a character from the manga "Hunter x Hunter". Coincidentally, both of them have compatibility with electricity and a similar look.
  • Ran is picky about his food. He prefers yogurt over food. He dislikes the ones with syrup.[14]
  • He has decided that killing Maschenny Zahard would be his final goal after becoming a Ranker.[4]
  • SIU has stated that Ran and Khun Maschenny Zahard are children of Khun Maschenny (one of Khun Eduan's many wives). Because of the same name, he think it is causing confusion to some.[15]
  • The name of the siblings, Maschenny and Ran, are taken from Javier Mascherano, an Argentinian footballer.
  • He prefers a woman who is older than him.[16]


  • (In answer to Kang Horyang asking him why he was looking for Beniamino Cassano) "To fight him. Do I need another reason?"[8]
  • (To Novick) "It's faster if I go alone."[1]
  • (To Prince) "Did he know that there's another form of suicide."
  • (To himself after noticing Red Hawk) "Everyone looks this way before leaving."[17]
  • (To Anak Zahard) "Annoying... hitting people when they're eating... they're really annoying, you know, people like you."[18]
  • (To an injured Anak Zahard) "That arrogance of yours was the cause of your loss, lizard. As long as you fail to escape from that arrogance, you will never be able to beat me in a match."[10]
  • (To Anak Zahard at the dance) "Anyway, I'll properly end our fight next time. If it wasn't for the interference at the end, victory would've been mine."[19]
  • (Talking to himself) "I have progressed so that I would never have to turn my back disgracefully ever again. That Lizard along with Beniamino Cassano, I will never let them slip by this time for sure!"[20]
  • (To Aka Williams) "Is it really true that when a newcomer gets on the train, they must become one of that pig's minions or die? It seems well-known Hell Train ticketers are also crappy after all, huh?"[21]
  • (To Hesse) "I mean I'm not exactly very attached to my name, but I just don't understand the reason for stealing other people's names. What's the cause behind all this? Do you not like your own name? Stealing other people's names to live their lives. What meaning could something like that possibly have? Why would you have to steal other people's names in order to feel satisfied? It's just so pathetic I can't stand it. I don't care how many names you have stolen, but I won't give you mine. No name will ever suit someone, who doesn't even value his own name."[22]



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