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This article contain profile of Maschenny as Regular in the form of artificial Data Humans inside the Hidden Floor. If you're looking for her status as a High Ranker, see Khun Maschenny Zahard.

Watch you say about her! She just looks like that because she cleared the train when she was still young! Her name is Khun Maschenny Zahard!!

Data Asensio introduced Data Maschenny to Sachi and Boro.[1]

Data Maschenny is an artificial character, a young version of High-Ranker Khun Maschenny Zahard back when she was still a Regular. It was created by the Hidden Floor system after the real Maschenny finished all Hell Express test to save her data. In this time, she has become one of Zahard's Princesses regardless of her status as a regular.


I have inherited just a bit of the king's power on the outside. I am Zahard's Princesses, Maschenny Zahard.

—Data Regular Maschenny introduced herself as an official princess.[2]

At some point, after clearing the Hell Train, she arrived on the Hidden Floor and left data of herself in it. She seems to has already become a princess in her lifetime as a Regular because she was seen to lost her mind and consciousness for a brief moment after she confronted Data Zahard. This might happen because she has received the blood and power of Zahard that will put her in static mind to prevent her from hurting and harming King Zahard and made her obey in front of Zahard's presence.[3] Data Maschenny also refers data Zahard as "Lord Zahard", indicating that she served him as the king. further More, she showed a polite attitude when she introduced herself to data Zahard, she was seen to let go of her weapon for a moment and kneeling in front of him.[2]

It seems that the real reason the young Maschenny came to the hidden floor is that she wants to meet and challenge the data version of young Zahard, the current king of the tower, out of her own curiosity and passion. Data Maschenny said that she really eager and wanted to try fighting the so-called king of the tower, but being as one of the "king's princesses", she cannot break the rules and was forbidden to challenge the king, because her duty as a princess is to protect him, not to challenge him.

Appearance and Personality

292 data maschenny8.png

As a member of the Khun Family, Maschenny possesses the normal traits of her family: light blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and lightning power attribute.

There are significant differences in her data's appearance as a regular when we compare it with her current image as a High Ranker, ex. her hourglass eyes, face feature and body height. Only her light blue hair that still hasn't changed and recognizable. As a regular data, Maschenny is short like a small child, and according to many fans, she is very cute, unlike Maschenny's real self now with a more mature look.

As a data on the Hidden Floor, young Data Maschenny has started to build up her most recognizable personality as sadistic person, crazy fighting maniac, fearless and extreme adrenaline seeker with psychopathic tendencies, as seen when she decided to fight the data of the young king of the tower, "Data Zahard" just for fun, despite knowing that she has zero percent chance of winning and will surely end up dead. This personality was later emphasized more bolder by author SIU when adult Maschenny revealed about her true intention of taking Ha Jinsung into custody, that she will use him as a bait for Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam and also when she said that the smell of blood gets her in the mood for a fight, hinting a sadistic persona. It is still unknown how Maschenny will use Baam, but she said that Jinsung was only a little part of her grand plan to create a great war between Ancient Races, 10 Great Families, Wolhaiksong, and blablabla. She was bored with the long-lasting peace and there's nothing that can pump up her adrenaline.

Maschenny confidently challenge big breeder Jeok

Come down. I'll face you.

—Data Maschenny challenge Big Breeder Jeok to fight

However, despite seeing adult Maschenny who has grown up to become like a psychopath and evil woman, but she still has some good, positive personalities when she was young as regular. She is loyal to Zahard,[2] confident,[4][5] very straightforward,[1][4] quick-witted and ambitious. She can blush[1] and get embarrassed when being complimented.[4] Big dreamer, big desire and big curiosity.[5]

  • Responsible; she quickly takes initiative and charges to kill the enemy bosses and final champion to protect Boro, Sachi, and Hockney. She knew that her father, Data Eduan has given her responsibilities to lead and protect the three of them. [4]
  • Fearless; she will challenge everything. From Champion Villain, Quest Boss, Big Breeder, and even Data Zahard.

She's a bit ignorant, cold, and dislike things that are wasting her time, such as when she complained to Data Asensio about why it took so long for him to defeat big breeder Jeok and get pissed that she wasted her time on a nobody. She seems to dislike wasting too much time and will rather choose to finish her job or target as soon as possible.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Khun Edahn

Maschenny appeared on the Hidden Floor in her data form from when she was a regular. She is one of the three remaining Khuns on the Hidden Floor who serve Eduan, along with Khun Marco Asensio and Khun Icardi.

Under the orders of Khun Eduan, Maschenny lead a group consisted of Asensio, Boro, Sachi, Hockney. The group was sent to retrieve the "Mirror at the End" as a way to delete or erase Zahard's data, thus defeating him. In order to reach the mirror, the group has to pass a stage that involves beating the "champion villain", a bullet-shaped creature named "Monster Lord Needles". However, before the group can clear the stage they are stopped by the Big Breeder Jeok and his team of nemeses. Jeok quickly summoned Stone General and performed Rain of Stones from the sky to attack the group, but Maschenny easily cut all the falling stones to pieces. After seeing that long-range attack is useless against Maschenny, Jeok then ordered the nemesis Viole to attack Maschenny but he refuses, which leads to Jeok stepping down to fight himself. When Maschenny prepares to attack Jeok, she was interrupted by Asensio who told her she needs to clear the stage instead and that he will deal with Jeok. Maschenny agrees and sets off with the others to clear the stage.

Shortly after that, she returns to Asensio who is still fighting with Jeok. When Asensio asked her about the stage, she said that she has taken care of everything. Maschenny defeated the Stone General and Monster Lord Needles very easily, destroying it entirely with just a single attack. After seeing Jeok still standing alive, she then proceeds to snarks Asensio and saying, "You still haven't defeated him? Don't be so weak" and continues to destroy Jeok in a single attack, much like Monster Lord Needles. After defeating Jeok she tells the group that Icardi will be waiting on the next stage and that they should hurry and continue. The group agrees and they head to the next stage.

Four days later they arrive at the final stage and meet with Icardi. Before they can get very far they are stopped by Zahard himself. He tells the group that "the road ahead is a restricted area." and they should "turn back". Asensio tries talking to Maschenny but she seems to be frozen in place and doesn't respond. Zahard remarks that he doesn't know how much confidence Eduan has in the group but he can't believe that Eduan would try to do something like this behind his back. Zahard swings his arm creating a large wave of Shinsu that splits the earth between him and the group. He tells them not to cross that area or they will be killed. After this Maschenny regains consciousness, she tells Asensio that she "lost her mind" for a minute and that he needs to get into position to attack. Asensio is surprised that Maschenny actually wants to fight Zahard. She tells him that they just need to distract him long enough for the rest of the group to sneak by and destroy the mirror.

The fight begins with Maschenny taking the front lines as Fisherman, confronting and engaging data Zahard in close range combat, while Asensio, Sachi, and Icardi support her from behind. Zahard is able to handle all of their combination attacks with relative ease but it doesn't stop Maschenny from pressing on. After trading a couple of attacks, Zahard asks Maschenny why she, a Princess, is fighting with him. Maschenny responds saying ever since she was given the power of Zahard she has wanted to clash with him at least once, but due to circumstances on the outside, it is impossible. Zahard then asks her "How do you feel now" to which she replies, "Scared, but very pleased".

Maschenny swallows a Lightning Pill stating that it is probably impossible to buy time so she is going to put it all on the line. She rushes at Zahard with everything she has, unleashing a quick barrage of powerful attacks. It isn't enough as she only manages to scratch Zahard's mask. Zahard is uninjured but he does compliment Maschenny saying, "Since you managed to reach me this far, I'd say you're doing very well" before finishing her off with Lecalicus attack. Despite Maschenny being able to survive this attack, the strain from the Lightning Pill proves to be too much and it kills her body. In the last scene of this fight, we are shown that Data Maschenny died with a smile on her face.

Powers and Abilities

292 data maschenny charge1.png

As someone who is capable to reach the Hidden Floor as a regular and has gotten Khun Eduan's approval while being one of his direct daughters, Data Maschenny is very strong. She was seen able to destroy the "Rain of Stones" of Stone General into pieces like it was nothing, with just the single slash attack of her white sword,[6] something that even Lighthouse cannot block or Data Yu Han Sung who was always helpless and try to avoid it because he once died because of the attack.

And because of her fearless personality, plus her big ambition and desire, Data Maschenny also have a very strong mentality, morale, and confidence in a fight. She easily defeated Champion Villain: Monster Lord Needles and Stone General with a single attack.[4] She even dared to challenge big breeder Jeok, one of the rulers in the Hidden Floor, and completely destroyed him, also with single attack.[4] She also was able to break free from Data Zahard's mysterious pressure, pulling herself back to her senses and resist the Zahard's blood in her body, which forced her to obey as a princess and preventing her to harm the data of Zahard. Androssi Zahard actually was alo affected by the same pressure, but she cannot resist it like data Maschenny, indicating that even as a regular, data Maschenny has incredible power and was on whole different level.

Her power can also be seen in cracking Data Zahard's face mask using her Great Spear of Dawn.


As data humans, Maschenny has shown combat skills like:

  • Maschenny Style Deadly Spear Technique: Lightning Spear: Data Maschenny charge up her white lance with powerful thunder and strike up the lance to the front in a straight horizontal position to stab Data Zahard. Data Zahard caught her lance with one hand, leading to Data Maschenny taking a long jump back to avoid the after match effect of her technique that resulted in a more powerful thunder blast and explosion.
  • Redan: A lightning pill that boost it's user's power and strength.
  • Maschenny Style Spear Technique: Transcendental Skill: Great Spear of Dawn: A technique used by the data of young Maschenny. After using Redan, Maschenny attacked the data of young Zahard with this technique. Despite only manages to crack his mask, it can be assumed to be one of her most powerful techniques as she mentioned "putting everything on the line" moments before.[5]


  • White Needle: Maschenny used a white needle when she was still young as a regular.


  • (To Data Asensio) "What took you so long, Asensio? Our father left the palace because he got sick of waiting!!"[1]
  • (To Data Asensio) "Don't talk about the outside me, Asensio."[1]
  • "What's this? You still haven't finished him off? Don't be so weak!"[4]
  • (To herself) "Man, wasted so much time on a nobody like him."[4]
  • (To Data Asensio)"We will stick to our first plan. In order to achieve our goal, be ready to put your life on the line."[2]
  • (To Data Zahard) "May I be so bold to introduce myself in before the data of the young king? I have inherited just a bit of the king's power on the outside. I am Zahard's Princesses, Maschenny Zahard."[2]
  • (Encouraging Sachi, Boro, Hockney and Data Asensio) "Don't let this fluster you!! That person in front of us is the greatest adventurer in this tower!!"[2]
  • (To Data Zahard) "I thought of the moment when I was given power by the king on the outside. What could this endless power be? I wish that I could use my spear with you, even just once. But due to circumstances on the outside, I'm destined never to fight you, sir."[5]
  • (To Data Zahard) "Do you intend to deceive me when I'm putting my life on the line to fight you?"[7]

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