This article contain profile of Khun Maschenny, biological Mother of Khun Maschenny Zahard and Khun Ran.[1] Princess Maschenny Zahard used her mother's name.

Khun Maschenny (쿤 마스체니, Kun Mahseuchehni) is one of Khun Eduan's many wives. She is the biological Mother of Khun Maschenny Zahard and Khun Ran.[1] Not much information is known about her.



Appearance and Personality


Power and Abilities

Not much known about her profiles, but she is very likely strong since her daughter Khun Maschenny Zahard and her son Khun Ran use the same technique.

Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear Technique (마스체니식: 전창술, Mahseuchehni-sig: Jeonchangsul): A technique invented by Maschenny herself. SIU stated in his blog that this technique can only be used by Maschenny's children. There are Spells that can copy it similarly, but it was not perfect.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU has stated that Khun Maschenny Zahard and Khun Ran are children of Khun Maschenny (one of Khun Eduan's many wives). Because of the same name, he think it is causing confusion to some.[3]
  • Princess Maschenny used her mother's name for a reason that are yet to be revealed.



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