Khun Maria Zahard (쿤 마리아 자하드, Kun Malia Jahad) is a girl from the Khun Family who was said to have been selected to become a Princess of Zahard.[1]


Maria is one of the many children who belong to the Khun Family. Khun Aguero Agnis describes her as a kind, polite woman who knows how to care for others. She is older than him.[2]

Khun Aguero Agnis explained that he achieved having her becoming a Princess of Zahard instead of his full biological sister.[2] Eventually, this led to the downfall of Aguero's close relatives and his being discarded from the Khun Family.[1] There were rumours dealing with the true nature of Aguero Agnis and Maria's relationship.[1]

Alternate Translations

  • Khun Maria Jahad (LINE)

Notes and Trivia

  • It is assumed she is a Regular as it fits the timeline better than her being a Ranker. Besides, Lo Po Bia Shilial Zahard evokes rejoining her which ought to be quite difficult if the alternative were true.[3]
  • Although Maria has yet to make an official debut at the story, she made a brief appearance in one of the author's blog posts.[4] SIU announced on his Twitter account that Aguero and Maria were getting ready for a party at that time.[5]


  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "I think that struggling to survive is really beautiful. It's only when people became obsessed with life, they can really find themselves. It is beautiful?"[6]


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