Koon Marco Asensio (쿤 마르코 아센시오, Kun Maleuko Asensio) is a member of the Khun Family. He is one of the direct sons of Khun Eduan[2], who he serves as data version on the Hidden Floor.


At some point, after clearing the Hell Train, he arrived on the Hidden Floor and left data of himself in it.  He seems to hold some position of power in the Khun Family as Khun Aguero Agnis recognised him as the Spear Master. As a generated sworn enemy of Aguero Agnis, Khun Kiseia later confirms this by saying that he became a High Ranker outside of the Hidden Floor and formed his own faction within the family.[3] 

Appearance and Personality

While his current appearance may be a little bit inaccurate due to seeing him as a data of himself on the Hidden Floor and not his current self, we can still get a pretty good idea of how he looks like in the present. As a member of the Khun Family, Asensio possesses the normal traits of the family : he has blue hair, blue eyes, and a pale skin. His hair is short and seems to be darker than the usual norm, having a sapphire color instead of a lighter blue. He has two earrings, one on each ear, in the form of blue rings. He has a tattoo on the bottom of his right cheek and continuing on his neck, the tattoo consists of 5 diagonal blue squares. Asensio also seems like bubble gum a lot.

Not much is known about his personality besides that on the Hidden Floor he is loyal to his family and that he thinks and says he is far inferior than one of his sisters, Maschenny.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Khun Edahn

Team B goes to the hidden stage Sweet Castle. Batis uses the ice cream cone to communicate with data Khun Eduan, saying that "that person" is here so Eduan could join the fight against Big Breeder and data Zahard. After Eduan listens to the message, he orders Asensio to bring them to the stage he is on. He then appears next to Batis using a mirror. Batis explains that "that person" is not among Team B and is on another stage in order to deceive Big Breeder. Asensio then comments that all they need to do is finishing the quest in order to see "that person". He tells Boro to pick the hardest quest and promises to finish the quest for Team B. Asensio easily defeats the villain and completes the grand quest. He reveals that Khun Eduan doesn't like waiting and hates nuisances, and that only three of the Khun Family whom Khun Eduan likes are with him. According to whom, Eduan is a very self-centered person and most of his children don't like him. Nearly all of the people who comes to the Hidden Floor and meets Khun Eduan don't leave. Within two days, Asensio leads Team B to the Palace of Spears only to find out that Khun Eduan already left because he was impatient of waiting. Team B meets data Khun Maschenny.

Jahad's Data


Powers and Abilities

As someone who has reached the Hidden Floor and has gotten Khun Eduan's approval while being one of his direct sons, Asensio is very strong. As a data of himself on the Hidden Floor, he manages to clear the entire grand quest on his own without Team B's help in just two days. On top of that, Khun Kiseia (as a generated sworn enemy of Aguero Agnis) says that he became a High Ranker on the outside of the Hidden Floor and that he formed a faction of his own within the Khun Family. The images of the skills presented below are from the data of Asensio, meaning that these skills are probably much more developed as of now.

Special Skill: Molino de Viento (특수기 몰리노 데 비엔토)

Spear Skill: Air Slash (창술 허공 가르기)

Asensio Flying Fish Spear Skill: Aqua Slash (아센시오 식 비어창술 수면 가르기)

Notes and Trivia

  • Most likely named after the Spanish pro footballer, Marco Asensio.
  • His sobriquet is named after his fish lance. He is famous for using for spear like a flying fish. It is a way of attacking the target by flying away from the edges of both ends.[1]


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