Khun Kiseia (쿤 키세아, Kun Kisea) is a younger cousin of Khun Aguero Agnis.[1] She was generated on the Hidden Floor as sworn enemy for Aguero.


Kiseia is a daughter of younger sister of Aguero's mother. She grew up with Khun and his older sister, ever since her mother died in a fight between the families.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Kiseia looked up to Aguero's older sister and was helping her to become a Jahad's Princess. After Aguero's betrayal his sister lost competition and committed suicide. Since that Kiseia resented Aguero.[1]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Khun Edhan


Powers and Abilities

  • Kiseia's knife
  • Her Observer "Baby Growler"

Kiseia always has remarkable swordmanship. The trajectory of her dagger resembles lightning and is therefore hard to block. She killed a lot her older cousin's rivals in competition for Jahad's Princess.[1]

Kiseia uses an observer called Baby Growler, which she got from her mother. The growler has the ability to neutralize Khun's Lighthouse.[2]

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