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Khun Hynd Luch (쿤 하인드 루치, Kun Haindeu Luchi) is a High Ranker from the Khun Family. His position is Spear Bearer.[2] He is currently the Commander of the 4th Division of 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army under Po Bidau Lyborick Khun chain of command.[1]

Appearance and Personality

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Khun Luch is a tall man with long light blue hair and blue eyes, with pale skin. He also has slightly pointed ears. In the flashback when he was still with FUG and Hidden Grove, he wears a long sleeves blue shirt with black abstract motif and dark grey pants.

After joining the army, he wears a black uniform, black sandals and a blue necklace.

He seems to be a womanizer since he approached Unnamed Commander 1 despite knowing there is a rule in the army that prohibited a male to approach a female companion.

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Unlike any other Hidden Grove members, Khun Luch is from the Khun Family, one of the 10 Great Families which is an ally of the Zahard Empire and Zahard himself during the Age of Genesis, but somehow, he joined FUG and was assigned a member of the Hidden Grove team along with Cha, Dowon, Taro York, Toro and three other unnamed members. During the long war of the Age of Genesis, the Hidden Grove team quickly gained popularity as one of the best teams that emerged during the war after they successfully killed the direct descendants of the previous generation of the 10 Great Families.[2] It was revealed later, that the reason for his action to join FUG, was simply a rebellious act for fun and adventures, playing bad guys for thrilling adrenaline. He knew that no matter how much they try, they could never change the Tower, so he was prepared to exit or withdraw if things got too dangerous. But nevertheless, he enjoyed his journeys and grow to love his friends in the Hidden Grove. Luch never really intended to betrayed Zahard and his empire.

</gallery> However, after Cha and Dowon were sealed away, the rest of the Hidden Grove members was enraged and decided to take revenge by joining forces with Team Khel Hellam and planned to ambush King Zahard directly while he was asleep. Luch secretly opposed that dangerous plan, thinking that they could never hope to beat Zahard. But in the end, he really can't stop his friends who were consumed and blinded by rage. In his desperate attempts to save all his friends in the Hidden Grove team from their inevitable death, Luch contacted his Khun's Family relative, Po Bidau Lyborick Khun after he found out that Lyborick is an elite member in Zahard's Army and told him everything about FUG's plan to assassinate Zahard in exchange to spare the lives of his friends from the Hidden Grove. When the day to assault Zahard finally arrived, Luch followed Lyborick's instruction and guided his friends from the Hidden Grove to take a different route from Khel Hellam's team. Luch initially thought his friends will be captured temporarily. But to Luch's surprise, Lyborick was waiting for them personally with a giant spear.[3] Although Lyborick ensured their survival, he refused to release the Hidden Grove members and kept them, hostages, for a very long time. Lyborick then uses the hostages to threaten Luch and make him do many dirty jobs.[4]

Tower of God: Part 3

The Wall with a Sleeping Forget-Me-Not

Three Months before Dowon was sealed, Khun Luch, together with Taro & York was being chased by the Ancient Odd-Eyed Giant Cobra, one of the 23 special beasts of Lo Po Bia Family which was controlled by the 8th son of the Lo Po Bia Family Head. Dowon managed to slow down the giant cobra with her Flower Garden skill before Cha finally came to their aid along with Toro and one other member.

The rest of Hidden Grove members join Khel Hellam to fight Zahard

The 8th son then revealed his real intention in front of all members of the Hidden Grove team that were present at the time, stated that he was sent to deliver a special message to Dowon that she had to surrender to be sealed at the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence. After hearing the message, all of them decided to end the fight with the snake and returns to their team's warship.[5] With both leaders (Cha and Dowon) was sealed, the Hidden Grove team was disbanded. The rest of the Hidden Grove team members then joined the Khel Hellam's special attack team which aim to fight Zahard directly on the battlefield. Khel was so confident to attack Zahard because he believes they can win the fight after Khel received the power to see fate. Zahard who also has the ability to see fate already knew everything about Khel's plan. Zahard then intentionally let Khel's attack team to easily push through into the battlefield and meet him directly. In the end, all of them were defeated, and all members, except Khel Hellam, was captured or killed.[6]

The Nest

Kallavan and Dowon boarded a small Floating Ship and head straight into The Nest. Khun Hynd Luch was seen to observe their arrival inside the floating ship of 4th Division. Turns out, he's still alive and now choose to side with Zahard's Army.[1] He is the traitor inside the Hidden Grove team that Soo-oh previously mentioned.[6]

Later, an Unnamed Commander 1 was seen to briefing Khun Luch about the order to stay alert and the current situation and preparation of the Zahard's Army within The Nest. Luch then stands up from his seat, walk towards the commander and then asked her if she wants to be his guide to help him explain the inner map of his warship because he was newly assigned to the current 4th Army Corp under the command of Po Bidau Lyborick Khun.[7]

Powers and Abilities

He has what appears to be a bow in his right hand and given that he is a Spear Bearer it can be assumed that he shoots spears with the bow.[2] However, nothing conclusive has been shown. Currently, he was shown to hold an important role as Division Commander in Zahard's Army.


Notes and Trivia

  • Hynd could be named after footballer Gabriel Heinze


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