Khun Hachuling, or simply just Hachuling (하츨링, Hahcheulling, Hachling, "Hachuling"), is a Ranker, a defected member of the Khun Family and one of numerous children related to Khun Eduan. He is also a member of Wolhaiksong and is sometimes referred to as Blueberry.


Hachuling claims that since joining Wolhaiksong, he has separated himself from his birth family.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Similar to other members of the Khun Family, he appears to have pale skin, pale blue hair and blue eyes.

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Tower of God: Part 1

Crown Game

Hachuling and some other members of Wolhaiksong travelled with Yuri Zahard to get to the Floor of Test. He was first seen playing on what looked to be a portable games console while Yuri waited to confirm which was the quickest route to get the the Floor of Test.


On their way to the Floor of Test, their group set up camp on the corpse of an enormous Shinheuh with Hachuling playing on his games console still.

Last Examination

During the Submerged Fish Hunt Test, Hachuling broke into and then hacked Khun's Lighthouses to find his friends who were scattered throughout the Second Floor. After finding them and realising Yuri was getting ready to take someone on, he complained he wanted to have some fun too but Evan Edrok irritatedly told him to calm down. When all the action ceased and Hachuling readied to leave, Khun asked if they were brothers and the former answered in a roundabout way causing Khun to claim he would one day rule the Tower with the name "Khun" on his back. Hachuling then told him he'd look forward to it but first he had to rule his own Lighthouse. After leaving the Lighthouse, Hachuling commented to himself that Khun was cute.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

The Suspicious Arcade


A wild Hachuling appears

In Part II, he first showed up as an owner of an arcade located on the 77th Floor. After betting Quant out of all his money through games, Lero-Ro challenged him after finding out his identity. However he was interrupted by a call from Yuje. He decided to hire Lero-Ro and Quant as 'interns' to conduct some work he was initially assigned by Yuje during the call under the premise that he'd take them to Wolhaiksong should they succeed.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


Lero-Ro mentioned having a teammate onboard Archimedes who was skilled in hacking and planned to hack into the well at the participant waiting area and summon Khun, Viole and Leesoo's teammates to their suspendiship. This skilled hacker, of course, turned out to be Hachuling who previously received a mission from Yuje to watch over the new Slayer candidate. He also hacked into the cameras in Archimedes and the arena, putting the shameful deeds of FUG on broadcast that was prevented because of Po Bidau Gustang's intervention.


Hachuling, Lero-Ro, and Quant had a discussion regarding the aftermath of the Workshop Battle, realising that everything may have gone according to the plans of someone higher up as the broadcast failed to go through. Hachuling then suspected the possibility of it being for the sake of keeping the Slayer candidate safe. He then claimed to have been to the Hidden Floor in the past when Quant brings up the Hell Express.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Hacking: He is great at hacking. During the Workshop Battle he was able to hack the Archimedes and, on the Floor of Test, he was seen hacking into Khun's Lighthouse with some kind of gaming console. Take note that hacking into a Lighthouse is unlikely a Scout ability, but the ability of someone very good with technology.

Notes and Trivia

  • Although fans originally speculated that he was a Light Bearer seeing how he hacked into Khun's Lighthouse, SIU has stated that he is actually a Scout, and it can be assumed the hacking is simply a skill he utilises against enemy Light Bearers.[3]
  • It is debated whether he is a Ranker or a High Ranker. Although it is not explicitly stated, one could be lenient to the concept of High Rankership since he is a member of Wolhaiksong, although it is more likely he is just a normal Ranker.


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