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The Khun Family (쿤 가문, Kun Gamun) is one of the 10 Great Families. The head of the Khun Family, Khun Eduan, is said to have the most "wives" (married partners) of the 10 Great Families, so the family itself is very large.[1]


Because of the large number of wives and children Eduan has fathered, there is a lot of veiled competition among the children of the family; too much competition has created the 'official' fights.[1] It is held once a year, with the following rule: 'When the children of Khun reach the age of 10, they are to fight each other. The winners are recognised as the true children and are allowed to wear the crest of the family, but the losers become the 'abandoned' and do not get the crest'.[1] Although the fights are inhumane and bloody, Eduan himself says he's "not very interested".[1]

Additionally, there is likely a lot of competition among Eduan's wives as they seek to gain favour with and power from their husband. It was mentioned that "the powers have shifted" and Khun Aguero Agnis' mother said she had "lost the fight" (for power).[2] The "house head" that was mentioned to be the person who was responsible for "casting aside" Khun Aguero Agnis[2] is likely a person who holds a high position within the Family and could even be the wife of the main branch.

Those from the Khun Family tend to be clever, but quite cold-hearted schemers. They also tend to be quite confident and proud people. Due to Eduan's bloodline, many members are inherently strong. They all seem to be trained with Shinsoo and physical combat before entering the Tower as Regulars.

Known Members




Alternate Translations

  • Koon Family

Notes and Trivia

  • Considering several family members were shown to use and create original lightning techniques, it is likely that Khun Family members have an aptitude for or are skilled with Jeonsul
  • Among men of the Khun Family, earrings and piercings are fashionable.[3]
  • SIU stated that all members of Khun Family share light blue hair as a reference to the flag of Argentina. He also set the names of techniques in Spanish as well for this same reason. 
  • According to SIU the family trait of the Khun Family is, that they are douchebags.[4]
  • The Khun Family and Ha Family don't have a good relationship.[5]
  • SIU has stated that both Ran and Maschenny Zahard are children of Khun Maschenny (one of Khun Eduan's many wives). Because of the same name, he think it is causing confusion to some.[6]


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