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This article contain profile of Khun Eduan as Regular in the form of artificial Data Humans inside the Hidden Floor. If you're looking for his status as a High Ranker and Head of the Khun Family, see Khun Eduan.

Data Eduan is an artificial character, a young version of High-Ranker Khun Eduan, the Family Head of The Khun Family, back when he was still a Regular. It was created after the real Zahard store his image in the mirror using the Mirror of the Past and asked his 12 companions, one of them is Khun Eduan, to do the same.


Khun Eduan was the only one of Zahard's companions that did not agree to move over to the Hidden Hidden Floor and get deleted. Over the years he collected the data of his most promising children as his underlings, completely ignoring children he did not think would be useful.

Appearance and Personality

Data Eduan, being the head of the Khun Family, is the one and only source of the typical traits that the family has, such as having blue hair and eyes and having pale skin. He has long hair and his eyes sometimes vary in color while still being in a blue shade, at intervals they can have a light-blue color and at other times they can a purplish color.

Eduan is known for his magnanimous personality and taking delight in fighting.[1] He is also extremely proud and self-confident but is also honorable. He appears to be somewhat apathetic towards his children, as he shows little interest in their contest and is despised yet also feared by one of his sons Khun Aguero Agnis.

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Powers and Abilities

Data Eduan shows a very expert combat and fighting skill. He has a very strong body, high endurance, high stamina, fast speed, very agile and flexible in mobility and movement. He mainly focused in long range, but he can also fight well in close range as seen when he confront Data Zahard.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Known for many as specifically being a Spear Bearer which often fight from long range, Eduan is apparently also a master of hand-to-hand combatant. As seen when he fought Data Zahard, exchanging punches with him very well in close range fight.

​​Shinsu Quality

Data Eduan claimed that even among Zahard's companions, his Shinsu qualities are exceptional. By the time the data version of himself was created, he already has three qualities; electricity, ice, and an unknown shinshoo quality.[2] The shape of his Shinsu is a spear, befitting his title as God of Spear.[3]

  • Electricity or Lightning: Young Data Eduan already mastered electricity or lightning as his Shinsu quality, which later become one of many special traits of Khun Family. He mastered it to the point of capable to create the shape of spear that varies in size from small to very long. It is said that to create a shape out of Shinsu is very challenging and very few people actually able to achieve it. In other words, Eduan, who can easily create the shape of spear out of shinshoo since young age can be said as talented genius someone who has achieved Shinsu mastery.
  • Ice: Data Eduan also said that he has ice as one of his qualities, which is indicated to also be a special trait of the Khun Family as Eduan easily recognized Agnis was his son when he revealed his quality was ice. He was never seen using ice but had at least mastered it enough that he was confident he could teach Agnis how to master it.
  • Unknown: Data Eduan didn't explained his third quality.

Giant's Lightning Spear: Edahn creates a large spear made out of lightning from his electric Shinsu.

Khun Edahn Style Javelin-Throw Skill - Spear Higher Than Tallest Mountain: Montana Azul: Data version of young Eduan used this technique in the Hidden Floor. Montana Azul is created by combining a lot of electric Shinsu accumulated in both hands.

Edahn Style Spear Skill: Dawn of Lightning: Data version of young Eduan used this technique by creating many bangs of electric Shinsu and send them to his target.

Alternative Translation

  • Khun Edahn (LINE Webtoons)
  • Khun Ed'an (FUG Translations)



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