Khun Eduan (쿤 에드안, Khun Edeuahn, Kun Edan) is a High Ranker, currently in the 6th ranking. He is the head of the Khun Family, one of the 10 Great Families, and also the father of numerous children from the Khun Family, such as Khun Aguero Agnis.


His sobriquet Marlin (청새치, cheongsaechi; literally "Blue swordfish", in English "marlin") was given due to his enormous spear called Mago, which if decompressed, it's said it could pierce half of the Tower.[1]

His other sobriquet is Blue Thunderclap (푸른 진격震擊, pureun jingyeok; literally "Blue Thunder/Quake Strike" or "Blue Lightning Strike") because of the property of the Shinsoo he controls; the Shinsoo he controls is very fast and has tremendous electrical power.[1] There were a lot of opinions that his sobriquet should be the Electric Eel because of this property, but Khun Eduan directly showed refusal, threatening he would "kill everyone who called him an eel".[1]

Appearance and Personality

While his current appearance may be a little bit inaccurate due to seeing him as a data of himself on the Hidden Floor and not his current self, we can still get a pretty good idea of how he looks like in the present. Eduan, being the head of the Khun Family, is the one and only source of the typical traits that the family has, such as having blue hair and eyes and having a pale skin. He has long hair and his eyes sometimes varies in color while still being in a blue shade, at intervals they can have a light-blue color and at other times they can a purplish color. Eduan is known for his magnanimous personality and taking delight in fighting.[1] He is also extremely proud and self-confident but is also honorable. He appears to be somewhat apathetic towards his children, as he shows little interest in their contest and is despised yet also feared by one of his sons Khun Aguero Agnis.

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Koon symbol

Symbol of the Khun Family

Khun Eduan is famous for his lewdness and he is the man with the most wives of the 10 Family Heads.[1] He has a lot of children, so there is a lot of veiled competition among his children in the family; too much competition has created the 'official' fights.[1] It is held once a year, with the following rule: 'When the children of Khun reach the age of 10, they are to fight each other. The winners are recognised as the true children and are allowed to wear the crest of the family, but the losers become the 'abandoned' and do not get the crest'.[1] Although the fights are inhumane and bloody, Eduan himself says he's "not very interested".[1]

Powers and Abilities

Before Enryu appeared, Eduan was considered the strongest Spear Bearer in history. The name of his spear is Mago and when it is ignited its compression rank increases to an abnormally high figure.[1] Also, the Shinsoo he controls is very fast and has tremendous electrical power.[1] It is said that when partnered with Hendo Lok Bloodmadder, they formed an invincible team. As the second highest-ranking Ranker out of the 10 Great Warriors, under only Arie Hon, and ranked the sixth highest out of the thousands of High Rankers in the Tower, Eduan's might is clearly immense.
Lightning sphere

Shinsoo Quality: Eduan claimed that even among Zahard's companions, his shinsoo qualities are exceptional. By the time the data version of himself was created, he has three qualities.[2] He can use electricity, ice, and an unknown shinsoo quality. The shape of his shinsoo is a spear, befitting his title as God of Spear.[3]

Giant's Lightning Spear: Edahn creates a large spear made out of lightning from his electric shinsoo.

Khun Edahn Style Javelin-Throw Skill - Spear Higher Than Tallest Mountain: Montana Azul: Data version of young Eduan used this technique in the Hidden Floor. Montana Azul is created by combining a lot of electric shinsoo accumulated in both hands.

Edahn Style Spear Skill: Dawn of Lightning: Data version of young Eduan used this technique by creating many bang of electric shinsoo and send them at his target.

Alternative Translation

  • Khun Edahn (LINE Webtoons)
  • Khun Ed'an (FUG Translations)

Notes and Trivia

  • One of his daughters, Khun Maschenny Zahard, is the owner of the Yellow May and is the only Princess in the family who has been awarded one of the 13 Month Series.[1]
  • Khun Eduan had prepared a special test with a shocking condition, which is 'Whoever fights him and wins is given everything from the family', but none of the Regulars have survived the test so far.[1]
  • He is remarked to wish to fight Urek Mazino, as he was the man who pushed him out of the Top 5 Rankers.
  • His Sobriquet can be translated into "Blue Advance".
  • He is famed as a collector of a multitude of the highest ranking items in the Tower, as he values his collections very highly. This is evidenced by the shock the administrators have on the Floor of Test after Yu Han Sung explains Khun Aguero Agnis had plundered his father's "treasure house" before coming to the Tower, taking such amazing items as Manbarondenna "the entertaining and amazing magical cloning bag" and a high-grade suspendium pulley. [4]
  • He is friendly with Arie Hon despite their families are rivals, but resents him a bit for being ranked higher.[5]
  • Rak Wraithraiser call the Data Khun Eduan left in Hidden Floor "Electro Turtle".
  • Zahard has noted that he and Eduan do not get along well when he expresses surprise that Eduan and his own data selves would work together, implying while apparently tolerating him, he does not like him.
  • The Gods who became an inspiration for Eduan is Dionysus. So, among the 10 Family Heads, he is the one in charge of dissipation, hedonism, womanizing, charming look + combat etc.[6]


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