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"I will not be ruled. I make my own rules. That is the mindset of a ruler."

—Khun Aguero Agnis, Vol.2 Chapter 5

Powers and Abilities

Khun relies heavily on his master intellect, however, this is not his only strong field.[16] He also has exceptional physical attributes and is a skilled Light Bearer. His powers in combat cannot be denied.

Khun's Part II combat abilities have been briefly displayed. It can be safely assumed that he is a dangerous adversary capable of almost instantaneous and lethal assaults. He should not be underestimated due to his role as Light Bearer either, as has stated himself that he chose to be a Light Bearer not because he was too weak for an offensive position, but just because he likes giving out orders.[17] It may even be assumed that he could be one of the strongest Regulars in the E-rank, as it was implied he was the one who wounded Chang Blarode's eye, who is one of the Top 5 E-rank Regulars, as they talked about how Chang can't beat him in a real fight.[18] He has also proven himself a capable leader, racking up a considerable reputation, a lot of money and composing a team of only the most elite Regulars by himself.


Khun running past all the groups to the crown

Physical Attributes: Khun is a trained fighter, so he can show some good combat fighting skills. Moreover, he also has a normal trait as a child of one of the 10 Great Families, which is a very strong body.

Thanks to those, he's been gifted with incredible strength, as shown by the fact that he "seemingly casually" walked through the first few tests until the Crown Game while carrying the weight of more than three people with one hand.[19] This is further shown as he blocks a direct hit from a compression weapon when the next blow would instantly knock out Aleksai Amigochaz.[20] His natural speed is also impressive, outmatching all the others' abilities or plans during the Crown Game.[21] That and the fact his speed while "restrained" by his bag matched the one of a normal Regular.[19]

Khun also never hesitate to hurt and kill his enemies if necessary. When he doing this, he will show almost no emotion like a silent killer. As seen when he suddenly pointed a gun on Wangnan's forehead with no expression, although Khun did this to only purposely scare Wangnan so that he will scream to lure the enemy team to fall into Khun's trap, Wangnan got really shocked, indicating that Khun successfully showed a murderous intent and affecting Wangnan's mentality.

Perceptive and Expert Strategist: Khun is a natural genius. He is even smarter than some Rankers and fools them quite easily. He is the mastermind of all sorts of tricks. He can often see through other people's strategies and make the best plan to exploit the enemies' weakness. In the Hide-and-Seek Test for Team A, Khun deliberately used Quant's irritable nature and hasty judgement against him. Even more brilliantly, Khun secretly helped Quant to defeat his own team in order to ensure the maximum number of Khun's "real friends" passed the test.[22] Following this same plan, he furthermore tricked Quant into protecting Rachel as well.[23] In Part II he managed to outwit Ha Jinsung, using the High Ranker's vast power difference against him, by making the man underestimate them.[24] He can even manage to make coins flip in the way that he wants the coin to be flipped over.

Spear Expert: As someone who was born with the blood from the Khun Family, Khun is also a naturally born Spear Bearer. However, he chose to be a Light Bearer instead, because he likes giving orders.[17] Khun finally showcased his spear throwing capabilities (that he hadn't used or practised in ages) by killing the big Crystal Shards of the Hell Train's 42nd Floor stage test with grey spears (of yet undisclosed properties). Having trained Aguero with Lighthouses for several weeks, Evan Edrok commented that Khun couldn't hide his heritage and, with his technique, Khun could switch his position to Spear Bearer.[25]

Lighthouse Skills

Since Part 1, Khun has shown his expertise and capabilities as a good Light Bearer by successfully obtaining the title as Best Seed, along with Rachel in Position Test. Khun can currently control at least 6 Lighthouses.

Lighthouse Flow Control

  • Quadruple Blockage: Khun can use 4 Lighthouses to block and stop the movements of his opponent. Although it doesn't work on Reflejo because his power was increased.[26]

During his fight with Ha Yura, Khun used 3 Lighthouses to break Rachel's Lighthouse which Yura used to stand in order to make Yura fall.[27]

Lighthouse Teleportation

Khun can create a field with his Lighthouses through which he can teleport people and objects. He used this first time against Reflejo[28][29] and later on to escape from Ha Jinsung.[24] He use it again to escape from Khun Kiseia.[30]

Lighthouse Barrier

  • Quadruple Barrier: Khun can use 4 Lighthouses to create a barrier strong enough to endure attacks from a self-proclaimed B-rank enemy.[29]

Enna Core

With the help of Evan Edrok, Khun learns a rare skill in the light bearer world.


Lighthouse keyboard1.jpg

  • Hacking Skills: As well as being able to manipulate Lighthouses and search for information, he is also adept at hacking into systems and tracking down those who hacked him.[32] This training was inspired by the way Hachuling (Khun calls him a blue pervert) easily manipulated his Lighthouse control on the Floor of Test.[33]

Shinsu Skills

Khun wasn't a good shinsu user, he was lacking in offensive shinsu skills and only capable to create a single Baang during his training with Data Yu Han Sung in the Hidden Floor. Khun commented that he has been practising to use offensive shinsu during his climb, but it's still not good for much, except in Body Reinforcement. Data Hansung even mocked Khun for being incompetent for someone who came from 10 Great Families. Data Hansung then asked Khun to really start accepting his identity as a son of the Khun Family, something he's been denying all this time; by listening to Hansung, he would be able to control the shinsu much easier. At first, Khun still refused to accept himself,[34] but after being cornered by Data Viole, Khun finally started to accept himself and started to infuse his Ice shinsu to a special spear, because Khun still wasn't able to form an Ice Spear made entirely out of shinsu.[35]

Shinsu Quality

Ice Spear

When Baam was about to undergo training to find the shape of his shinsu with Data Eduan in the Hidden Floor, Baam asked Data Eduan if his friends (Khun and Rak) can also participate in the training. At first, Khun refused to participate because he was disgusted by his father. However, after Baam persuaded him, he agreed to follow the training. Later, it was revealed that Khun's shinsu attributes and shape takes the form of an Ice Spear, which is said to be an extremely rare ability.[36]

In Part 3, Khun already have much greater control of his Ice shinsu compared to Part 2. Khun was able to infuse his Ice shinsu into his Lighthouses and also freeze the whole body of Michael, leaving only his neck and head.[37][38]

  • Rak and Khun Combination Skill: Five Seconds Freezing and Petrification: Khun was able to merge his Ice shinsu with Rak's Rocks shinsu to stop the movements of Mirror of the Past for 5 seconds.[39]
  • Ice Triangle: Khun was able to infuse his Ice shinsu into his Lighthouses to strengthen his Lighthouse Flow Control in order to stop the movement of the high speed flying object.[40]

Yeon Family Flame

Fire fish2.png

At some point during their journey in the hidden floor, Khun was tricked by Rachel who disguised herself using the virtual reality device of the big breeder Chung. Rachel created an avatar "Icarus" which looked nothing like her. Rachel, disguised as Icarus, then "helps" Khun by healing him after he got stabbed in the stomach by Khun Kiseia. However, it is also revealed that Rachel had apparently planted a bomb inside Khun's body during the processe. After finding out the truth, Khun quickly frosted his entire inner body with his own ice shinsu to prevent the bomb from detonating. After essentially freezing his own innards, Khun falls asleep into a coma.

Fire fish1.png

After the hidden floor got deleted, they get back into the train with Khun who was still in a sleep coma. Evan Edrok managed to keep Khun 'barely alive' inside the glass tube. According to Evan, Khun's technique of frosting his entire body is extremely dangerous. His body was in critical condition and if he didn't wake up soon, he would die. Evan said a similar case to Khun's situation has happened before and he said they had to find Yeon Woon, a ranker from the Yeon Family. This is because only the flame of the Yeon Family can melt Khun's ice and save him. After hearing that Khun was in a state of coma, Ship Leesoo said that Baam should let him and his team do this job of finding Ranker Woon Yeon while Baam focused on his training with Evankhell. In the end, Ship Leeso managed to wake Khun up after receiving the hammer of ranker Woon Yeon from the hands of Devy and hit Khun with it. This hammer was created by ranker Woon using his own family's special flame. After Khun woke up, he quickly rushed the tests to become a C-rank regular to catch up with Baam who had climbed higher than him. Before the test was over, Khun feels a strange sensation similar to  burning inside his body. Then something like a fire fish appears. 

Later in the story, Khun is finally reunited with Baam after years of separation at Madoraco's Ghost Ship. After Baam explained his plan to make an alliance with Baylord Yama to Khun, Deng-Deng and Khun quickly put the plan into action and check the whereabouts of the fang. Inside the fang room, Khun encountered the traitors Michael and Apple. Michael and Apple succeed in stealing the fang and Khun chases them. After the chase, Khun finally corners Michael, but Khun was then "killed" by High Ranker Baylord Paul. It turns out that Khun is not dead, but heavily wounded and in critical condition due to his injuries. Khun manages to survive because of the Yeon Family's flame that he got from when he was awoken from his coma. This "flame" took the shape of a flaming fish. The flame can heal all serious and critical injuries as long as the user is alive. If the user/person has already died, the flame cannot heal them. This fire fish can also be used to increase one's power. At first, Khun intended to use the fire fish to heal Berdych who was about to die, but it turns out that fire fish can also increase the power of canine partial transformation by one level.



The Manbarondenna is a weapon-like suitcase used by Khun Aguero Agnis during Part I. It possesses numerous of functions, including:

  • Toughness: Like a shield, Manbarondenna can resist knife blows, bullets and more. Nothing has yet been seen to damage it. Khun can also swing his briefcase like a bat to smash his opponents across the room.
  • Pocket Dimension: The briefcase can hold large amounts of objects inside it easily. It can suck up enemies and hide allies. However, it doesn't reduce the weight of what's inside.[19]
  • Cloning: The bag can clone most non-living objects placed inside through shinsu with the exception of certain materials. Using his bag, Khun has copied many objects such as his knives and the Crown from the Crown Game (most material on the 2nd Floor cannot be copied).

However, he traded Manbarondenna away to Sunwoo Nare after the final test on the Second Floor.


Khun is quite an expert in using sharp weapons, most notably "knives", although his knife combat skill is still far below his cousin, Khun Kiseia who is on another level. In Part I, he typically stored his knives within his Manbarondenna when not in use.[41] He has also used a longer version of the knife, which is essentially a sword.[42]

Suspendium Pulley

On the Second Floor, during the Hide-and-Seek game, Khun was in possession of a high-grade Pulley, which is an item stolen from Khun Eduan's treasure stash.

Armor Inventory

It was "given" to him by his father and is extremely tough, being able to withstand most basic attacks by E-rank Regulars. It is likely to be stronger since the assassin he encountered was amazed that an E-rank Regular could come by such a thing.[17] There is also a levitating shield attached which can most likely be manipulated remotely.

White Heavenly Mirror

As a reward for shooting the most people with the Light Bullet in the One Shot, One Opportunity game, Khun obtained one of three promised prizes, a rare knife called the "White Heavenly Mirror". It has the appearance of a small scalpel with a blue liquid-looking blade. It has three magical properties. One of them consists of stabbing the target in the heart, subsequently sealing the target into its mirror-like blade.[43] He refuses to use the White Heavenly Mirror's other abilities as he deems them as "dangerous".[44]


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