Khun Agnis (쿤 아그니스, Khun Ageunis;) is the biological Mother of Khun Aguero Agnis. Agnis is actually a family name[1], her first name is still unknown. She had a younger sister who was killed in a fight between families. Her younger sister is Khun Kiseia's mother. After her sister was killed, she adopted Kiseia to become Khun AA's foster sister.[2]



Appearance and Personality

Khun A.A. resembles his mother. She is a great beauty.[3]


Notes and Trivia

  • A fans asked SIU why AA's mother look ugly in the Part 1, then SIU responded that Khun Agnis is actually a great beauty and Khun Aguero Agnis resembles her. She looked ugly in the Part 1 because SIU drew her that way; but in reality, she is a wife of a House head, so of course she is not ugly haha.[3]
  • Kiseia's Mother is her biological sister. So Kiseia is her neice. After her sister died, Agnis adopted Kiseia to become KhunAA's foster sister.[2]


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