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Khun's Strategy is the eight episode of Season 1 of the Tower of God anime.

Official Synopsis

Team A is awed by the overwhelming power of the Ranker. As the Regulars are attacked one after another in the dark, will Anaak make it to the exit? What is Khun's next plan? [1]

Detailed Summary

Adapted from crunchyroll recap

Quant is quite the tough cookie. ENACT PLAN B AND ESCAPE. Khun's team runs away and Quant gives them a head start. Khun's strategy: Lure the opposite team's "It" to the exit for Khun and delay Quant for just long enough that Anaak — the true, secret "It" of Khun's team — can make it out of the exit on the bridge and pass the test. The Administrators begin to lose faith in Team A but Rak is confident his friend the Blue Turtle has more tricks up his sleeve. And, oh, does he.

When Quant catches up to Anaak on the bridge, he finds Khun already there. Khun lies and says Anaak has jumped from the bridge into the darkness below and challenges Quant to do the same. In reality, Anaak is safely floating on a copied Lighthouse beneath the bridge ... which Quant quickly pieces together due to the Shinsu emanating from the Lighthouse. Khun claims this to be untrue and Quant issues a challenge of his own, they both jump. Khun remains safe, using the help of Anaak's vine-like weapon and the little Lizard Girl is free to run toward the exit ... Except Khun and Lauroe betray Team A and give Quant a ride on the Lighthouse up to the bridge allowing him to steal Anaak's badge. Khun did all of this to guarantee his friends on Team B would pass after watching Team A's match, while simultaneously negotiating a secret deal so his real, personal friends on Team A would make it to the next round, too. It was never about actually passing the test as a whole. Not for Khun.

As Team B enters the arena, arguments break out over who will be the "It." Not that it matters. Endorsi decides all on her own that it will be her. As we wait for the fights to start we learn more about Serena's backstory. She had been a criminal and rather ruthless in her pursuit of climbing the Tower. But after a Ranker murdered some of her cat burglar friends, things changed. Now she's not so certain she will be able to kill those that stand in her way to the top. Not after becoming such close friends with so many Regulars. Serena asks Hoh if he might feel the same and ... he doesn't. Before the episode ends, Quant seems to catch up with Endorsi and her faithful teammates vow to take down the Ranker ... except Endorsi seems to turn on her team immediately. What is she up to?



Changes from Webtoon

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  • Rak and Akryung are seen engaging in a chocolate bar eating contest and napping while watching the test. They aren't present at all during the test in the webtoon.
  • Quant's attempt to boast about his strength, saying he's holding back not to kill any regulars and the subsequent mockery of it by Yu Han Sung and Lero-Ro is cut.

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