Khul Nissam Kay (쿨 니삼 케이, Kul Nisam Kei) is a High Ranker from Nissam Family. He is the Vice Commander of the first division of Kallavan's 4th army corp of Zahard's Army.[1]


Kay joined the Zahard's Army together with Jay and Weye. At some point, he had a marriage arranged with a daughter of Yeon Family.[2]

Appearance and Personality

He has fair skin, blue hair, blue eyes, and is seen wearing a white jacket with grey pants.

He appears to be very arrogant, saying that he could have taken down someone who called himself a Slayer from FUG. Kay is also reckless, looking for the strongest present enemy.[3]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Khul Nissam Kay arrived at the Last Station together with his first division and Elpathion, assistant commander in 4th army corp.


After greeting Princess Yuri with his superior Ari Bright Sharon, he was excited, hoping more FUG's members will show up. Meantime Kay was mocking Dorian Frog for poor performance. When one of the warships exploded and someone new appeared, Kay immediately jumped to battle them. He went straight for Evankhell, sensing she was the strongest out of the group of newcomers. His attack was stopped easily by Evankhell and his weapon shattered. When Kay was about to attack her again, he was sent flying with a flick of her fist.

Powers and Abilities

He is assumed to be very strong as he is an Assistant Commander and was excited to fight FUG.[3]

In terms of power, he is like a fly compared to Evankhell, with her commenting that Zahard's Army are valuing family background too much, which imply Kay's high rankings and status was obtained by his family's influence and less likely his strength.


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