Khel Hellam (켈 헬람, Kel Hellam) is an Ancient High Ranker, and one of the Elders of FUG.[1]


During Genesis, Khel Hellam devised a plan to attack Zahard directly with the remainder of the Hidden Grove team. Many opposed this plan, but he went ahead with it. Surprisingly, they did make it all the way to Zahard but it was a horrifying defeat. Most of them were either killed or imprisoned. It's unknown if Khel Hellam avoided capture or he escaped imprisonment.

Appearance and Personality

Khel Hellam is very pale and has grey hair. His eyes are white and also have purple marks around his eyes. He wears a helmet with purple horns. He carries a bow and arrows around him as a weapon.

Khel Hellam can be arrogant. Since he can see outcomes and fate, he believes that his plans will succeed in the end. This, however, has caused him to miss certain details such as Zahard letting him confront him directly[2] and Yasratcha using his mind control on the canine people[3].

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Tower of God: Part 3 - Heart

The Elder appeared with his red-haired companion before Evankhell and Yu Han Sung to stop them from proceeding anymore. He didn't want them to use FUG to fight against Zahard's Army.

Powers and Abilities

Although Khel Hellam is known as a Blue Hole meaning his true power and influence is difficult to measure, the FUG Elder is an extremely dangerous High Ranker. When in combat, Khel Hellam primarily uses a bow as a weapon which he shoots arrows of purple shinsoo out of. While utilising the power of an Ancient, he can simultaneously fight Evankhell and Baylord Yama while forcing the likes of Karaka and Baylord Paul on the defensive with the former even admitting he had no chance to find an opportunity to attack. Even after witnessing Yama's Complete Transformation, Khel Hellam believes that using his full power may be able to defeat Yama but ultimately decided against it as he would be left too weak to bring back the Canine People to the Wall. Despite his immense combat capabilities, Khel Hellam's most unique abilities lie elsewhere such as being able to see certain outcomes of destiny and using his bow to send enemies to a completely different area of the Tower. 

Ancient Power: Khel Hellam posseses the power of an Ancient which takes the form of a giant bull. During the Battle of the Cage, Khel Hellam uses the Ancient to fire a Shinsoo blast resembling tree branches. These branches are very powerful as even Evankhell and Yama failed to repel them. However, Evankhell suggests that the Elder is simply a host for the Ancient thus incapacitating him would also eliminate the Ancient. 


Khel hellam 2
  • Bow: Khel Hellam's primary weapon which possesses numerous capabilities. On his first interaction with Evankhell, the Elder shoots two arrows that trap both the High Ranker and Yu Han Sung. These arrows are capable of even resisting Evankhell's normal flames which caused her having to use a special type of flame that can burn Shinsoo to get out of the trap. These arrows can also send people to a different part of the Tower, such as when he sent Yama to the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (albeit requiring assistance from Soo-oh ). When used offensively, these arrows can repel attacks from Yama in his Complete Transformation however Khel Hellam was eventually overwhelmed. 

Notes & Trivia

  • Although it seems like Khel Hellam is stronger than the combined efforts of Evankhell and Baylord Yama, according to SIU, the outcome of the fight between Khel Hellam and the two would be hard to determine had it continued. He further states that without any outside variables and considering only power, it cannot be said that Evankhell plus Yama in his Complete Transformation would be weaker than the Elder as Evankhell was too busy defending while Yama still had not fully transformed his right arm. Regardless, Khel Hellam has vast experiences to draw from such as being able to see fate. [4]  


  • (To Evankhell) "I know what path you're trying to take. But you can't. Because I'll lead you to a different path."[1]
  • (About FUG) "We're the darkness of the Tower. If there's a light that tries to lift that darkness, we reject it."[5]


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