"We are the darkness of the Tower. If there's a light that tries to lift that darkness, we reject it."[2]

Khel Hellam to Evankhell about FUG

Khel Hellam (켈 헬람, Kel Hellam) is a war veteran of FUG since the Age of Genesis,[3] along with his partner, Soo-oh, a Guide from the Red Witches race. He is a FUG Elder and a High Ranker in the Blue Hole term.[1]


Following the war history of FUG against the Zahard Empire during the Age of Genesis, Khel Hellam was still fairly young when Zahard declared himself as the King of the Tower. He's already an adult, but not an old man like he is now.

458 khel hellam attack team

After the Hidden Grove team was disbanded because both of their leaders (Cha and Dowon) were sealed, Khel Hellam at some point gained an ability to see fate or future. He then quickly devised a plan to attack Zahard directly with this new ability. He gathered FUG's most powerful fighters, including the remnants of the Hidden Grove team members like Khun Hynd Luch and Taro York to create a special attack team. Khel was so confident with his ability to see fate, and believe he could quickly turn the tides of the war. There are many people in FUG who opposed his plan, and yet, Khel Hellam refuse to listen and went ahead with his plan.

470 khel hellam zahard logo

However, it turns out that King Zahard also has an ability to see fate to even greater extent than Khel Hellam and the king already knew everything about Khel's plan and Zahard thus allowed Khel and his team to easily push through until they finally met him personally only to find that instead of the King of the Tower being asleep in a Floating Castle with no guards, they instead found Zahard at the end of the cliff ready to face them. Luch, who feared for the Hidden Grove's lives, betrayed Khel Hellam and led the Hidden Grove away to another route.[4] Khel was confused to see Zahard on the cliff, not even recognizing him despite claiming to have seen Zahard asleep, and dismissive when Zahard revealed himself to be the King only to be mocked by Zahard over his arrogance and hubris due to just being able to glimpse destiny slightly blinding him to the truth. At first, Khel was still confident he and his team could defeat the King of the Tower with help from the Hidden Grove only to learn they cannot be contacted as he could only fathom how he didn't see this in the fate he saw.[5] The battle ended in a horrifying defeat, with his team slaughtered and only Khel Hellam himself escaping,[3]

Appearance and Personality

Khel Hellam is very pale and has grey hair. His eyes are white and also have purple marks around his eyes. He wears a helmet with purple horns, grey tank top shirt and a black cloth robe which he tied around his waist. The black robe that he wore has similarity with the black slayer robe that Baam wore at the beginning of Part II. He carries a bow and arrows around him as a weapon.

Khel Hellam's ability to see outcomes and fate can make him arrogant, believing that his plans will succeed in the end, and likewise being very assured of his power, unfazed at facing both Evankhell and Baylord Yama at the same tim. He was even confident he and his team could take Zahard himself in a fight. As Zahard stated, Khel was so prideful in his ability to see fate that he believed he could predict everything and would be blinded to the truth should it deviate from the fate he foresaw even if he saw it first-hand, which is proven by his disbelief of seeing Zahard awake and in front of him and not sleeping in his room. [5]. Khel still hadn't fully learned his lesson and was once again easily manipulated by Zahard, having Yasratcha mind control the canine people, effectively turning his plan of using them to prevent a greater war against him[6]. Afterwards, Khel became despondent over the realization that he was useless as Zahard would control the fate he saw to neutralize any plan he attempted and refused to get involved anymore, but was willing to at least help Yama and the Canine People enter the first wall of the Nest.Around those he saw worthy, Khel does have a well-mannered and respectful demeanor, bowing as he introduced himself to the Slayer Karaka and finding Karaka's dismissal of his desire to make Doom a new slayer to replace Yama as stealing the title harsh. Likewise, he opted to injure Karaka and ask him to stop interfering, not wishing to lose 2 Slayers.

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Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - Heart

The Elder appeared with his Guide Soo-oh in front of the Floating Ship which was boarded by Evankhell and Yu Han Sung. The Elder blocked the flying route in order to stop and prevent Evankhell for heading to The Cage. He didn't want Evankhell to use FUG to fight against Zahard's Army.[1]

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Doom

When the Elder met Evankhell, he shot a single offensive arrow as a diversion. After the first arrow managed to pierce and break through Evankhell's flames, the Elder shot two more arrows, but this time, the arrows wasn't aimed to attack them but both of the arrows swirling around them and formed some traces of purple shinsoo paths which eventually become a prison like net that surround and trap Evankhell and Yu Han Sung together. When Evankhell touch a single shinsoo path, she was pulled into the tunnel and was dragged back to the same position where she left. After find out they cannot escape from the shinsoo path, Evankhell use her special flame from Rare Orb - Primeval Flame technique to get out of the trap. This is a special type of flame that can burn shinsoo. At first, Evankhell wanted to burn everything, but Yu Han Sung refuse the idea because it will take them a long way to arrive at The Cage. Yu Han Sung wanted to use the shinsoo path to follow where is the Elder went to. Also because it is a fastest way to reach The Cage in short time. Yu Han Sung then finds a way to find the right path and asked Evankhell to burn the remaining of the fake paths route.

Tower of God: Part 3 - The Wall with a Sleeping Forget-Me-Not

With Doom freed of his spell, Khel Hellam accepts he will not be able to forcibly bring the canine people under his control and asks cordially that instead they help him defend the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence as it will save Yama and also tells Baam that Kallavan is on the other side of the wall and offers to send him there if he agrees. Once everything is set, he teleports the Cage to the Wall and sends Baam and his friends to the other part. However, Khel Hellam quickly finds that the Squadron Commander attacking the Wall, Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, is able to control the canine people, completely turning the tides against them.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Dowon

As the canine people quickly attack each other, Khel Hellam senses that his ability to see fate has been completely clouded and like when he was defeated by Zahard, it was as if massive chains of fate has been wrapped around him.

Tower of God: Part 3 - The Nest

With the disasterous results of the battle, half of the canine people being slaughtered, Khel Hellam is seen suspended as he ponders his failure.

He is later seen with the freed Cha and confirms he will be against fighting Zahard's Army as with his ability to see fate surpassed one-step ahead by Zahard, they must focus on defense. Although regretful of the loss of someone as powerful as Ha Jinsung, he is set on not supporting Baam in freeing his master.

When Yama came to him for his assistance against Zahard's Army in the incoming intrusion of the Nest, Khel Hellam refused to help as though he willingly admits the loss of the previous battle was entirely his fault, his presence will only end up being manipulated by Zahard's army as Zahard controls the fate he sees. Yama furiously rejected his reasons, telling him that to let him live, he has to at least show his fighting spirit and show them the way in. Deciding to help just to allow the Cage to enter the Nest's first wall, he and Soo-Oh teleport the canine people inside.

Powers and Abilities

Although Khel Hellam is known as a Blue Hole meaning his true power and influence is difficult to measure, the FUG Elder is an extremely dangerous High Ranker.

When in combat, Khel Hellam primarily uses a bow as a weapon which he shoots arrows of purple shinsoo out of. While utilising the power of an Ancient, he can simultaneously fight Evankhell and Baylord Yama while forcing the likes of Karaka and Baylord Paul on the defensive with the former even admitting he had no chance to find an opportunity to attack. Even after witnessing Yama's Full Transformation, Khel Hellam believes that using his full power may be able to defeat Yama but ultimately decided against it as he would be left too weak to bring back the Canine People to the Wall. Despite his immense combat capabilities, Khel Hellam's most unique abilities lie elsewhere such as being able to see certain outcomes of destiny and using his bow to send enemies to a completely different area of the Tower. 

Ancient Power

He possessed the power of an Ancient which takes the form of a giant bull.[8] During the Battle of the Cage, Khel Hellam uses the Ancient to fire a Shinsoo blast resembling tree branches[9] which later he refers as "roots".[10] These roots are very powerful as even Evankhell and Yama failed to repel it. However, Evankhell suggests that the Elder is simply a host for the Ancient thus incapacitating him would also eliminate the Ancient.

The essence of the attack of this Ancient power is that it amplifies and transmits Khel Hellam's powers to wherever the roots touch. This is why Khel Hellam can utilize Soo-oh's Flow-Bending Blue Sapphire Fish special ability to perform long distance and massive scale teleportation.[10]

Shinsoo Paths

The Shinsoo Paths refers to the traces of purple shinsoo like roots or branches that was generated by Khel Hellam's arrow when he shoot it.

  • Forming shinsoo path
  • Khel Hellam and Soo-oh leaving the trapped Evankhell
  • Evankhell and Yu Hansung trapped in shinsoo path net
  • Khel Hellam trying to trap Yama
  • Travel Ability: The structure of this shinsoo paths are actually functioned like a tunnel, where people can travel quickly in it. Like a super fast train. It's literally become an actual "path". SIU describe it as same like a roller coaster ride experience.[11]
  • Trap: This shinsoo paths can be used to trap a person by forming many traces of paths which will swirling around the target over and over until it eventually become a big prison like net. The Elder used this to trap Evankhell and Yu Han Sung together. When Evankhell touch a single shinsoo path, she was pulled into the tunnel and was dragged back to the same position where she left. It's become a perfect trap where the target who was trapped cannot escape by any means.[1][12]
  • Khel Hellam teleported with Doom
  • Evankhell and Yu Han Sung arrive in the cage by following the shinsoo path
  • Prepare to teleport the cage
  • Teleporting the cage
  • Shinsoo Path tied at the wall of peaceful coexistence
  • Teleportation: These shinsoo paths, if touched, will either teleport the target to another location nearby,[13] or teleport the target back to their initial location (for trap purpose).[12] Khel Hellam can actually control in what direction he will send an object or a person that was being teleported, according to his wishes. In fact, the Elder can also decide whether he will bring those object and person with him or completely teleport them to a different location from him.[13] This is exactly the same like Soo-oh's Flow-Bending Blue Sapphire Fish Teleportation ability. The Elder used this when he teleported everyone (Yama, Paul, Karaka, Baam, Rak and Canzon) each to different and separate location while he teleported together along with Doom to search for The Fang.[13] The Elder can only perform a short teleportation in small scale for several people and small objects. In order to perform long and massive teleportation for many people and huge objects, he require assistance from Soo-oh's teleportation skill.


  • Soo-oh: As the two of them has been teaming up for quite a long time, it can be considered that Soo-oh is quite close with Khel as a work partner in war.
  • Kal Rahim: It is unknown to how close their relationship is, but for Khel Hellam to be willing to fight against Baylord Yama and the entire Canines species just to helped her, they can be considered somewhat close.


  • Aiming to attack Evankhell and Yu Han Sung
  • Aiming his bow at Baylord Yama
  • Preparing his bow and arrow
  • Bow: Khel Hellam is an expert in archery. He use bow as his primary weapon which possesses numerous capabilities.
  • Arrow: Khel Hellam will fill his arrows with his purple shinsoo. He first showed this skill against Evankhell, where the Elder shot a single arrow offensively to attack her. This single arrow are actually so powerful that it even capable to resist and break through Evankhell's Flower of Flames technique that produced many layers of normal flames. This surprised Yu Han Sung and Evankhell.[12] These arrows are even capable to block attacks from Yama in his Complete Transformation mode, however, Khel Hellam was eventually overwhelmed by Yama's power, although he still sure he can win. He can also use his arrows as a melee weapon to defend against close range attack by holding a single arrow in his hand and then jabs it to the front to stab and destroy the incoming attack. He can do it very quickly. He used his arrow as a melee weapon to block Baylord Paul's Green Beasts Swimming Through The River of Death shinsoo attack.[10]

Notes & Trivia

  • Although it seems like Khel Hellam is stronger than the combined efforts of Evankhell and Baylord Yama, according to SIU, the outcome of the fight between Khel Hellam and the two would be hard to determine had it continued. He further states that without any outside variables and considering only power, it cannot be said that Evankhell plus Yama in his Complete Transformation would be weaker than the Elder as Evankhell was too busy defending while Yama still had not fully transformed his right arm. Regardless, Khel Hellam has vast experiences to draw from such as being able to see fate. [14]
  • SIU has stated that despite Khel Hellam's power, he is "useless" against Zahard's Army due to Zahard's ability to see fate surpassing his. While he could have put the Fifth Corps at a disadvantage if he was able to do anything, Zahard had hit him with a balance patch, making him as useful as a corpse.
  • Although yet to be specified, in addition to his ill-fated attack on Zahard, Khel Hellam had also encountered the 10 Family Heads during Genesis, as he included the 10 Great Family Heads along with Zahard as the ones he deemed "masters of time and destiny itself".


  • (To Evankhell) "I know what path you're trying to take. But you can't. Because I'll lead you to a different path."[1]
  • (About FUG) "We're the darkness of the Tower. If there's a light that tries to lift that darkness, we reject it."[2]
  • (To Soo-oh about Baam) "But that boy has something worthy of comparison even with Zahard. Right now, it may only be faint twinkle of light.. But just because we gave up on fighting, it doesn't mean we can destroy someone who may be a ray of hope for others. But if I see any signs of that boy spreading the power of darkness, I'll finish him off myself."[15]
  • (To Yama) "This whole thing just made me realize again. Zahard is controlling the fate I see. Even if I went into battle with you, Zahard's Army would just use me against you. No matter how powerful I am, I would be useless. I strongly recommend you go on without me."[16]


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