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Khane (카네, Kane) is the younger sister of Dowon, a war hero who sealed herself within the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence. She is a Ranker.[1] She's the only one who remembers her sister and her sacrifice as the other people of her town had their memories of her erased. She is also the only one that knows how to unseal Dowon.[2]


Following the war history of FUG against the Zahard Empire, Khane and Dowon was still a child when Zahard declared himself as the King of the Tower. Their father is a Ranker and warrior of Dohwa. Their family could control Flower Shinsu for generations. One day, their father was ordered by the King of Dohwa to go into the battlefield to fight the Zahard forces. In the end, their father died in the battle. After their father's death, Khane and Dowon trained so hard to become Rankers to fill the empty spot their father left behind.[1]

After becoming a ranker, Khane and Dowon quickly become one of many outstanding Rankers from many countries who opposed Zahard to become king of the tower. In order to stand up against Zahard and 10 Great Families, these countries will send their outstanding rankers to receive special training under the masters at FUG. Khane and Dowon also were sent to receive training at FUG. They were trained under a master/teacher who knows the story of a great man and woman (possibly refers to V and Arlen Grace) and also the story of how FUG was created. Their master also knew about Arlene's prophecy.[2]

Before her sister was sealed away at the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, Khane spent her time with her sister in their house. Khane has convinced Dowon not to seal herself within the wall and stated that the people are just simply exhausted and tired of the war. In the end, Dowon said that she doesn't mind as long as it can bring peace. After Dowon was sealed at the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, Khane stayed to protect the people of Dohwa which later eventually become people of the wall.[2]

Tower of God: Part 3 - The Wall with a Sleeping Forget-Me-Not

She visits the chamber where her sister is visiting daily, but the day Kallavan infiltrated the wall she was denied access. She was later visited by Kallavan, with him trying to convince her to undo the seal, but she refuses. Kallavan further tries to influence her but to no avail. She is at a later point arrested by Teb and put on trial by Chairman Koer for collaborating with Kallavan, which breaks her resistance and she joins Kallavan in order to undo the seal on her sister.

Appearance and Personality

She has pale skin with long flowing pink hair and pink eyes.

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Powers and Abilities

She is confirmed to be a ranker[1], with the same type of flower Shinsu as her sister Dowon, as it is a trait of their family. Although she admits to not having fought for ages, Khane still proved to be powerful enough to effortlessly dispatch the guards in her way when she decided to free her sister, with even Kallavan admitting to being impressed by her ability to make it to him without a scratch and so quickly.[1]



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