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Kendrick Diel (켄드릭 디엘, Kendrick Diel) was the 4th Division Commander in the 5th Army Corp of Zahard's Army.[1] He was a High Ranker and his position was Light Bearer.[2]

Appearance and Personality

He had a light complexion and medium-long black hair tied in a ponytail. He wore a red and black hairpiece on his forehead, from which a thick strand of hair emerged.[1]


Kendrick Diel was born as a descendant of the Branch Family from one of the 10 Great Families. But because of the situation with his parents, Kendrick grew up with main family. Ever since he was little, Kendrick have always been closer to animals than to people. As an indirect descendant, Kendrick felt alienated by the people in the main family who looked down on him. But animals are so straightforward about their feelings that he could relate to them right away. Kendrick always have faith and trust that animals will never betrayed him.[3]

After Kendrick became a Regular and climbed the Tower, despite the pressure from other people, he choose to become an Anima. Rather than dominating animals and force them to obey his order, Kendrick chose to get closer to them by giving them love and affection. It took him a long time, but Kendrick believed it was the best method to become a true Anima. One day, he arrived at a certain village and heard that the people have trouble because of the wild Giant Rabbits that came down from the mountain. Because of their enourmous size and extraordinary fertility, the Giant Rabbits weren't easy to get rid of. Kendrick then went to check out the mountain behind the village and found the Giant Rabbit's den. After he saw there are countless Giant Rabbits inside, Kendrick believed that Zahard's Army would probably be called to kill it. Before the army was involved, Kendrick offered the villagers a solution to reduce the population of Giant Rabbits. After observing the Giant Rabbit's behavior with his Lighthouses, Kendrick found out that they came down to the village simply to search for food. So Kendrick decided to locked every single door in the village and baited them to the other side of the village where he put Giant Rabbit's favorite foods and coated it with a drug that reduced their fertility. At first, most of Giant Rabbits avoided Kendrick, but eventually they let their guard down and were subdued. After a lot of hard work, Kendrick succeed to stop them from reproducing. He then told the villagers that they should start to live peacefully with the Giant Rabbits. Kendrick taught the villagers how to tame the rabbits and all the rabbits became their pets. Over time, the number of Giant Rabbits in the mountain decreased and Kendrick stayed for a long time because people recognized him as expert on the rabbits.[3]

Suddenly, a lot of Giant Rabbit inside the village were found dead. The witnesses said that the Rabbits were killed by some unknown monster from the mountain. People were terrified by the appearance of this unidentified monster. Kendrick quickly rushed to the mountain to investigate and thought that even the most terrible monster could be tamed with genuine intentions. But after he saw that monster in front of his eyes, Kendrick's faith was shattered. The monster was as big as a castle with a flaming mane and two terrifying heads. He felt so helpless and frozen in fear, but the monster slipped away into the darkness and did not attack Kendrick. When he returned to the village, people saw that Kendrick could not solve this problem and quickly suggested to contact and bring the army. A few days later, someone named Yasratcha appeared. The man said he was familiar with the scary monster and know how to deal with it. He was confident that he could overpower it. After fighting for a while, Yasratcha defeated the scary monster and the villagers praised Yasratcha's strength while Kendrick was completely forgotten. Yasratcha told the villagers that wild animals are dangerous and shouldn't be tamed. He said they can only be overpowered or killed. He also told them that Giant Rabbits must be eliminated from the village to prevent such monster from reappearing. The people in the village then begun to abandon, beat, and kill all the remaining Giant Rabbits that they had been raising as pets.[3]

Kendrick went to complain about Yasratcha's violent decision and argued that the army was wrong to kill the rabbits. However, Yasratcha laughed and told him that Kendrick did not know the real truth. Yasratcha then asked Kendrick to follow him inside the mountain to see the reality. It turns out that the scary monsters are actually "predators" to the Giant Rabbits. The rabbits were their food. Kendrick finally realized the reason why the scary monster had come to the village and admitted that he made a big mistake. Yasratcha continues to told Kendrick that if he did not come, the villagers would have been eaten alive and the scary monsters will be exterminated by the Zahard Empire. Yasratcha got interested with Kendrick's disgusting ambition to control others and offered him the special power that will allow him to control a lof of things. Kendrick accepted the power and become one of the Felines.[3]

Tower of God: Part 3

Dowon (Arc)

He is seen arguing with Lo Po Bia Haratcha on the subject of Lo Po Bia Yasratcha favouring the Second Division before he is disciplined by McCage.[1] Afterwards, he is transported to the battlefield, where he is faced against Karaka.

VS. Kallavan

He was seen on the second defensive wall area of The Nest, sitting on top of floating chair while watching his Lighthouse along with other two Division Commander Lo Po Bia Haratcha and Lo Po Bia Ha Satcha, plus the Head of Detachment Unit Nanatona.[2]

Gakjadosaeng (Arc)

Kendrick Diel entered The Cat Tower and ended up met an enemy from FUG. His enemy was Sola.[4] Kendrick actually can kill Sola very easily since she is just a normal Ranker, however, instead of fighting over the mouse, Kendrick asked Sola to rescue all species that was captured hostage by Yasratcha.[5]

All Out Fight

While Kendrick Diel draw the attention of the Fucile Robot Army, Sola went to release the hostage using the code that he gave to her. After opening the pyramid prison used to imprison the hostage, Sola found out that all the hostages had been brainwashed and under the control of Kendrick. The latter reveal his intention of dominating and capturing Sola. However, before Sola went to the pyramid, she had make sure that the SOS signal she sent received feedback. It turn out the one who received the signal was Hatsu and Ship Leesoo. Kendrick was calm at first as they are merely Regulars but he got shocked after seeing the ancient hero Cha stood behind the Regulars.[6] During the ensuing battle, Kendrick successfully hypnotized Sola and Leesoo, but Hatsu quickly turned the tides of the battle with Donghae, because his sword can apparently nullify or cancel the mind control effect. When Kendrick got confused, Cha managed to weaken and injure him with Taerim technique. Kendrick tried to run away from Cha but the predator of Giant Rabbit, or the scary monster killed him after the monster eat his whole head with its mouth.[3]

Power and Abilities

He is a High Ranker who holds the Division Commander rank in the Zahard's Army,[1] it is given that he is quite powerful.


Kendrick Diel is capable of using the Transformation power of the Felines, which is called the Beastification. Just like Lo Po Bia Haratcha, Kendrick can instantly fully transform his body. However for some unknown reason, his chair also transformed. When he transform, his appearance looks totally different as his hair turned bright purple and his eyes are covered with orange red feather which made him looks like he's wearing a mask. His chair changed into a big purple flashy elegant throne. He looks like demon king who sit on the throne. Unlike Yasratcha and Haratcha, Kendrick's Beastification form seems to not have the "flash zig zag speed" and only focused on the ability to mind control.[6][3]

Kendrick's power to mind control are "transmitted" through 7 giant green fur feathers that were connected to purple tentacles that spread out from his body. All of the green feathers will glow or shine and everyone who see it will be hypnotized.[6] The mind control power is quite strong as it can easily hypnotize and control Rankers' mind like Sola. However, this power seems to didn't work on a High Ranker like Cha and it can be neutralized by Donghae.[6]




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