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Have you forgotten? I'm a Slayer. I have a lot more minions than you think. People simply don't know that because they are shrouded in "darkness".

Karaka to Dowon[1]

Karaka's Servants are a group of people who follows Karaka. They are very loyal towards FUG and fully respected Karaka as their leader. Karaka's Servants are consisted of Rankers and Regulars.


Karaka is known as the newest or youngest Slayer of FUG. However, despite his young age, Karaka is the most active and prosperous Slayer in FUG, so he already has many followers who supported him.[2]

Karaka's Servants are divided into two groups, individual servants and Karaka's Army.

Karaka's Army

Karaka summons his army

Besides his individual servants, Karaka also has an army. The truth is because the army is not active, there is a hard situation in which he has to mobilize his army quickly.[3]

During the Battle of The Nest: 2nd Defensive Wall, Karaka also participated in the Gakja Dosaeng game and become a participant to fight inside The Cat Tower. Inside the Cat Tower, Karaka ended up in the same place with Ancient Hero Dowon so they decided to work together. When they arrive in a vast area within the labyrinth, they encountered an enemy from Zahard's Army, Lo Po Bia Fucile, the 2nd Division Commander of the 5th Army Corp. Fucile then ordered his troops to attack Karaka and Dowon.[1]

Karaka finally revealed his secret army and mobilized them to fight against the Fucile Robot Army, a massive swarm of armored robot troops controlled by the Division Commander Fucile. It turns out that Karaka's Army are actually weird-looking humanoid creatures with wings and red heads. The body of these creatures are also varies in size.[1]

Notable Servants

Karaka's Servants




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