Karaka heart

Karaka's Heart(카라카의 마음, kalakaui ma-eum) is located in a magical space created by Karaka's armour which is cut off from the outside world. No one can enter except Karaka himself, administrators, and family heads.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Evankhell and Yu Han Sung got teleported into this special space by the Second Floor Guardian. They encountered one of Karaka's minions, Death Bird, who was worried they may have been intruders coming into the dimension holding Karaka's Heart. Evankhell and Yu Hansung are the first people to enter this magical space. Later a warp gate opens and displayed Zahard's Army, who were loacted at the Last Station. Death Bird says it only opens whenever Karaka is in danger. Wasting no time, Evankhell then leds the group through the portal with the plan of rescuing Karaka.

Known Residents

Notes and Trivia

  • Because Karaka's Heart is located in another dimension it cannot be found by most rankers. This can be considered as a form of immortality.[2]


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