Karaka (카라카, Kahrahka) is a High Ranker and Slayer in FUG. His secret hideout is located on the 97th Floor and also Karaka's Heart.

After the event of the Last Station, Karaka has obtained the status of an High Ranker.[3]


His history is unknown for the most part, however, it is known that he was trained and tutored in martial arts by Ha Jinsung for some time. During the time Karaka was a Regular he received special assignments from FUG while he was taking his tests.[4] Depending on the nature of such tasks, Karaka would assassinate a specific Regular during the test, help a specific Regular to pass the test or fail all the other Regulars and pass the test alone. It is said that the goals of those assignments were probably to violate or mock the rules of the test.[4]

Appearance and Personality

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Little is known about Karaka's true appearance, as he has only been seen hidden in shadows or in an armoured suit. Through his mask he appears to have yellow eyes. Karaka also owns a ring with Zahard's symbol on it, made from Zahard's half of the Key of the Tower, like Ja Wangnan also owns.

Karaka appears to be one of the more hard-line FUG members, advocating swift action against Zahard no matter what moral issues stand in the way. Also, he seems to put his own agenda over that of FUG's.[5] He apparently already has the power to mess with the Elders of FUG.[5] He is one of the youngest Slayers (슬레이어 중에서는 아직 어린애정도지만: a Slayer, but yet a child among them), "a rising star of evil".[6]

Despite all of this however, Karaka does have a softer side in that he shows deep care and respect for his mentor Ha Jinsung, being furious to learn that he had seemingly died and coldly questioning Kallavan about Jinsung's state about it. He even decided to protect Baam just because Jinsung chose him.

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At some point after Karaka officially become a FUG Slayer, Ha Jinsung visited him and gave Karaka a new armor suit as a gift to celebrate his achievement.[7]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


Ha Jinsung saw him hiding in the shadows, noting that he was on the Floor too.

Epilogue, Path

Jinsung called him out and greeted Karaka before saying they should move elsewhere as the Guardian was watching. Karaka referred to Ha Jinsung as "master" and spoke to him respectfully but then stated his mistrust for him, adding that some Slayers and Elders of FUG were beginning to doubt Jinsung, before ending by saying that Viole's teammates should be cleared out of the way. However, Jinsung retorted that if they kept them, there would be more hostages to use against Viole in the future. He finished by telling Karaka he had a plan, to leave it to him and also to tell those Slayers and Elders the message. Karaka politely agreed he would and left. On his way out, he ordered Poken to gather some trustworthy Regulars to watch Viole's teammates in secret, and if they showed any suspicious behaviour, he was to kill them all.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

It is later revealed during the Development Tournament of the Workshop Battle, that Reflejo intended to give Karaka the Thorn after implanting Viole within it. It is likely that Karaka planned this.


After the end of the Workshop Battle, he received a brief and unexpected visit from his old teacher, Ha Jinsung, who gave him a warning. After Jinsung left, he mused about Viole and the possible problems he may bring. After Poken told him that he had a message from the "Submerged Fish", he told Poken "this time, no mistakes".

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

A Month

His underling Pedro informed him of the advancement of their plan to obtain the Thorn as well as resurrect a former Slayer.[8]

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Having come to the Hell Train, Karaka connected to Pedro's memories where he discovered what had occurred up to that point, including that Ha Yuri Zahard was on the train.

Karaka later found Yuri Zahard at the entrance stairs, introduced himself and then revealed that he had come to take revenge on her for killing his loyal disciple. As they began their fight, Karaka said he was trying to stop Twenty-Fifth Baam from getting back on the train and added she should be more concerned about herself. Launching another huge shinsu blast at the bridge, Evan Edrok stopped the attack with his special item and called out Karaka for his recklessness for attacking two High Rankers. Yuri also calls out Karaka's arrogance and his plan to prevent Baam's re-entry to the train. Karaka just replied that he'd just have to eliminate them. At that, Yuri attacked Karaka with the two then beginning their battle. Yuri immediately hits Karaka with her Nuclear Punch, which forced Karaka to acknowledge it would be dangerous for him to get hit by it multiple times. Karaka then used his Karaka Style: World of Darkness and then Black Twilight in order to stop Yuri's charge.

The Advent


Three Orders


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station



New Wave


Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Yama


Tower of God: Part 3 - Stealing the fang


Tower of God: Part 3 - Heart


Powers and Abilities

Karaka is very powerful as he is a Slayer of FUG and his teacher was none other than Ha Jinsung, a High Ranker in the top 100 of the rankings. SIU noted that he has much potential and is already quite skilled.[6] He added that he is a "really strong character".[9] He has shown great reflexes, being able to react and block Yuri's attack from behind,[10] and also a decent level of durability, being able to tank Yuri Zahard's "Nuclear Punch"[10]. He did note that it would be dangerous to continuously get hit by them though. He was originally a Scout-Fisherman hybrid.[1] Together, he and Baam were able to work together to injure Kallavan though Karaka himself was unable to injure Kallavan.


Shinsu Control: Karaka is able to create black and gold Baangs of impressive destructive power.[13] He later generated a huge ball of shinsu and launched it down, though it was harmlessly absorbed by Evan Edrok.[10]

Scout Skills: As a Scout, Karaka is able to read minds.[14][15]

Armor Spell: Karaka seems to have some kind of spell that protected his armor. It is unknown what kind of spell that he meant, but Karaka mentioned something about having an armor spell.[16]

Karaka Style Piercing Technique - White Crow (카라카류 공파술 백오): Karaka's personal style of Jinsung's Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique. Karaka first showed this technique when he did a combination attack along with Baam's Zero Piercing Technique, to wake up slayer Baylord Yama from his sleep.[17] Karaka used this again when he attacked Kallavan at the war of The Nest. Karaka performed three blast attack of White Crow directly into Kallavan's body but it didn't do any damage to him.[7]

Steel Tree

Main article: Category:Karaka's Armor Inventory Techniques

The following are a list of techniques that utilize Karaka's armor inventory, Steel Tree.

  • Armor Inventory - Steel Tree (아머 인벤토리 철갑나무, 鐵甲나무, Ameo Inbentoli Cheolgabnamu): Karaka pulls out his long armoured tendrils and then formed it like tree roots which surrounded his body to act as a shield to protect himself from Kranos ignition attack launched by Ha Yuri Zahard.[11]
  • Flower of Darkness - Black Lotus(어둠의끛 흑련, Eodum-uikkeuch Heuglyeon): An offensive combat technique meant to kill the enemy. Karaka's armour tentacles will form a lotus flower shape, creating a sharp front to pierce the enemy's body. Karaka stabbed and killed Zahard's army ranker Yuryu using this technique while flying in the air.[18]
  • Armor Inventory - Armor Storm (아머 인벤토리 (갑주) 철갑폭풍, Ameo Inbentoli (Gabju) Cheolgabpogpung): Karaka covered and protected himself with his long armoured tendrils and then spin it like a tornado in very high speed to break through enemy's defences or attacks.[7]
  • Lethal Move - Armor Tree Strike (살인기 철갑나무 연참, Sal-ingi Cheolgabnamu Yeoncham): from behind Karaka's body, appears lots of armoured tendrils from the shadows.[19]

World of Darkness

Karaka Style Shinsu Manipulation Technique: World of Darkness (카라카류 신수제어술 암흑 세계, Kalaka-lyu Sinsujeeo-sul Amheug Segye): Karaka's own shinsu control style.[10] It absorbs enemy attacks and, usually, even the enemies themselves if they touch the black orbs.[11]

  • Black Goral's Horn Whip (검은 산양의 뿔 채찍 , Geom-eun San-Yang-ui Ppul Ghaejjig): Its effects remain unknown as its target was Urek Mazino.[20]
  • Black Twilight (어둠 땅거미, Eodum Ttang-geomi): A technique meant to stop and wound a foe. Karaka managed to stop Yuri while she was diving toward him, though he was surprised when he realised the Princess suffered no damage at all.[10]
  • Damage Counter - Rain of Darkness (데미지 카운터 - 어둠 비, Demiji Kaunteo - Eodum Bi): Send back all the accumulated damage from attacks previously absorbed by World of Darkness, in the form of a large shinsu blast.[11]
  • Infinite Past Lives (무한전생, Muhan Jeon Saeng): Allows Karaka to be "reborn", negating any damage he may have undergone.[21][22]
  • Return To The Abyss (삼천회귀, Sam Cheon Hui Gui): An escape technique. Karaka used this technique as his last effort to escape when his body suffered heavy damage against Yuri's mysterious green Shinsu Bubble. It created a black shinsu aura surrounding his body and then the aura was spread and expanded across both of his legs and hands. [16]


Notes and Trivia

  • SIU mentioned that he is one of the driving forces of the Tower of God story.[6]
  • In response to the fan theory that Karaka is secretly a female, SIU has confirmed Karaka's gender to be male.[23]
  • His ranking is currently unknown but Jinsung said he is climbing them quickly.
    • Is referred to as a High-Ranker by a member of Jahads army[3]
  • According to SIU, Karaka is a character that will appear often in Part 2. That is, of course, often for a Ranker.[24]
  • According to SIU, Karaka chooses to wear a mask because he's ticked off at Ha Jinsung.[25] However, SIU really hates to draw Karaka's helmet.[26]
    • SIU planned for Karaka to appear without a mask but, because there were a lot of new faces at that time of the story, he decided to make him wear a mask in order for him to look more mysterious. He also had to change the drawing of the chapters he appeared in.[27]
  • The news is the only channel he watches on television.[28]
  • How Karaka came to wear a spell-clad armor might be revealed later.[30]
  • Karaka also has an army. The truth is because the army is not active, there is a hard situation in which he has to mobilize his army quickly.[30]
  • In FUG because Karaka is the most active and prosperous slayer even if that’s not true, for his age he has many followers.[31]
  • Karaka is not weak even in the close fights. But he decided to fight where he has a higher chance of surviving.[32]



  • (To Ha Jinsung) "I'm sorry, Teacher. I cannot take off my mask and chat with someone who has lost even the smallest amount of trust."[33]
  • (To Ha Jinsung) "I feel like what we have dream will soon become true. Finally we have the weapons to kill Zahard. Why do you hesitate to start the fight? Why don't you kill those beside Viole right now and make a team with the people who we can trust to watch him. I'm just worried that the believers are doubting you. There are rumors between the Elders that you might ruin our dream, because of your affection for the slayer nominee."[34]
  • (To Poken) "Gather some trustworthy Regulars, and watch them in secret. And if they show any signs of suspicious activity, Kill Them All."[33]
  • (To Ha Jinsung, after the High Ranker storms his secret hideout) ".........why did you not tell me you were coming?"[5]
  • (To Viole) "Come out!! I know that you are hiding!! If you don't come out right now, I will kill each and every single one of these here!!"[21]
  • (To Viole, Khun Aguero Agnis, Ha Yura, and Ja Wangnan before they enter the Floor of Death) "Why all you are gathered here? I was going to just leave quitely but I didn't think that you would all be here. It's as if you are praying for me to kill you. If death is your dream, then I will make it come true."[35]
  • (To Wangnan) "I will tell you everything if you show me the rings as proof. I can't tell you anything until then. Just like you, I only intend to tell the secret to those who have the ring."[36]
  • (Talking about Ha Jinsung to Viole) "Our master is not dead. He would never died that easily. Even if he is gone, he put his future in you, so he is not really dead. If you die, it means death to our master. If you really want to avenge our master, come back after getting stronger. To this massive battlefield."[37]
  • (Talking about Ha Jinsung to himself) "I'm going to find him no matter what, and bring death to the bastards who did that to him. I will need the help of the elders or other slayers to do that. And Jahad.. Someday, he will pay for this sin."[38]


  • (To Madoraco) "Make Baylord Yama help me no matter what it takes. We will do our best to cooperate. If this works, I will let you have this ladle. Is that clear?"[39]
  • (Talking about Viole to Death Lady) "It's not that I trust him. I'm 'testing' him. If he fails, it will be the end of the line for him."[40]



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