I met someone who will make my dream come true while I was fighting to gain more power. King Zahard. The one true king, an omnipotent and omniscient being. I'm going to use this power to make everyone surrender to the king. Whoever stands in the way of my utopia will simply be destroyed!

—Kallavan To Ha Jinsung.[2]

Kallavan (칼라반, Calaban) is a High Ranker and was formerly the Commander of the 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army.[3]He was demoted due to his failed mission to kill the Irregular Twenty-Fifth Baam. He was the main antagonist of the Last Station arc.

After he completed the mission at the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence by convincing Dowon to join Zahard's Army, Kallavan was restored to the 4th Army Corps as a Company Commander. [4]


3000 years ago, after recently becoming a Ranker, he fought Ha Jinsung and was still able to stand up after taking a beating from him. Ha Jinsung asked why a great talent like Kallavan was staying in an isolated area.

The bronze statue that holds the Essence of Bravery

Kallavan mentions that he belonged to a village that guards the 'Essence of Bravery' and that he is its current guardian. Whenever a person from the family becomes a Ranker, they fight the person that is currently guarding the gem, with the stronger ranker killing the weaker ranker and, if applicable, replacing them as the guardian of the gem.

Ha Jinsung tells Kallavan that his bloodline already produced the ultimate achievement which is Kallavan himself and that he should be the one to inherit the 'Essence of Bravery'. On the same day, Kallavan decides to smash the bronze statue holding the gem and claim the essence for himself. The next time Ha Jinsung saw him, he was already as strong as a High-Ranker. Ha Jinsung suggests Kallavan become a Slayer of FUG, but he kindly refused and that ends their relationship. Kallavan then went on a journey, became a High-Ranker, and started to make a name for himself.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Kallavan and his troops are seen traveling to the Last Station in their warships.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station


He and his troops were stopped by Ha Jinsung, and were told to come out and fight.


Kallavan was in his warship when Ha Jinsung appeared and said he will destroy his warship using one of the shinsoo cannons from El Robina, an Anti-High Ranker weapon originally belonging to Zahard, if he doesn't come out. Kallavan tells the third division commander to move all the troops back and said he will personally beat Jinsung. Ha Jinsung calls Kallavan out on his arrogance and in reply, Kallavan said he is in a position to be more arrogant. He is forced to fight his former teacher, saying he won't lose with his power.


Kallavan looking in the gem's past

During the battle with Ha Jinsung, Kallavan said this war isn't about capturing a couple of regulars, but to stop a greater rift in the tower and the mission will go down in history as a great epic. During the fight, Ha Jinsung was being pushed back, and his hands were shaking from the impact of Kallavan's attacks. As the battle wore on, Jinsung began to fight using his greater techniques and was able to land multiple successful hits on Kallavan. They stopped fighting for a moment, and Kallavan tells Ha Jinsung about the man he saw in the Essence of Bravery. He mentions to Ha Jinsung, that the man in the gem was someone from the ancient times, and the power in the gem belonged to him. Kallavan says the real reason he refused the offer to become a slayer was that he fears that his fate might end up like the man in the Essence of Bravery. Kallavan said he later decided to use his power to serve Zahard, and unite everyone under him, so wars and tragedies will vanish and the tower would be at peace. Kallavan then proceeds to unleash his power and uses his transcendent skill, Atomic Explosion, which leaves Ha Jinsung bloodied and seemingly critically wounded.


Ha Jinsung is hurt and tired after Kallavan's Atomic Explosion

Ha Jinsung was left with no choice but to use his (presumably) strongest attack, Dragon Tiger Gate, which was powerful enough to almost stop Kallavan, save for the fact that Jinsung was unable to follow up with another attack because he was too exhausted to do so. Kallavan then crushes Ha Jinsung's arms rendering them useless. Ha Jinsung screams in agony and was also stabbed in the back by Koon Maschenny Zahard who later arrived without Ha Jinsung noticing.

After beating Ha Jinsung, Kallavan immediately rushes to the teleporter to get to the Last Station and appears right in front of Baam on the great battlefield. He sees the battle getting out of control because of the battle between Khun Royale Elliot and Evankhell. Right when Kallavan tries to attack Baam, Androssi Zahard saves Baam using Bong Bong, but Kallavan easily pulls Androssi away and restrains her, which leaves Baam alone. Kallavan tells Baam that his master is probably dead because of him. This caused Baam to break down and attack Kallavan with all he had, but in the end, he didn't hurt Kallavan in any way.


Baam uses one of his strongest attack on Kallavan

Baam proceeds to ignite one of his thorns to use a technique which was used to beat Data Zahard. After the attack, Kallavan was disappointed that Baam didn't even scratch him with the attack. Karaka appears in front of Kallavan, and asks if his master is dead, and Kallavan said he isn't sure. Karaka told Baam to run because he believes his master isn't dead due to Kallavan being unsure of his death. Kallavan rushes to attack Baam before he could get away, but Evankhell stops him, and Kallavan asks why is she helping the regulars. Evankhell said she wasn't interested in Baam until she saw that he had managed to inflict a small wound Kallavan. He was surprised Baam made even a small scratch because he hadn't felt it. Kallavan then regrets having stalled in order to understand the boy whom he was supposed to kill. He then goes all out to kill Baam even with Evankhell, Yuri and Karaka in the way. He rushes towards Baam at high speed while tanking all the attacks from the High-Rankers, even Evankhell's Death Sentence attack couldn't stop him. He uses Atomic Explosion to break free of all the attacks, which also destroyed many warships around him. Right when he was about to get to Baam, Yu Han Sung, Ship Leesoo came to the rescue and they all teleport away.

New Wave

337 kallavan in pursuit

Kallavan screams in anger and blames himself of the mission's failure to kill the regulars. Elpathion arrives by Kallavan's side and asks if he intends to go after the boy still, despite the army being tired and injured. Elpathion says the army needs to rest, but Kallavan says he'll kill the boy himself. At the end of Part II, the 4th Army and Kallavan were seen to head straight into pursuit after Baam and his friends managed to escape from the Army by warping the Last Station. One of Kallavan's servant then reported that they failed to track down the location of the last station due to its mysterious disappearance. The Last Station disappeared because of Madoraco's Ghost Ship's invisible cloaking special ability.

Tower of God: Part 3

Deng Deng

After the battle at the Last Station, Kallavan lost his position as Corps Commander and was said to be guarding the secret prison where Ha Jinsung is being kept.

The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence

Somewhere in the Tower, Kallavan approaches the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence and with one arm tied behind his back, he walks towards the wall to proceed with its destruction.

The Wall with a Sleeping Forget-Me-Not



During his great journey, he fought all kinds of great warriors and made them bow before him. He takes anyone he likes to be his servant and force them to work for him, creating a huge army of followers in the process, hence he is called the 'Human Hunter'.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Kallavan has fair skin, blue eyes, and a blonde coloured mohawk. He wears a long robe with his own insignia on it and chains around his waist.

He is said to be very militaristic among Zahard's Army. SIU said he seems to have an overflowing amount of bluffing power which is a quality for a boss. He appears to be a Zahard fanatic, which he believes he can make his dream come true, and also believes Zahard is omnipotent and omniscient as the one true King of the Tower.

During season 3, Kallavan grew out his hair and he is shown to be wearing a much more casual outfit than his military uniform.

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Kallavan is known as the 'Human Collecter' and he has several servants that consist of 4 known tiers most likely indicating their power and influence. With 1st tier being the highest and 4th tier being the lowest.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Powers and Abilities

Even in his youth, Kallavan was already powerful enough to take a beating from Ha Jinsung, a top 100 High Ranker. Jinsung then praised Kallavan's great talent and noting he possessed serious power for someone who had not been a Ranker for a long time. After taking Jinsung's suggestion, Kallavan obtained the Essence of Bravery, which was guarded by his family bloodlines for generations. And the next time Jinsung came to visit Kallavan, it has made him dramatically more powerful to the point that Jinsung was impressed enough he noted Kallavan could have easily became a High Ranker even before he began his centuries of training and offered him to become a Slayer, but Kallavan refused it respectfully.


In the present, after easily becoming a High Ranker and the leader of the 4th Army Corps of Zahard's Army Kallavan was among the most dominant High Rankers in the tower, having defeated and recruited many great Rankers and earning such a reputation to the point that even Jinsung was concerned of taking on Kallavan, noting it would be a tough fight even for him.[1] Indeed, Kallavan proved himself a match for Jinsung, even able to pummel him into a bloodied state and destroy his arms, although it should be noted Jinsung was caught off-guard due to expecting Kallavan had died and the fight left Kallavan also visibly battered, but still more than powerful enough to easily toss aside Androssi Zahard and even Baam wielding the power of Black March, easily blocking his Flare Wave Explosion. Although he admitted openly he cannot fight Evankhell, Ha Yuri Zahard, and Karaka all at once, he was able to just fend them off long enough that he was nearly able to get to Baam and would have had it not been for the unexpected arrival of a ship that saved Baam that allowed Evankhell to injure him once more. His mere arrival was enough to inspire the pressured members of Zahard's army. Furthermore, Khel Hellam described Kallavan as a "warrior as mighty as a (Zahard Army) Squadron". [5] Even with one hand sealed behind his back, Kallavan is still extremely powerful. He was able to effortlessly kill Tonki, who is a High-Ranker level fighter, with one punch. Khane, who watched this, feared that he might be too strong even for Dowon to defeat. He was also able to tank all of White's attacks with his bare body and even broke his sword, forcing White to make a new, stronger sword. Once Kallavan used a Shinsoo boost and unleashed the Essence of Bravery, he quickly overwhelmed White who was using the strongest sword he could create. [5] Dowon also acknowledged Kallavan had enough power to defeat all of Baam's allies and even surrendered to him so he would let them go.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kallavan is an extremely skilled martial artist, able to compete against Ha Jinsung, one of the most skilled Ha Family members, in hand-to-hand combat, and even able to quickly push him back and deal heavy blows when Jinsung was already battered from taking Kallavan's ultimate technique. Kallavan could also effortlessly block attacks by the Green April that was wielded by Yuri. Even with one hand tied behind his back, Kallavan was able to easily overpower the guardians of Dowon's tower with brute punches and could block the blows of Tonki without much effort before defeating him with a single punch as well as push back White using his sword, with White openly commenting on his prowess.

Immense Strength: As such a powerful martial artist and High Ranker, Kallavan holds enormous amounts of physical strength. He was able to effortlessly backhand a man through a rocky wall with enough force to crack it with a single hand, down guards of the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence with a single brute blow and his fists were strong enough to damage White's sword just by colliding into it. Once using a Shinsoo boost, he was able to punch White with enough force to visibly hurt him.

329 kallavan clench fist

Immense Durability and Shinsoo Resistance: Kallavan, while fighting Jinsung, noted his body was extremely tough, even tougher than those of the Ha Family. He was able to take a punch from Jinsung without even flinching, with Jinsung himself noting on Kallavan's toughness. He also had tremendous Shinsoo Resistance, easily taking Jinsung's Demonic Storm and Iron Defense without any damage, although he did show some pain and was pushed back.[2] Even one of Jinsung's ultimate techniques, Dragon Tiger Gate, was unable to kill him, but Kallavan himself admitted it inflicted serious damage.[6] Even after that, Kallavan's insane durability was still sufficient to be able to successfully teleport to the battlefield while the warp device was exploding and after that, he was able to easily take Baam's Black March augmented attacks without even being moved by the blows.[5] Even Baam's strongest attack Remnants of Stars - Stardust was only able to inflict minor injury when he fully activated the Thorn and afterwards, Kallavan was still able to charge directly at Evankhell, Yuri and Karaka, pushing past their combined attacks in order to get through to Baam with little strain and only expressing pain when hit by Evankhell's Rare Orb - Death Sentence and still being able to use a powerful technique to overcome it and afterwards survived more attacks from Evankhell, only briefly being on his knees and soon still being able to stand freely and even express confidence he could go after Baam. This feat is a true testament to Kallavan's incredible durability as he was facing a Top 100 High Ranker, a High Ranker Princess and a Slayer. Several years later, Kallavan once again demonstrated his superior durability. He was able to effortlessly fight against White's sword with his bare hands without suffering any damage, with White noting that his fist seems to be diamond hardened for countless years. This forced White to create the "quickest and sharpest" sword he could make called the Spinel which managed to finally cut Kallavan. However, it is revealed that the former Squadron Commander wasn't even using a Shinsoo boost and once he did, White's sharpest sword was no longer effective. Even when White used one of his Lethal Moves, Kallavan simply grabbed his sword with his bare hand.[5] 

Essence of Bravery

  • Kallavan prepares Atomic Explosion
  • Explosion from the punch
  • Kallavan appears in front of Baam
  • Blocks Yuri's Rose Shower

Lethal Move: Hurricane Shaker - Backlash BomberKallavan starts this attack by punching his opponent which sends them flying backwards. He then follows this by clenching his fist to create a large shinsoo blast behind the enemy as they are recovering from the first punch. This technique was strong enough to push someone like Jinsung backwards. It was also capable of easily blasting through Androssi's shield and sending them flying a great distance.[7] Kallavan was later able to use this technique to damage White enough to make him cough blood.

Kallavan Essence of Bravery Transcendent Skill - Atomic Explosion: An extremely powerful technique that Kallavan uses against Jinsung. Kallavan crushes the Essence of Bravery crystal and unleashes its full power. Glass shards fly everywhere with shinsoo emitting from both of his fists and forehead. Kallavan then charges towards Ha Jinsung instantly and as the name suggests, creates a large explosion. The technique's power is such that it left Jinsung in a bloodied state.[2] He was also able to break out of Evankhell's Rare Orb - Death Sentence using it.


327 jinsung 300 years ago

Ha Jinsung meets Kallavan, 3000 years ago

  • Ha Jinsung: Kallavan was once Ha Jinsung's student, he gained and lost a great deal because of him. He appreciated the kindness and guidance that Jinsung gave him, but after doing what Jinsung told him, he regretted it deeply. He saw the tragedy of the man that was sealed in the gem and thought it might happen to him as well. This led to Kallvan going on his journey trying to make everyone surrender to Zahard to end tragedies. Kallavan still retained considerable respect for Jinsung, having politely refused to join FUG and not taking him on for being a member of an organization that intended to kill Zahard. When Jinsung confronted Kallavan when he tried to go to the Last Station, Kallavan acted cordial toward Jinsung, first reminiscing on their past and asking on how he was doing. Kallavan deemed Jinsung as being enough of a threat to personally take him on, although he still expressed confidence that he can defeat Jinsung. Although fighting him without mercy, even destroying his arms, at one point, after having badly wounded him, Kallavan seemed to have only wanted to incapacitate him. He showed sincere regret and remorse over destroying Jinsung's arms and his former mentor's apparent death, stating before teleporting to the battlefield that he had nothing but respect for Jinsung, and acknowledged Jinsung's efforts as having been very challenging.
  • Evankhell: Kallavan and Evankhell appeared to have had personal interaction beforehand, as Kallavan appears to deem Evankhell's power as a threat enough that he sent an entire squad of Rankers to fight him and quickly thought that Evankhell was the reason why his squadron is having so much trouble. He was surprised to see Evankhell protect Baam, noting that someone as powerful as Evankhell who was one of the top 100 High Rankers and not affiliated with FUG has no reason to concern with Regulars only to be met with the fact that Baam had injured him and he made the mistake of going too easy on Baam. Kallavan found Evankhell to be the most challenging foe out of him, Yuri Zahard and Karaka as she consistently attacked him and even damaged and hurt him enough to make him cry out in pain, forcing him to use his strongest technique to break out of her attacks, and was eventually subdued long enough for Evankhell and Baam to flee, much to his anger.
  • Lo Po Bia Yasratcha: As former fellow Commander of Zahard's Army Corps, Kallavan being the former leader of the Fourth Corps while Yasratcha commanded the Fifth Corps, they seem to be on good terms, as Yasratcha seemed rather sympathetic to Kallavan's plight, telling him to not be so formal since he could still reclaim his position.
  • Adori Zahard: The Supreme Commander of Zahard's Army respected Kallavan's power and status enough that she only demoted him and had an oath tied to his arm.
  • Zahard: Kallavan decided to serve King Zahard because he wanted to end all tragedies by uniting everyone under his own power. However, he knows that his power alone won't be able to achieve that dream so one day when he was fighting for more power, he met someone that was able to make his dream come true: King Zahard. Kallavan believes Zahard is the 'One True King' of the tower, an omnipotent and omniscient being and Kallavan is going to use his power to make everyone surrender to the king.

Notes and Trivia

  • Ari Bright Sharon temporally took the fisherman role because the commander was not present at the time. This implies Kallavan is normally the Fisherman.[5]
  • He was called 'Human Collector' by Yu Han Sung.
  • His name might be a reference to footballer Ragnar Klavan.
  • His name might originate from the Filipino word "kalaban" which means enemy, foe, opponent, etc. 
  • Excluding Zahard, Kallavan is the strongest antagonist Baam has encountered.
  • The fight between Kallavan and Ha Jinsung is a great battle of two High Rankers, to be recorded in the history of the Tower.[8]
  • His character concept is a young German soldier with a goal that he is willing to fulfil blindly.[9]
  • SIU has stated that he personally wanted to give Kallavan more of a sense of being an elite military officer as a twist. He knows Ha Jinsung from before, but there's an age gap. Kallavan is a character who has multiple layers to his true intentions. He's strong and perhaps scary.[10]
  • Kallavan is a counter to the Ha Family. His body is already well-trained, but his source of power isn't simply physical strength either.[8]
  • Kallavan is much younger than Ha Jinsung.[11]
  • Since Kallavan was someone who respected Ha Jinsung, his feelings on Baam are probably mixed. But as a Corps Commander of Zahard's Army, Irregulars are his biggest enemy. Technically, Urek would be priority number one. But he's too strong and doesn't care about Zahard.[12]



  • (To himself while playing piano) "Rhapsody... What an appropriate piece for this mission."[3]
  • (To Ha Jinsung) "We are trying to stop an even greater rift in the Tower. Whatever anyone says, this mission will go down in history as a great epic. Sacrificing the lives of a few people on the train to stop a war, it may seem sinister and brutal, but this is the best way to prevent an even worse disaster."[7]
  • (To Ha Jinsung) "Has it been so long that you have forgotten? My body is way tougher than you people from the Ha family. When you are around me, your advantages as a member of the Ha family disappear. You had better brace yourself for a whole new world of pain."[7]
  • (To Ha Jinsung while fighting him) "Why would someone as powerful as you side with the forces of evil and go around picking on Regulars?! Do you still believe in that ridiculous idea of a new world or change?! Don't you know this kind of upheaval happens all the time?! Change is just the seed of pain and conflict!"[13]
  • (To Baam) "I can tell right away. You must be the Irregular that King Zahard told us to kill."[14]
  • (Talking about Ha Jinsung to Baam) "I told you he is dead. And even he was alive, you can't save him. Because you are too weak."[14]
  • (To Ha Yuri Zahard) "With that attack just now, are you admitting you are a traitor, Princess?"[15]
  • (To Baam) "You seem to have some 'Mysterious Power' but it's too much for you to handle. You didn't even manage to make a little scratch on me. How disappointing."[15]
  • (To Evankhell) "You are not even with FUG. Why are you protecting those Regulars? One of the Top-Hundreds High Rankers shouldn't be interested in some Regulars."[15]
  • (Thinking about Baam to himself) "I was foolish. I was curious to see how much potential that boy has that I give him time to escape. This is an unacceptable mistake for a squadron commander of Zahard's Army."[15]


  • (To himself) "...The Walls of Peaceful Coexistence... Coexistence is no more than a seed of chaos. It can't bring about peace. Those fools opposing King Zahard... Sure came up with a stupid name for their wall. I just can't wait... to tear down that stupid wall."[16]


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Adori ZahardAleksai AmigochazAmagutaAppleAri Bright SharonArie HonArie InietaArlen GraceBel BerhinoBelluxBeniamino CassanoBero BeroBetaBlarouseBoondawanBoroBrugelBulgasarioBullbackChaCharlieChichiDaniel HatchidDavid HockneyDea FlukeDedeDes LionDoraDorian FrogDédé KanchoEdin DanErik BiyonEurasia BlossomEurasia Enne ZahardFUG RankerFUG Ranker 2FelixFull BlackGaram ZahardGoonGreen PhilGreyHa ChaiHa CheonheeHa JinsungHa RudaHa Yuri ZahardHa YurinHana YuHanool KangHatsuHaxHollyHon AkraptorHong ChunhwaHong DanhwaHoshiHyun ChungInoa YoranJa WangnanJaina Repellista ZahardJourdanJuglom GoteKal RahimKallavanKang HoryangKatraKehellmanKellKendrick DielKhaneKhul Nissam KayKhun AgnisKhun Aguero AgnisKhun EduanKhun HachulingKhun Hynd LuchKhun KiseiaKhun Marco AsensioKhun Maria ZahardKhun MaschennyKhun Maschenny ZahardKhun RanKim LurkerKoerKonKurudanLee SowaLee SoyongLee XiawunLegLeo CloakerLeon 3Lero-RoLo Po Bia AlphineLo Po Bia ElaineLo Po Bia Lilial ZahardLo Po Bia PorpLo Po Bia RenLo Po Bia Shilial ZahardMachaMahanMauchiMichaelMisebichiMs. Ice StrawberryNavigatorNomaNovickPanditPedroPhonsekal DrakPhonsekal IrurePhonsekal LaurePhonsekal YururePo Bidau GustangPo Bidau Lyborick KhunPoro PoePrincePurple Eye BrothersQuaetro BlitzQuant BlitzRed BeardRed HairReflejoRidongRocitane EgelRodniRoen YuiaRoyal ParkRozéalRujonRyu-AhnRyuaSachi FakerSerena RinnenShip LeesooShopinSophia AmaeSophia TanStuah ArthurSunwoo NareTinker YolcheTinker Yolche's TwinTochiToroToulalanTravellerTwenty-Fifth BaamUchaUnnamed KhunUnnamed Po BidauUrek MazinoVVariel VaniVerdiWalkinWhiteWhite/AlbeldaWhite/AnnaWhite/DavidWhite/HoaqinWhite/VicenteXia LuluYellowYeo GosengYeo MisengYeon HanaYeon IlardeYeon WoonYeon YihwaYeongsukYolkerYu Bok-DolYu Han SungYuliu MataYung ChangsooYuni SonaYuryuZahard
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AngelBaylord DoomBaylord PaulBaylord YamaBerdychBongsoBuelsar ElliotButlerCanhongCanzonChang BlarodeCuldenDeng DengDu TongGadoGrandeGyugungJordanKatuLouieLukaRR's TwinRianRolandRon MeiRuel MonTallVaragarvVenti
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AiHwa RyunSoo-oh • Dead Witch Corpse
Grey Skin Bull Horns
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