Kallavan (칼라반, Calaban) is a High Ranker and also the Commander of the 4th Army Corp of Zahard's Army.[2]


3000 years ago, after recently becoming a Ranker he fought Ha Jinsung and was still able to stand up after taking a beating from him. Ha Jinsung asked why is such a person with great talent like Kallavan staying in an isolated area.

The bronze statue that holds the Essence of Bravery

Kallavan is from a village that guards the 'Essence of Bravery' and when another person from the family becomes a Ranker, they fight the person that is currently guarding the gem, and the stronger one will kill the previous guard and will then guard the essence until a stronger ranker from the family appears, and the cycle continues.

Ha Jinsung tells Kallavan that his bloodline already produced the ultimate achievement which is Kallavan himself and that he should be the one to inherit the 'Essence of Bravery'. Later on the same day, Kallvan decides to smash the bronze statue holding the gem and claim the essence for himself. The next time Ha Jinsung saw him, he was already as strong as a High-Ranker. Ha Jinsung suggests Kallavan become a Slayer of FUG, but he kindly refused and that ends their relationship. Kallavan then went on a journey, became a High-Ranker, and started to make a name for himself.[1]


During his great journey, he fought all kinds of great warriors and made them bow before him. He takes anyone he likes to be his servant and force them to work for him, creating a huge army of followers in the process, hence he is called the 'Human Hunter'.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Kallavan has fair skin, blue eyes, and a blonde coloured mohawk. He wears a long robe with his own insignia on it and chains around his waist.

He is said to be very militaristic amoung Zahard's Army. SIU said he seems to have an overflowing amount of bluffing power which is a quality for a boss. He appears to be a Zahard fanatic, which he believes he can make his dream come true, and also believes Zahard is omnipotent and omniscient as the one true king of the tower.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Kallavan and his troops are seen traveling to the Last Station in their warships.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station


He and his troops were stopped by Ha Jinsung, and was told to come out.


Kallavan was in his warship when Ha Jinsung appeared and said he will destroy his warship with shinsoo cannon from El Robina, a deadly weapon of Zahard's if he doesn't come out. Kallavan tells the third division commander to move all the troops back and said he will beat him. Ha Jinsung calls out on his arrogance and in reply, Kallavan said he is in a position to be more arrogant. He is forced to fight his former teacher, saying he won't lose with his power.

Powers and Abilities

  • Kallavan charges toward Ha Jinsung
  • Explosion from the punch

While his abilities are mostly unknown, Ha Jinsung, a top 100 High Ranker, expressed concern upon seeing Kallavan's insignia, implying his strength and/or influence somewhat comparable to a top 100 High Ranker. Kallavan has obtained the 'Essence of Bravery', which was guarded for generations. This gave him tremendous powers, easily becoming a High-Ranker. During his recent fight with Jinsung, Kallavan states that his body is even tougher than those from the Ha Family. He proves this by taking a direct hit from Jinsung to his forehead without even flinching with Jinsung himself admitting Kallavan's body is tough. 

Lethal Move: Hurricane Shaker - Backlash Bomber: Kallavan starts this attack by punching his opponent which sends them flying backwards. He then follows this by clenching his fist to create a large shinsoo blast behind the enemy as they are recovering from the first punch. This technique was strong enough to push someone like Jinsung backwards. 

Kallavan Essence of Bravery Transcendent Skill - Atomic Explosion: An extremely powerful technique that Kallavan uses against Jinsung. Kallavan crushes the Essence of Bravery crystal and unleashes its full power. Glass shards fly everywhere with shinsoo emnating from both of his fists and forehead. Kallavan then charges towards Ha Jinsung instantly and as the name suggests, creates a large explosion. The technique's power is such that it left Jinsung in a bloodied state. 


  • Ha Jinsung: Kallavan was once Ha Jinsung's student, he gained and loss a great deal because of him. He appreciated the kindness and guidance Jinsung gave him. But after doing what Jinsung told him, he regretted it deeply. He saw the tragedy of the man that was sealed in the gem and thought it might happen to him as well. This led to Kallvan going on his journey trying to make everyone surrender to Zahard to end tragedies.
  • Zahard: Kallavan decided to serve for King Zahard because he wanted to end all tragedies by uniting everyone under his power. However he knows that his power alone won't be able to achieve that dream so one day when he was fighting for more power, he met someone that was able to make his dream come true. King Zahard was that being that can make his dream come true. Kallavan believes Zahard is the 'One True King' of the tower, an omnipotent and omniscient being and Kallavan is going to use his power to make everyone surrender to the king.

Notes and Trivia

  • Ari Bright Sharon temporally took the fisherman role because the commander was not present at the time. This implies Kallavan is normally the Fisherman.[3]
  • He was called 'Human Collector' by Yu Han Sung.


  • (To himself while playing piano) "Rhapsody... What an appropriate piece for this mission."[2]
  • (To Ha Jinsung) "I met someone who will make my dream come true while I was fighting to gain more power. 'King Zahard.' The one true king, an omnipotent and omniscient being. I'm going to use this power to make everyone surrender to the king. whoever stands in the way of my 'utopia' will simply be destroyed!"[4]


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