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This article contain profile of Jyu Viole Grace as Sworn Enemy of Twenty-Fifth Baam in the form of artificial Data Humans inside the Hidden Floor.

Data Viole was "created" and "generated" after Twenty-Fifth Baam was "screened" or "mirrored" by the Mirror of the Past. He was created as the Sworn Enemy of Baam in order to balance the presence of Baam in the hidden floor.[1] He was tasked to prevent Baam from doing wrongful act, keeping him busy, and to kill him. In the end, Data Viole was "absorbed" by Baam's Shinsu Orb.[2]


Data Viole was created and generated after Twenty-Fifth Baam was mirrored by the Mirror of the Past to generate his Sworn Enemy.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hidden Floor

Baam and Androssi finally arrived inside the hidden floor after being arrested by the Mirror of The Past, they were lying on the ground, unconscious. When they were about to get executed by the quarantine area's bobby trap, they were saved by Data Yu Han Sung who appeared at that place. After he saved them, Baam finally woke up and was suprised to see Yu Han Sung's presence in front of him, and so with Androssi later.

Mirror of The Past created and generated Data Viole

After Data Yu Han Sung introduced himself, he escorted Baam and Androssi further into the deeper, inner part of quarantine area where the hidden floor's Data Humans resistance were hiding from the many Hidden Floor Soldiers. When the three of them arrived and walk for a while at the staircase location, they encountered a hidden floor soldier, but Data Yu Han Sung quickly eliminate it. Data Yu Han Sung suddenly stopped walking to "guess and clarify" what made Baam to come inside hidden floor. After he clarify that Baam really come to meet Data Zahard, Data Yu Han Sung explained many things about the hidden floor, including the matter of the so called Sworn Enemy. While Data Yu Han Sung explained things about their Sworn Enemy, at the different location, Mirror of the Past has successfully created and generated Data Viole.

Appearance and Personality

Data Viole appearance copied the Baam's style when he used to be the new elected FUG Slayer Candidate in the very beginning of Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince, with the long black hair and the FUG slayer robe.

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Powers and Abilities

As the copy-self or reflection data of Twenty-Fifth Baam in the beginning of Part II as the new elected slayer nominee or candidate, Data Viole is very strong. He has many similar skills to Baam, but mainly focused on skills like three Shinsu Baangs, Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique and Blue Oar. He combined this skills to attack his enemies. Data Viole didn't have Thorn. It was speculated that maybe the Thorn cannot be copied by the Hidden Floor.

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