Juglom Gote (고트 쥬글롬, Goteu Jyugeullom or Gote Juglom) is a D-rank Regular and a Fisherman that participated in the tournament at Train City.

Appearance and Personality

Juglom is a black-haired man with dark eyes and a black goatee.

He is very confident in his abilities and was unhappy when he had to face a "fatty" in the finals of the tournament.[1]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

Juglom stood next to his team leader, Royal Park, as they discussed how interesting Baam appeared with his skills.

After certain teams withdrew from the tournament, he and his team were pitted against Team Bero in the finals. He and Bero Bero had a shouting match before and during the game but he ultimately lost to her.

Powers and Abilities

He can be assumed to be relatively powerful as he is a D-rank Regular. He was seen to be able to infuse his hand with bright shinsoo.[1]

Notes and trivia

  • His name means he is going to die soon in Korean


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