Jordan (조든, Jodeun) is a Top Ranker and No.8 in Yama's Gang.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Jordan is pale-skinned, muscular and has short green hair and eyes.

He like fighting very much. Because of that he is called "fighting maniac". Although he is crazy about fighting, he still follows some rules. He is fair towards Regulars, he fight them with one hand.[3]

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Tower of God: Part 3

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Yama

Jordan along with Culden was seen training for the Canine Tooth Festival.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Stealing the fang

Jordan went out to check out Baam, because he was wondering how strong he is. He wanted have a little duel with him. He promised to use one arm. Baam on the other hand, tried to convince him to help him and go with him to fight Zahard's Army. Then they were interrupted by one of the attendants of High Priest. After the attendant attack them, Jordan transformed into his Second Form - Green Furry Beast, and attacked back. Despite using his full power, R got overpowered by Baam and Jordan. He got immobilized by Jordan's binding skill Little Forest. R explained his hatred towards Yama to confused Jordan and commited suicide by using a shinsoo bomb in his head.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Heart

As Jordan and Baam went to wake up Baylord Yama, because of the invasion, they were stopped by Tall. Jordan and Tall fought and Jordan is able to defeat Tall.

Tower of God: Part 3 - Baylord Doom

Afterwards, Jordan went to Yama's room but was hearing Karara, Baam talking to him already. He overheard the history of the canine people, and when Yama came out of the room, he asks if Jordan heard everything and tells him that he can leave anytime he wants to join his other brothers. Instead of leaving Yama, Jordan was impressed by Yama being a true lone wolf by not sharing anything to anyone. Jordan then says he'll follow Yama til the end.

Powers and Abilities

3x14 - 1
Partial Transformation:
 Jordan has inherited the mysterious ancient power Yama and his brothers which means that he can undergo transformation. He has shown us the first version of his transformation where he develops a cannon like arm. He then mentions that he can further progress this transformaiton. It is not known how many transformations he can undergo.
  • Second Form - Green Furry Beast: Jordan transforms his own arm into a shinsoo cannon covered with green hairs, though this being only one of the partial transformations that Jordan was still capable of generating a large gust of shinsoo strong enough to vaporize a part of a large building that still could surprise a Ranker sent by the Elder High Priest.[3]
  • Second Transformation - Dog Bite: Probably an evolution of his Second Form - Green Furry Beast, where Jordan's cannon shinsoo gets more hairs and even bigger than before, as his fiery firepower gets stronger than before
    • Biding Skill - Little Forest: A technique that preparation is necessary, where Jordan creates a giant ball of hair and thus throwing in his opponent creating a blinding green light and leaving his opponent immobile.[4]
  • Third Transformation - Bullet Piercing Through The Woods Of Uncertainty : Attack in this form can hit anything Jordan sees.[5]


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