I will one day... be the king of this Tower!

—Ja Wangnan's motivation to climb The Tower[2]

Ja Wangnan (자 왕난, Ja Wangnan) is one of the main protagonists of Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince. He aspires to be the king of the whole Tower. He values his determination in life more than anyone else's desires. He plans to scale up the Tower's Floors and reach the true top of the Tower, unlike those who have given up. After the events that took place on the Last Station, he was last seen with Yeo Miseng visiting the remaining of Team Tangsooyook members.

Notes and Trivia

  • While his position is unknown he may possibly be Fisherman or, less likely, a Spear Bearer as he owns a Reel Inventory.[3]
  • The Shinsoo Bombs Wangnan uses look like Poké Balls from the Pokémon series, Dive Balls in particular. His regular bombs look like regular Poké Balls, however.
  • He is horrible at strengthening tests. He placed 15th in the Shinsoo Strengthening Competition. Also, interesting to note, he's worse than Nia when it comes to Shinsoo strengthening.
  • His name read backwards, actually means (Nan-"I am") (Wangja-"prince").
  • Officially, the Zahard Family has no Prince[4] and Wangnan's exact relation to Zahard is unknown, yet many fans speculate that Wangnan is the "Prince of Zahard". But, according to Hwa Ryun, he is apparently Zahard and the 10 Great Families' biggest "mistake".[5]This was further confirmed by Rachel, who said that "they were the fatal weak point that Zahard tried to hide but ultimately survived" that they "gained power that they weren't supposed to have".[6]
  • Hwa Ryun refers to Ja Wangnan as "the Prince of the Red Light District" or "the Prince of Red Light Family" (홍등가의 왕자, Hongdeunga-eui Wangja).[7] However, it is unknown what Hwa Ryun meant exactly. At the moment, both translation are unconfirmed until SIU reveals which one he meant. (Note that Red Light District is an existing Korean word, so the former has a higher chance of being right.) In a dream he had, Nya Nia used the same words to name him.[8]
    • As shops in red light districts have girls on display, the former could be an insult against Zahard's Family, as people often figuratively say that Zahard puts his Princesses on display.
    • The former could also literally mean that Wangnan is an illegitimate son of Zahard.
    • The latter could mean he is a child from a family that has not yet been shown.
  • Karaka wears the same ring as Wangnan. Though they are currently in the same party, and only Wangnan has noticed Karaka's ring thus far.
  • He wishes his horns would grow.[9]
  • SIU stated that he is knowledgeable about many of the Tower's secrets.[10]
    • He added that Wangnan's climb of the Tower is one of the main axis of the story.[11]
  • He has chosen Yellow Prince (노란왕자, Nolan-Wangja) as a code word to be contacted through Emile.[12]
  • Wangnang was not raised by his parents. Instead, a nanny raised him and called him the "seed of the king".[13]
  • Wangnan is a unique character. He has the personality of a traditional Shōnen protagonist, but compared to his personality, he is such a weak and useless character by those standards.[14]
  • SIU has stated that Wangnan is a character that's really important for him.[14]
  • Wangnan is actually very old (enough to be brothers with Karaka). He got held back a "few" years early on. But he didn't sacrifice anyone intentionally. It's just that he used selective memory to hide his own pain to guard himself from tragedy, protecting his sanity. (Think of how Yihwa's attack killed all the Regulars except himself).[15]
  • Wangnan has a personality that draws others in, which he likes, but he is also sensitive to deaths and pain that those around him suffer. Regardless, we will see a lot more about him in the future.[15]
  • Wangnan and Rachel's link was a very important moment in the Tower of God overall storyline.[16]
  • His birthday is on July 17th



  • (To Nya Nia) "You still can't give up on your dream, so there is no option but to keep on earning money to survive until you can take the test again, so you started a part time job. Right? Life shouldn't be like that. You have got to try as much as you can. If not, you will never find the real you."[17]
  • (To Nya Nia) "I believe the difference between those up there and me is the question of whether you have given up or not."[2]
  • (Pleading to Jyu Viole Grace) "Pick me please! If you just pick me, I'll do anything! If you tell me to bark like a dog, I'll bark! If you tell me to lick, I'll lick! Just pick me!"[18]
  • (To Nya Nia before his death) "It's alright, you crybaby. If I fail, I can just retake the test. What do you take me for? The fact that you have something to protect... you're already a great man, Nia. Even without climbing the Tower, I think you found your true self, here. You've now graduated from being my mentee. Congratulations, Nia. You're such a kind boy, really."[19]
  • (To Jyu Viole Grace for the connector) "The one who beats down the bad guy is not a good guy, but an even worse guy. You… aren’t you the worst guy in this Tower? So why don’t you go punish that pathetically evil guy with me."[20]
  • (To Love and Viole) "When I first came to this floor, I had many friends. We had delicious sweet and sour pork together. But then my friends gave up on the test one by one, and I was the only one left, eating food by myself. When I saw that empty bowl, it felt like people were telling me to give up. Saying that I was all alone and hopeless, and I hated that. At last, I have found someone to enjoy delivery food with. Now I have someone to eat with, but he is dead. Does this Tower make our dreams come true or force us to gave up our dreams? At least, shouldn't we punished the bad guys who use others dreams to fulfill their own? I can't forgive those bastards. I can't.. If the Tower allows them up, and if it is because of those bastards that I'm blocked from going up, I will destroy them all!! I will be the King of this Tower!! And destroy them all!! Even if I have to make a deal with the devil!![21]
  • (To Kim Lurker) "Even if everyone laughs at me and tells me it’s impossible! Even if I fail the tests thousands of times! Even if I’m betrayed and forgotten! I will never give up!"[22]
  • (To Jyu Viole Grace) "Because... I, too, want to be forgiven... In order to climb the Tower... Ignoring people on the verge of death, tricking people, killing people... I realised him and I wasn't that different after all. From now on... I couldn't imagine how many more people I might be killing after him... So... That's why..."[23]
  • (To Jyu Viole Grace) "This Tower, it creates walls between people. I just want to make a place where everybody can smile under the same roof. I want a wider sky."[23]
  • (Talking about Viole to Hwa Ryun) "You are cruel!! How could anyone do that?! To use that kind of cruelty to reach your own ends!! Because he is an Irregular, you forced him to live a life he doesn't want and be hated by everyone!! How could you do that?!"[24]
  • (To Jyu Viole Grace) "If I was your friend, I don't think I'll regret it even if I were to die for you. Friend."[24]
  • (To Hon Akraptor) "Everytime we fail an exam, one of Viole's friends dies. He is going up the Tower to protect his friends. The place where Viole truly belong to is not here, by our side."[25]
  • (To Ha Jinsung) "We decided to go our own way. It has nothing to do with FUG, the 10 Families, nor Zahard. It's our "Own Way", the way we want to go. But we will take Viole with us. Well, just to let you know."[26]
  • (Explaining about the wrong move made by false believers to Chang Blarode) "Those guys... messed with the wrong guy. Viole doesn't enjoy fighting, but if he thinks he see's the need to fight, he becomes frightening."[27]
  • (Thinking to himself) "Because of me, I put everyone in danger in the end. Why am I so weak? I want to be stronger. Stronger enough to be able to lead everyone to the way I want to go. Mother.."[28]
  • (To Hwa Ryun) "I don't want to be someone else's burden anymore. I want to be strong enough to get the ticket for myself, at least. I am even willing to go up the Tower by myself. I am no longer a failure of the 20th floor. I'm going to get stronger. Stronger enough to make somebody else follow behind my back."[29]
  • (To Beniamino Cassano) "I have never seen a decent person among those who say they are going to save the world while forsaking the people around them. Those type of men are always so intoxicated by their own hollow dreams that they call every little thing in front of them trivial. You think I'am an unworthy vessel? Why don't you take a look around you? Do you see anyone at all who genuinely believes what you are saying? You are just a chess piece that they like to use."[30]
  • (To Akraptor) "Akraptor.. I'm actually an extremely remarkable person. Although I can't tell you right now.. I'll definitely tell you someday. What kind of person I am.." (#306 - S2 - Eps.226)
  • (To Rachel) "And just don't forget this one thing as we are climbing the tower together. Someday, without a doubt.. I will make you pay the price for killing Arkraptor!!."
  • (To Rachel) "Don't get me wrong. I was insulting you, not complimenting you. All I wanted to know is why a nice kid like Viole would be following you around."
  • (To Karaka) "I don't know what qualifications a Prince needs to have!! But I would rather become a real Prince!! And stand firmly before that bastard Zahard, the cause all of this!! And I'm going to make sure I tell the king about her!! So tell me!! What happened in the Red-light district?! Why do we both share part of this 'Key'?! You know something, don't you?"[31]


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