Io is one of the hosts of the Workshop Battle and also the creator of the "White Heavenly Mirror". He currently resides in the Archimedes along with Punk, who was also another host of the Workshop Battle.

Appearance and Personality

Io wears a black suit with white gloves and is in most respects attired similarly to Punk. Unlike his partner, however, his helmet is blue and covers his entire face. He is often represented by the symbol seen on his helmet, which resembles a caduceus in a white circle.

Both he and Punk seem to enjoy their jobs and do not seem to have many scruples over harm caused to Regulars in order to complete their research.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

One Shot, One Opportunity

Io made an unseen appearance during the Workshop Battle's event "One Shot, One Opportunity" where he announced the game's rules in order to the Regulars to get a ticket to board the Archimedes and also mentioning the game's additional rewards: Blood Tamara, White Heavenly Mirror and Bon Bon.


He made his formal appearance alongside Punk, discussing the upcoming Workshop Battle and the items they had created. The two met up with Madoraco, who discussed how they might profit from the Battle. After he left, Io and Punk noted that the money could help complete their research into Emile.

Battle x Gamble

Io and Punk introduced themselves to the audience and then Io went on to explain the rules of the tournament, announce the gamblers and explain the rules of the upcoming event called "Plug". He played the role of commentator, entertaining the audience throughout the matches. When Ran proposed the change in rules, he was hesitant at first, but Madoraco ordered him to allow the change in rules as that was what the audience wanted.

The Truth


Party's concert

During the Archimedes Party, Io, alongside Punk and the other moderators, held a live performance. At the end of the concert he gathered all gamblers of the Plug event for a meeting regarding the results of the previous game, which caused the defeat of the majority of participants due to Parakewl's illegal intervention. Because it was too late to rewind the match between Anak and Ran, Io proposed a new set of rules for the participants. He proposed a Development Tournament in which all of then accepted the new rules.


Io was seen introducing the Development Tournament to the public. Later, after the first rounds finished, he announced Team FUG's victory, Viole's defection and the merge of the northern teams.


He introduced the restart of the next round, with the victors of the semi-finals moving on to take on Team FUG.


During the semi-finals Io wondered why Beta hadn't been dealt with yet. Later, Io stated to the audience that Team Tangsooyook held the advantage in the semi-finals since Yihwa had killed the opposing vanguard. He also attempted to keep the audience's suspicion low by telling them that Beta was a "mysterious combatant", hoping they would believe that it was just another event. He then told the Workshop to capture Beta as quietly as possible. Suddenly, Punk came and explained the severity of the situation, with all the prisoners aboard the Archimedes having escaped from their respective cells. Io exclaimed in surprise, wondering how things could have gotten this out of hand.


He and Punk wanted to restart the Development Tournament as quickly as possible, after Beta's intrusion, and were then left wondering in confusion when they saw Androssi using Bon Bon up in the sky. They later confronted Madoraco and were annoyed when he told them he had given their reward to someone else. Riled, he and Punk drew their weapons and prepared to attack but they were easily defeated by the High Ranker.

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