Androssi with Narumada

Ignition Weapons (시동 무기, Sidong Mugi) are a type of weapon used in the Tower. An Ignition weapon is a weapon refined with shinsu bearing a soul [1]. When activated (시동, sidong, 始動; "ignite" or "start engine") it releases vast amounts of power, enhancing its speed, damage, etc.

Compression Weapons are a branch form of Ignition weapons that have a compressed and ignition mode. In Ignition mode, certain Compression weapons like the Green April are capable of becoming far more powerful. Ignition weapons are supposedly quite rare on the lower Floors of the Tower, as Androssi was very surprised when she first saw Narumada.

An incredibly famous and powerful group of Ignition weapons are the 13 Month Series, which are only given to selected Princesses.

Living Ignition Weapons

Living ignition weapon.png

Living Ignition Weapons (살아있는 시동 무기, Sarainneun Sidong Mugi), living beings with an Ignition Weapon inserted in them, were created after extensive research and experimentation by the scientists of the Workshop. By injecting ignition liquid and a unique creature into the subject [2] a Living Ignition Weapon could be created. Many of the subjects that made up the experimental group perished due to side effects of the injections [1]. and the research was carried out in secret, because using livingbeings was prohibited. The first successful humans to become Living Ignition Weapons were Beniamino Cassano (No.99) and Kang Horyang (No.21).[3]

The only currently known Living Ignition Weapons are Beniamino Ilmar, Beniamino Cassano, Jyu Viole Grace, Beta and Emile.

Notes and Trivia

  • Ignition Weapons (especially the 13 Month Series) play a big role later on.[4]



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