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Khun Royale Elliot use his Ice power to stop Evankhell

Ice (빙, Bing, Ice) is one of the rare elemental Shinsu Quality that allow the user to change their Shinsu into ice.


Ice element was first mentioned by Khun Eduan when he taught Twenty-Fifth Baam about his Shinsu Quality during training in the Hidden Floor. Eduan said that in the Khun Family itself, an ice user is very rare.[1]

Currently there are not much information about ice.



  • Snow Blaster: A weapon used by Kranka, a subordinates of Garam Zahard in the Floor of Death. Kranka used this weapon to attack Hell Joe, trying to freeze his body. However, Joe's body was boiling hot because the power of Red Thryssa Transformation, so the weapon failed to freeze his body with ice.[2] This weapon was used again on Evan Edrok when Garam tried to kill him because she wanted to keep the information about Floor of Death as a top secret. Evan was seen trapped in the pile of frozen ice.[3]


The Ruler of the 49th Floor, Khun Royale Elliot has a very strong Ice quality shinsu control. His ice power was so powerful that it can contain the massive flames of Evankhell that can melt Ranker's body.

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  • Author SIU said that snows weather does exist in the Tower.[4]