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This article is about Rachel's "Avatar" created using virtual reality system of big breeder Chung in the Hidden Floor. See also Rachel.

Icarus is an artificial character, created by Rachel using a virtual reality system of Big Breeder Chung in the The Hidden Hidden Floor.[2] Rachel use this body to go into another data world "Hidden Floor" to find and regroup with Ha Yura, White and Traveller.


Icarus is a fake appearance of Rachel. She controlled this body and appearances using a special virtual reality device. Her real body was actually sitting in a room with a VR helmet on, basically like playing a game.[2]

Later, Rachel became obsessed with this Icarus body after hearing Hwang's theory that they could bring this data body into 'reality'. In the end, Icarus's appearance disappeared after Rachel got out and back into the train.

Appearance and Personality

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Rachel created Icarus' appearances as beautiful woman with fair skin, long dark gold hair, wearing dark red suit. There are accessories on her left suit collar and left ear. Many fans also said that it's really resemble an "elf" as in the mythology because of her sharp ear.[2]

At first, Rachel displayed a fake personality as Icarus. She showed a cheerful and supportive personality.[2][3] But when her true identity as Rachel was revealed to Khun Aguero Agnis, Androssi Zahard, and Rak Wraithraiser, she's back to Rachel.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Hidden Floor


The Hidden Hidden Floor


Powers and Abilities

Rachel in the form as Icarus is more likely to have same power level as the big breeders in the hidden floor. Because she also used the same device and process. Rachel mentioned that she used the power of the big breeder. Data Yu Han Sung also confirmed this after seeing Icarus' wristband that has unique marble that identical to Big Breeder.[1]

  • Healing: Icarus can heal a "real wound" and make it like it was never happened, as seen when she healed Khun Aguero Agnis when he was wounded by Khun Kiseia.[1]
  • Tracking: She can track and find labirnth path. This is more likelly because she is like the big breeder itself who have control over the system.[1]
  • Bomb Planting: She can plant a bomb inside the body of living being. She planted a bomb inside Khun's body while healing him.
  • Surveillance: Using the bracelet, Rachel in the Icarus Avatar was able to spy on others in long distance. This works similar to a Observer, where a smaller bracelet travels and spies on her target while a larger bracelet functions as the screen that receives the livestream.
  • Offensive Attack:While in the avatar, Rachel was shown to have used some sort of attack to kill the giant rat of the hidden floor’s quest.
  • Enhancing / Amplify: She can enhance or amplify the power of an item. She enhanced the power of Mad Shocker when helping Rak to distract Jeok from using his Wand.[3]


  • (To Khun Aguero Agnis) "That's right before, I planted a bomb in your heart while pretending to save you. Because I wanted to kill you at the most crucial moment with my own hands."[4]

Notes and Trivia

  • She is Rachel in disguise using big breeder virtual reality avatar system.
  • Unlike Chung who appear with the summoning system by using a round door, Icarus' summoning system seems to focused on the wristband in her right hand as the source of big breeder power.[5]



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