Hyun Chung is a Regular that was involved in the Workshop Battle that took place onboard the Archimedes. He was chosen as one of 10 gamblers in the game "Plug". His Vanguards are Tebo and Lebo who lost to Ja Wangnan of Team Tangsooyook.

Personality and Appearance

Hyun Chung has a vaguely monk-like appearance, with rectangular-framed glasses and a completely shaven head.

He is a very calm person and, when there is a need to place bets, he says his chants first. According to Koon, he has good intuition.[citation needed]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

Battle x Gamble

Hyun Chung was chosen as one of 10 gamblers who participated in the game, "Plug". During the test he constantly prayed that he'd make the right bets.

The Truth

Despite praying for correct bets, he was one of 8 gamblers who ended up failing and sat with the 10 as they discussed what path to take as a result.


During the Development Tournament quarter-finals, Hyun Chung chose Tebo & Lebo as his vanguard and was confident they would defeat Wangnan at the summoning area. However, after Koon worked out their weakness, Wangnan defeated Tebo & Lebo and thus his team were eliminated.


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