Hwang (황, Hwang) is the first Big Breeder and was created by Zahard in order to control the Hidden Floor.[1]


After watching Regulars in the Hidden Floor, Hwang became curious, what if it had been born as an ordinary human. Then it met Ha Yura's mother. Hwang proposed to alter the system of the Hidden Floor, so that she could give a birth and it gave her a mirror fragment so that she could keep seeing her children once she leaves the Hidden Floor. It all was just so Hwang could enter her son's body.[1]

Hwang chose other Big Breeders to do its job and it spend most time in boy's body living with the mother. She was oblivious to all of that. Hwang was just data so the boy grew in a different way than a normal human. At some point the mother realized that it wasn't her actual son. Hwang confessed everything, but it wanted her to accept it anyway. She rejected it and wanted to delete her and so Hwang did.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Unlike the other Big Breeders, Hwang is pure data and has no body, but it can control Dolls.[1] After meeting Ha Yura's mother it controlled body of her son. Hwang often is inside the golden orb.

Hwang's main goal was to leave the Hidden Floor and become a real human.[2]

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