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In FUG, there are those who have a grudge against 10 Great Families and Zahard, those who envy what they possess, and those who want to change the Tower. A Slayer is a god who fulfills their wishes... hang in there, my god.

—Hwa Ryun to Viole[5]

Hwa Ryun (화련, Hwaryeon; or "Hwaryun") is Viole's Guide but is also the Guide for FUG's Rankers notably Ha Jinsung. It was revealed that she went into the Floor of Death first, instructing another Red-haired lady to lead the way for Yuri and Khun's team.


Hwa Ryun is a member of the Red Witch species known for being Guides and currently a member of FUG. Evan Edrok briefly encountered her during the Submerged Fish Test and was shocked by seeing her, although Hwa Ryun and Evan don't actually know each other.[6]

Notes and Trivia

In one of the chapters of the flashback,[7] she is shown with both her eyes intact. And when she was among the Regulars waiting to take Lero-Ro's barrier test, she was depicted as having covered her whole face with a jeweled mask. However, after her eye was injured by Baam, she covered it with an eye patch. It should also be noted that regardless of her eye's condition, she actually does like her eye-patch.[6]

  • Hwa Ryun's species is Red Witch known for their bright red hair and for being Guides.
  • SIU wrote that she was the most beautiful woman of the Season 1 Regulars.[8] He further stated that this was a foreshadowing,[9] the importance of which has yet to be revealed.
  • Hwa Ryun and Evan Edrok do not know each other.[6]
  • Though Hwa Ryun refers to Baam as "My God" like FUG subordinates are known to do towards a Slayer, in the original Korean she says it with informal language, making it sound more like a pet-name than a sign of devotion.
  • Her name means "inferno wheel" when translated from Korean to English. It could also mean "lotus flower", which her Chinese name (花蓮) translates to.
  • She was technically failed on the 2nd Floor and is no longer a Regular.[10] She is still able to journey through the Tower and climb Floors as she wills thanks to her Guide position.[11] She therefore does not take Floor tests.
  • She is the only Guide (besides Yuto) who is a Regular (despite having been disqualified on the Second Floor technically).[12]
  • If Khun is an elite who is good with petty tricks, Hwa Ryun is more like the one who pulls strings from behind and possesses dark secrets.[13]



  • (To Twenty-Fifth Baam) "As promised, all that you seek, all that we desire, is prepared up there. On top of the Tower."[7]
  • (To Wangnan) "6 years ago we met a boy on the test floor capable of making our dreams come true. Frankly speaking, we have been waiting for him for a long time. Who opened the door? Who is free from the contract? Who will fill the Tower with the blood of the King? Baam, the Irregular. When he reaches the top, everything in the Tower will change."[14]
  • (Talking about Viole to Wangnan) "Then what should we do? Should we just leave him alone? Then who will make our wish come true? Will you? I'm sorry but it doesn't look like you can do what we want either, we are in the same boat. Sympathy and justice are not always the answer. Anyone can talk about "Justice". We don't think it's right either that God gave him such destiny."[15]
  • (To Wangnan) "Why are you so shocked? Did you really think we were nice people?"[15]
  • (To Yeon Yihwa) "How does it feel to see the dark side of the family that you were so proud of? If I were you, I wouldn't lay down like that. I would think of what I could do to make things right. Isn't that what the "Elite" should do? Well, it might be too much for a girl who can't even cook for herself."[16]
  • (To Jyu Viole Grace) "You seem happy. It's just as that ajussi, Ha Jinsung wanted. He told me to let you know if you want to keep this happiness, get stronger. Soon, a great calamity will come. In you current state, you don't stand a chance. If you want to be happy, become strong enough to protect your happiness. Then you can go back to kick the asses of those guys up there who put you in danger. Become stronger, Viole."[17]
  • (Talking about Rachel and Twenty-Fifth Baam) "I guess it's all wrapped up, but soon, a new story will begin. She is a being that not even the Guides can foresee. Like you, a being that is most foreign to the Tower. A being that can change the Tower. If you stand before her once again, Baam, what will you decide?"[17]
  • (To Baam) "This journey won't end soon. I don't know what the FUG wants from the train, but whatever it is, the fact that you need to get more powerful doesn't change. Not only physically, but also mentally. You have got to get stronger. Only then, you will be able to climb up the Tower on your own and stand tall before Rachel."[18]
  • (To Baam) "You may think that you are going up the Tower with a different objective from others, but in my opinion, you are the one who is chasing after stupid things while not thinking about others. Don't you think it's about time that you start caring about the people around you?"[19]
  • (Talking about Baam to Evan Edrok) "I didn't create that path for anyone's sake. The path which that boy now walks is simply the path that he walks. It's a path which no navigator can create. One which no one has travelled before. A completely 'New Path'."[21]
  • (Talking about the Hidden Floor to Evan Edrok) "I don't know. But I have heard stories about it. That there is the 'Evil' sleeping that Zahard left there after becoming a God."[22]



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