Hurt Regular was an unnamed character that was introduced in Lero-Ro's Test that argued with Dédé Kancho.


Prior to his introduction, his right arm was cut off by Dédé Kancho.[1]

Lero-Ro's Test (Arc)

He demanded that Kancho would make up for his lost arm, but Kancho refused this mockingly. This severly angered him, but the scuffle was ended when Lero-Ro told them to. He later failed Ler-Ro's test.

Notes and Trivia

  • The extent of the damaged to his arm was changed in the anime, with it being only his hand and not his whole arm.
  • His eye and hair color was changed in the anime.


  1. Ch.09: 2F - Lero-Ro's Test (1)


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