Hook (후크, hookeu, "hook") is one of many basic weapons in the Tower. They are generally used to pull, stab and crush. A basic example is "hooking" the opponent in order to restrict their movements.

A well known hook is Anak Zahard's Green April, a Hook which elongates and is the only Hook with a name. Other Hooks normally don't increase in length.

Appearance and Design

The basic design of Hook weapons are long and thin like a whip. The weapon consisted of two parts: the grip which is long enough for two-handed use and the curved part which is more elastic and easier to swing.

Powers and Abilities

As seen at The Hand of Arlen during the arc of Devil of the Right Arm, Khun Ran use a blue Hook to destroy the Stone Doll traps. A proof that the Hook weapon is sturdy and strong enough to destroy rocks and stones. The Hook also helped Khun Ran to corner Kang Horyang, a Living Ignition Weapon, effortlessly.[1][2] Khun Ran might have actually use shinsu to strengthen the sturdiness of his blue Hook, but it's not confirmed.

The Hook weapons capability might also depends on its user ability and their shinsu manipulation. Like in case of Khun Ran, a basic Hook can looks deadly if it was handled by strong regulars.

Known Hook Users

Known Hooks

  • Lusclec's "Great Black Hook"


Notes and Trivia

  • SIU likes the sea, so he use many aquatic theme in Tower of God (series). The Hook is clearly a reference to Wikipedia:Fish Hook
  • In fact, the Green April is a very unusual kind of hook, as it is a Compression Weapon that can be used for much more than just hooking enemies.
  • Coincidentally, hooks are commonly used by Fishermen. This is most likely a subtle joke by SIU.



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