Hong Chunhwa (홍천화, Hong Cheonhwa; "Hong Chunhwa") is a Regular. He passed most of the Second Floor tests and was assigned to the Fisherman position. He seems to be quite close to Sunwoo Nare.

Appearance and Personality

Hong is a normal looking guy with mousy brown hair and brown eyes. During the initial 2nd Floor tests, he wore a suit of armor.

Hong is generally fairly reserved and quiet, except with Sunwoo who he treats like a princess.

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Tower of God: Part 1


Hong ignites his weapon.

He was put on Team B for the Hide-and-Seek Test and traveled with Androssi, Des Lion and Baam. When Androssi attacked Lion, Hong revealed that he had been suspicious of her all along. He asked Lion to distract Androssi, saying he could finish her in one blow. Lion did not accept but accidentally ended up distracting her anyway. When Androssi finished off Lion, Hong said that she should not have let her guard down and Ignited his weapon Narumada. He was surprised when Baam was able to take a hit from Narumada, but let him leave, before teaming up with Lion against Androssi. However, the pair was easily defeated. Hong called Androssi a demon and was then smashed against a wall by her. He passed the Hide and Seek Test and also the Submerged Fish Test which was the final test on the 2nd Floor.

Powers and Abilities

He has an Ignition Weapon called Narumada, which can create a blast of Shinsoo comparable to Laure's.

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU compared the fact that Hong Chunhwa was able to get his hands on a powerful weapon like Narumada before entering the Tower, as like a person without a license owning an F1 car.
  • According to SIU, he is from the same village as Hong Danhwa.


  1. Hong's stat card


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