Shhh... there are kids listening.

—Hon Akraptor to Yeongsuk the Yoghurt woman.[1]

Hon Akraptor (혼 아크랩터, Hon Ahkeuraepteo; or "Hon Arkraptor") is a Regular and a member of Team Tangsooyook.


Arkraptor married a woman from the 10 Great Families. They had a baby girl together, but his wife's family took his spouse and child from him.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Akraptor has close-cropped silver hair and a golden earring on his right ear, which was his engagement ring.[2] He fights with a black-and-white striped lance as his weapon, which could fire Shinsoo over a long distance. The lance could also open up like an umbrella to be used as a shield.

Initially, Arkraptor did not get along well with his other teammates and even tried to attack his allies when they had a common enemy; this contributed to his reputation deteriorating to the point that he was disliked even more than Viole by the other Regulars. Later on, as part of Team Tangsooyook, he acted as the voice of reason in the group, calming down other members when they were upset about the situations they found themselves in. Arkraptor often took on a responsible role in the team and acted as the team's counsellor, often intervening when it looked like a team member's personal feelings were getting in the way of cooperation.As a father, he felt protective of Miseng and went out of his way to protect her. At first, his motive was to climb the Tower and gain strength so he could protect those precious to him, and so he wouldn't have to face the agony of seeing his daughter die again. However, once Arkraptor met Miseng, he found another purpose as the emptiness inside him was filled, and climbed the Tower to protect her.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Last Chance

Hon Akraptor

Upon Hon Akraptor's arrival, Kang Horyang and Ja Wangnan felt that he was dangerous, though he seemed to be docile. He said it would be a waste of effort to fight, but began to show his true colours by proposing a vote on who would fail. Akraptor voted for Miseng, surprising everyone and upsetting Goseng. He told them that that was a better method than fighting it out. He prompted the next person to vote and Ja Wangnan voted for Akraptor. Akraptor shrugged this off and asked what Horyang thought. Before he could respond, Viole stood up and announced that he would drop them all.

Akraptor Fights Viole

Akraptor fighting Viole.

Irritated by this, Akraptor pointed his umbrella-like weapon at Viole and told him to repeat himself, but Viole simply attacked him. Akraptor was surprised at Viole's speed and strength, sensing that he was dangerous. When Horyang stepped in to try to convince Viole to stop, Akraptor fires at them both, only to pretend it was an accident. The second time he did this, Horyang counterattacked and Viole was able to blast them both away. Once Goseng identified Viole as a member of FUG, Akraptor realised that fighting Viole head on would be dangerous and proposed to Horyang an alliance "in order to survive that monster". Horyang pinned down Viole and Akraptor managed to get a shot at him, but it was blocked. Viole then launched himself away from Horyang to attack Akraptor on the other side of the room. Akraptor opened his weapon (umbrella style) to stop Viole's retaliation, only to be blasted away again by a delayed Shinsoo blast. When Wangnan managed to knock Viole down, Akraptor yelled at him to seize the chance to attack again. The first part of the test ended before anyone was seriously hurt.

When everyone was waiting for the other Regulars to arrive for the second part of the test, Miseng offered chips to eat. Akraptor held out his hand while saying, "Hmph. Something like chips..." As a result, she gave this to everyone (including Viole) except Akraptor. After Viole was given chips, Akraptor looks at his empty hand.

The Strongest Regular

In the World's Strongest Regular Test, Akraptor managed to place first among the first 18 Regulars with 3,250 points. Horyang and rest of the Regulars all bested this score. After seeing Yihwa fight with Prince over their scores, he laughed at them and said that they weren't getting first place anyway before telling all the others that Viole was the strongest Regular. He smirked when Viole got first place, having been proven right.

Akraptor - S2Ch.8

When Test Administrator, Mule Love, announced that Viole would be picking the remaining seven members to make a team, Akraptor was the second person to make a plea to Viole. He got on his knees and said that he wished to meet his daughter with tears in his eyes. Wangnan called him out on this, saying something like that wouldn't make sense. When Miseng cried out to Viole, Akraptor claims her as his daughter (perhaps as a half-joke). He was shocked when Viole announces that he would not accept any teammates and appeared unsettled when Viole declared himself as their enemy.


He went to rest in the baths with the others and appeared to strike up the beginnings of a friendship with Horyang. He also violently shooed Yeongsuk away from Miseng, finding the former a dangerous person.

  • Akraptor in changing room
  • Akraptor disarms the Yogurt Lady.

The Untrustworthy Room

During the Trustworthy Room Test, Akraptor left his room with Horyang to look for allies. He tried to get into Miseng's room but was kept out and so started playing a word game with her until Yeongsuk arrived. When the latter revealed her plan to attack Miseng, Akraptor fought and defeated her and subsequently tied her up. Afterwards, he, Goseng and Wangnan were forced to enter Miseng's room to avoid Viole. He went with Wangnan to steal Yeongsuk's room. When Nia's betrayal and death occurred, Wangnan left the room in order to get Viole, forcing Akraptor to stay behind. After the test he was seen with the rest of the passing Regulars.


While preparing for the next test, Akraptor was living with the others in the house Viole bought for their use. Akraptor took on the role of a reasonable and calm parental figure. When Yihwa was brought back after confronting the FUG members in the shopping district, Akraptor reasoned with her by telling her that she needed Viole since she could not control her own powers.

Zygaena's Flower

During the 21st Floor test, he split off into a group with Wangnan, Miseng and Goseng to search for the flower of Zygaena. While waiting for Miseng to come back after entering a tunnel, he and Wangnan went to look around by themselves. Noticing Wangnan's serious face and his sudden effort in training after meeting FUG, Akraptor questioned him. Wangnan informed him that if they fail any tests, one of Viole's friends would die. They were then informed that they must meet up to defeat an enemy. Akraptor cooperated with Wangnan to stop the enemy but like the others, they failed. Akraptor stood with Horyang and Wangnan, all of them visibly shaking, to face the man that so easily defeated them to prevent him from killing Viole. The enemy spared them because of Viole's actions and they were surprised to learn the man they were fighting was Urek Mazino.

Epilogue, Path

After passing the test, Akraptor, along with Horyang and Prince, give Wangnan their support in helping Viole meet his friends.


Akraptor and Miseng Floating Above Enemies

Akraptor lured the enemy team to a clearing in order to paralyse them with Prince and Goseng's Lighthouses. After they got blown up by Yihwa, he, along with the others rushed to Viole. Afterwards, he expressed his concern for the team and advised Wangnan to rest for some months before continuing on.

Devil of the Right Arm

Afterwards, he listened to Kang Horyang's story and appeared to go to sleep with everyone else. However, he was actually awake and confronted Viole when he goes to get Horyang back. He wanted to go as well, but lacking a vehicle could not. Yihwa then said that as a member of the Yeon Family, she would be able to get a vehicle for them.


He along with Yihwa, Wangnan and Prince arrived at the Hand of Arlen only to find it blown up. They recovered Koon and brought him back to their bunker. When Koon awoke, Akraptor explained the situation to him. Koon was about to walk out when Akraptor stopped him, saying that Team Tangsooyook would go with Koon. When they arrived at Koon's bunker, they found Dan lying in a pool of blood and Akraptor carried him out. In the following months, he along with the rest of the team trained under Koon and he probably had the most confidence out of all of the team members. He tried to sleep, but couldn't due to Yihwa's explosions as she tried to train her accuracy in her flames. He passed the 29th Floor test despite being tired.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

One Shot, One Opportunity

He was seen with Goseng atop a tower contacting Koon and saying that they had lost Miseng and Prince. When he tried to exit the observatory he was attacked by Chang Blarode, but was then saved by Wangnan and Koon. When Koon decided to abandon Miseng and Prince, he agreed and said that some of them at least should go up to Archimedes. Koon then shot him.

Battle x Gamble

Akraptor removes the flower

He was selected for the first round of the Plug game and was glad to see that Prince and Miseng were on the Archimedes. As he entered the arena he saw a beaten up Prince and a violent Miseng. After Prince successfully stopped Miseng, he stole the flower which enhanced her skills and qualified to next round.


Wangnan summoned him, and he took part in the Development Tournament. He was with development Team Tangsooyook when they heard about the result of the northern area and Viole's departure from the FUG team, then went to the waiting area for the semi-finals.


Along the way to the room they overheard some Regulars that were talking bad about Viole. Afterwards, Yihwa came out of his room screaming that she was surprised to see Vespa. When they were called by Koon, he learned about what FUG was planning to do with Viole. When he went out to the battlefield, he was hidden as part of the Koon's strategy.


Akraptor x Qauetro

Meeting up with Quaetro and Vespa, they entered the cavern to find out, to their surprise, that the other team's vanguard was not there.


He and Quaetro made a timely arrival at Beta's location and took out some of the Workshop guards. Later on, he, Yihwa and Quaetro go searching for Horyang but cannot find him. It's not until Xia Xia decided to help, that they make some progress. After safely escaping, he is among the Regulars when they are all reunited aboard the Wolhaiksong suspendiship.

After the events of the Workshop Battle, he was seen drinking with Leesoo, Chang and Prince.


He is one of the people that greets Wangnan when he finally wakes up, along with Leesoo and Prince.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He was seen with the rest of his team when Hwa Ryun explained to them about the Hell Express.

Revolution Road

Along with Prince and Miseng, he appeared on the Entrance floor of Train City while Beta, Aka and Moontari were combating Mirotic. After greeting Beta, he proceeded to attack the Mirotic guardian with his lance-like weapon and, after Miseng pointed out the guardian's weak points, he helped to take Mirotic down.

Afterwards he travelled with everyone until they caught up with Viole and Boro. After a brief reunion with Viole and Daniel's revelation to Aka and Boro, Daniel destroyed the stairs preventing them all from following him. He eventually reached the platform with everyone else, just as the Train was leaving and enquired to where it was going. After receiving a reply from Boro, they all agreed to return to the stadium and sort everything out down there.


A month after the Train City incident, Akraptor was present when their team had a meeting. He was the most vocal out of everyone (excluding Koon). After the meeting, when everyone went to get something to eat, Akraptor followed Koon and then called him out over his recent actions towards everyone, especially Rak and Viole. Koon then confided in Akraptor about his fear involving Viole and how they had stop it.

After completing the 36th Floor test and Viole collapsing again, they were visited by Ha Jinsung who told them all to give up on chasing the Hell Express because the person who was on there was too powerful for them. As he escorted them to the 36th Floor middle area, they managed to trick him and escape via Koon's genius planning.

Wooden Horse

Team Tangsooyook rushed to get to the Wooden Horse station as fast as they could. On their way, Koon, Rak and Viole jet ahead by riding on shinsoo.

Much later, Akraptor, Prince, Miseng, Quaetro and Chang found themselves trapped inside a cage on board the Hell Express.

The Dallar Show

Having been imprisoned for a month, Prince was raging and Miseng was fruitfully trying to calm him down. Akraptor sat calmly and told Miseng to leave him alone.

Later, he and the others were revealed to be hostages for the final round of the Dallar Show. Seeing Prince and Miseng go down before him, Akraptor was sent down as their final hostage. Viole went down to save him and ended up defeating Hoaqin in the process. Then, as boiling acid suddenly started to fill the arena, the group was saved by the arrival of Ha Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok.

Yuri Jahad

193 yihwa ask akraptor

Akraptor was there as they all rested from the previous events.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

He helped as the group cleared the 38F stage test. Akraptor then followed the rest of Team Tangsooyook when Wangnan decided to split from Viole and go after Cassano on the train.


227 yura ready kill wangnan

Having made plans with Prince and Miseng to get Hoaqin over to their side, Akraptor and Wangnan went to catch Cassano. With Wangnan acting as the vanguard and the bait, Akraptor dealt the final blow to an incapacitated Cassano and caught him in a pre-prepared pocket ball. Carrying the injured Wangnan back with him, the two were suddenly accosted by Rachel and Ha Yura who revealed their trickery. Yura quickly took Wangnan hostage and Rachel, holding Akraptor's weapon, told him to give up the password or Wangnan would be killed. Giving up the password, Yura then decided to kill Wangnan anyway, but Akraptor voiced his opinion and told Rachel to kill him instead. With Wangnan begging him not to do it, Akraptor sacrificed himself and ran into his own weapon, consequently receiving a fatal blast through the chest at point-blank range, thus killing him.

Powers and Abilities

Though not seen to be exceptionally powerful like a Zahard Princess or Viole, Arkraptor was still seen to be quite dangerous and powerful. His initial introduction drove Wangnan to believe he was a powerful and dangerous person. Arkraptor has proven to be quite capable in battle: He was able to do well and push back several times against Viole and ranked well in the Shinsoo/Strength Test. In addition to that, he was able to easily overwhelm the yoghurt lady.[1] As part of Team Tangsooyook, Arkraptor was one of the stronger members and would often participate in combat with them.

Weapon: Akraptor fought using a umbrella-like lance weapon. When attacking, it took on the form of a lance and opened up like an umbrella when he blocked.[3] When attacking, Arkraptor was able to shoot Shinsoo using it.[4] He also had some capability to manipulate Shinsoo to float around, as shown in Zygaena.[5]

Shinsoo Control and Powers: Using his umbrella, Arkraptor has been shown to be quite capable in the use of Shinsoo. He was able to be quite accurate with its use, as seen during his battle against Viole and Horyang, and much later on when he was facing the Mirotic guardian.[6] He was able to blast large amounts of Shinsoo,[4] which appeared comparable to Viole shinsu blasts.[3] After the time-skip, the power of his shinsoo blasts seemed to have increased.[6]


Ja Wangnan: Though they were part of the same team, Akraptor harboured a slight dislike for Wangnan due to his jokes aimed at him having a daughter. However, it appeared that he was beginning to have some respect for Wangnan due to his planning skills and the empathy that Wangnan had shown. He had shown support to Wangnan's decision of helping Viole, even when Wangnan himself wavered. In his final moments, Akraptor proved his incredible belief and trust in Wangnan, being happy to give up his own life to save Wangnan's.[2]

Kang Horyang: Akraptor got along very well with Horyang, especially after teaming up against Viole and then becoming roommates. He knew that Horyang has a crush on Goseng.

Yeo Miseng: Akraptor actively protected Miseng, treating her as if she were his daughter.

Yeo Goseng: Initially Goseng was antagonistic towards him when she thought he was picking on Miseng. They appear to have a good working relationship since becoming teammates. He nicknamed her "Glasses".

Jyu Viole Grace: Akraptor viewed Viole as a monster at first, but began to see a little deeper into his character during The Trustworthy Room test. After passing the 20th Floor, Akraptor seemed to trust Viole a little more and didn't interfere with his personal business. He seemed sympathetic to Viole's plight and was willing to help Viole meet his friends, an action that he knew was against FUG's wishes.

Yeon Yihwa: The two seemed to have a good working relationship. Akraptor once gave her sound advice when she was being particularly difficult about Viole being a FUG member, telling her that she needed to realise the reality of her not being a beneficial member of any other team than theirs because of her inability of control her powers.

Prince: Akraptor liked to pick on Prince since he was so easy to rile up.

Notes and Trivia

  • He once said to never trust a woman that wears more than 2 rings.[1]
  • It was implied that Miseng reminded Akraptor of his actual daughter, and as a result he tried to avoid fighting her during the first test on the 20th Floor.[7]
  • SIU has stated that Miseng is not Akraptor's daughter.[8]
  • It had been hinted that Akraptor had a grudge against the current system. First, he and Horyang had a conversation where they both decide that teaming up with a FUG Slayer candidate and becoming an enemy of Zahard wasn't such a bad thing.[7] Second, he had a small flashback about his daughter being taken away from him.
  • During the Workshop Battle Akraptor was called "Cutglass" by Prince.
  • SIU used the nickname Raptor (랩터) to speak about him.[9]
  • SIU mentioned that his (ear)ring may come back later into the story.[9]


  • (To Miseng) "I wanted to be a great man. Yes, I wanted to be someone with the power to protect his baby."[10]
  • (Talking about Wangnan to Rachel) "You said you need to keep one of us alive. Then kill me instead of him. If you kill him, then I have no intention of letting you take me hostage easily. I will do whatever it takes to bring you down with me. But he can't resist you all at right now. So take him with you. You will probably think it was a good thing that you saved him instead of me. He may look like that now. But he is actually a tremendously remarkable guy.'[2]
  • (To Wangnan before he get killed by Rachel) "I don't know what you are hiding from us. But you are already more than remarkable enough for me now. For you, I'm willing to give my own life. Please take care of Miseng and Prince."[2]
  • (To Wangnan in his flashback with him) "You are the reason that our team is able to be together. You are the only one who binds us all together as one. I mean, you are the center of this team, Wangnan. There would be no 'Us' without you."[2]



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