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Hockney's Lantern is an unofficial name for a special item that belongs to David Hockney which looks like a Lantern. It is "special" because this item can generate red pink light(?) inside the sea of blood at the most outer layer of Floor of Death, while Ha Yuri Zahard mentioned that she cannot use Shinsu in this area.[1] It is unknown if the red pink light in the Lantern is actually Shinsu or Spell.

Appearances and Design

The Lantern has brown color with red pink light inside it.

Power and Abilities

This Lantern can generate red pink light to bind several enemies and preventing them from moving. Hockney first show this lantern skill against his old teammates in the Mushroom Farm station, Jourdan and Arcu. They cannot break free from the bind effect.[2]

Hockney use this lantern again when Baam's fell unconscious for unknown reason while being trapped inside a big whirling stream. Afraid that Baam will get separated from the group, Hockney quickly bind Baam's foot with the red light from his Lantern.[1]

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