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The history of the Tower is filled with many mysteries, with Zahard suppressing information being a big reason for the lack of information.

Time before Zahard

Little is know about the time before Zahard and the Great Warriors climbed the Tower, one known thing is that The Workshop and Native One existed before Zahard. However, much more is not known.

The Great Journey

The Great Journey refers to the period in which the 10 Great Warriors, Zahard, Arlene, and V climbed the Tower. This time period ended when Zahard decided to not climb the Tower any further and become King. This caused V and Arlen Grace, who wanted to continue to climbing, to start a war and create the organization that opposed Zahard.[1]

Age of Genesis

The Age of Genesis refers to the period after Zahard declared himself King of the Tower, which caused a war between Zahard and FUG. Several nations and countries that also opposed Zahard becoming King of the Tower joined with FUG in their war against Zahard. The war was fought for some time before Zahard employed a divide and conquer tactic by eliminating nations and countries supporting FUG one by one. Zahard did this by offering an ultimatum to nations: either "coexistence" or "extermination". Given the vast difference in power between the individual nations and the Zahard Empire, many chose coexistence. However, in order to achieve coexistence Zahard wanted the war heroes of the capitulated nations to be sealed as a spoil of war. After an attack by Khel Hellam's team at Zahard himself failed, more and more nations accepted coexistence and the momentum of the war was mostly lost. This would be the end of the Age of Genesis.[2]

Age of Coexistence

After most allies of FUG accepted coexistence or were exterminated, FUG stopped any major offensive against Zahard or their allies. This caused there to be peace in the Tower, at least to some extent. In this period the Zahard Empire properly established themselves as the dominant force, while FUG sharpened their claws for a new opportunity to kill Zahard. There were a couple incidents with new Irregulars that came into the Tower, but the peace was kept despite this. However, this changed when Twenty-Fifth Baam, the 'son' of Arlen Grace and the one destined to kill Zahard entered the Tower. This caused a disturbance in the Tower and created a rift between some of the 10 Great Families and Zahard.



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