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Hide-and-Seek (술래잡기) is the ninth arc of the first volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

36 quant weirdo

Quant is more than a little upset.

Day by day, Baam begins growing stronger and more proficient at manipulating shinsu and Ho grows more and more jealous of Baam's talent. Ho gets a mysterious letter telling him to kill Rachel since she's the one whom Baam is looking for.
Tower of god Anak2

Anak is caught by Quant just before she can win the game.

The next test is a joint position test known as Hide-and-Seek to the other Regulars. The "it" of the test happens to be the Ranker Quant. The object of the game is to either escape the structure of the test area or tag Quant's badge. The A Team, Khun's team, goes in first. Khun comes up with a plan to tag Quant's badge which fails. With no other choice, A Team scrambles to get to the exit, but Quant quickly catches up to Anak. Khun is forced to use diversionary tactics and planning to get Quant to fall down and let Anak progress. Behind the scenes, Khun and Laure have already agreed to help Quant go up to tag Anak. This is Khun's ploy in order to force Quant to protect Rachel in the next test. As a result, A Team fails the joint position test.

Next, it's B Team's turn. Each of the members can't agree on which plan to go with until Androssi comes up with the idea of gathering all of the Fishermen and moving as a group. The plan begins to go awry when Androssi decides to eliminate the other Fishermen to have a higher chance of passing the test. Meanwhile, Hatsu runs into Quant and tries to hold him off but his teammates leave him.

Quant Fights Hatsu

Quant fighting Hatsu.

Quant quickly dispatches Hatsu and moves on to save Rachel. The Spear Bearers Parakewl and Mauchi begin their "Spear Bearer Revolution" plan which involves taking everyone on B Team hostage to combat against Quant. Ho goes after Rachel in the Safety Zone and prepares to kill her. Right after Baam leaves Androssi, he gets a message from a Light Bearer that Rachel is in trouble. Quant appears just before Ho is about to kill Rachel but is stopped by the Spear Bearers threatening to kill their hostages. Thankfully, Baam arrives before too long. Ho threatens to kill Rachel if he doesn't go after the Ranker. Before Baam can do anything, Quant stuns him using Fast Skip and instructs Baam to do the same on Ho while he takes care of the Spear Bearers.

Androssi with Narumada

Androssi with Narumada

Much to Quant's surprise, Baam manages to replicate it in a short amount of time and Ho commits suicide. Androssi steals Narumada from Hong Chunhwa and goes after Quant. She convinces Baam to work together with her to defeat Quant and end the test. While Androssi fights one-on-one with Quant, Baam provides support by using Fast Skip from a distance to stop Quant's movements. By tricking Quant, Androssi manages to tag Quant and win.

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