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The Hide-and-Seek test is the final part of the Position Test,

in which the Regulars who made it through training must take on a Ranker. For this test, a team of Regulars select an "It", who must escape the zone in which the test is held before the examiner tags the "It". Another alternative is for someone to touch the examiner's "It" badge.


The test lasts until one of the following happens:[1]

  • The Regular team's "It" escapes through one of the two exits.
  • One of the two "Its" has their badge touched by the other "It".
  • The three hour time limit passes.

Conditions for victory:

  • The Regular team's "It" escapes through one of the exits.
  • The examiner "It" (Quant) has their badge touched by the Regular team's "It".

Conditions for loss:

  • The Regular team's "It" has their badge touched by examiner "It".
  • The three hour time limit runs out.

Additional rules:

  • The Regular team's "It" must be a Fisherman.
  • The two "Its" must wear the badge.
  • The examiner "It" (Quant) cannot attack people in the safe zone and cannot use more than one Bang of Shinsu.


The goal of the test is for Regulars to earn the points they need for the Positions test. Points are assigned on an individual and team basis. The test is judged by all available position test examiners (excluding the examiner who is the "It"). In the storyline, Hax, Lero-Ro, Yuga and Yu Bok-Dol assigned individual points to the people in their position (except Quant, the Scout instructor, because he was playing the part of the enemy "It").

The test is also judged by the Test Director who assigns point for the team as a whole. In the above case, Yu Han Sung took on this role. It is heavily implied that he made the teams despite being aware that they were unbalanced. 

Also, if the Regular team's "It" touches the badge of the examiner's "It" they get 2,000 individual points.

Team A

Team B


  • Team A lost. 
  • Team B won.

Notes and Trivia

  • It's implied by Lero-Ro that the opposing "It" is not always a Ranker.[1]